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People who prefer to buy Kahramanmaraş flight tickets can visit this beautiful city. Kahramanmaraş is known for hosting many historical and cultural structures. This touristic city hosts thousands of guests every year and reveals all its beauties.

Information about Kahramanmaraş, Places to Visit, What to Eat,

People who buy Kahramanmaraş flight tickets should have detailed information about this unique city. This way, you can better control your unique holiday plan. This city, which includes people from many different cultures, also hosts communities of Kurdish and Caucasian origin. The city, which has a deep-rooted history, has many places to visit and see. If you have a Kahramanmaraş holiday plan, you should definitely visit Taş Han. There are many elements inside Taş Han where you can see the history and culture of the city closely. Although there are many shops here, some sections have been used as warehouses for many years. Visitors do not pay any fee to enter Taş Han, but there are certain hours when this historical building is open. Here you can encounter many traditional items from Kahramanmaraş.

If you want to witness the natural beauties of Kahramanmaraş at its best, you should add Yeşilgöz to your holiday plan. Many visitors have a pleasant time having a picnic here. You can walk in this area accompanied by flowing ice-cold water and optionally ride a bike. The atmosphere of the environment has a quality that will fascinate everyone who sees it. Başkonuş Plateau, another natural beauty, is known for welcoming many visitors every year. Various tree species found here provide peaceful moments to visitors with their greenery. If you wish, you can have a wonderful holiday in nature by taking advantage of the accommodation services in the plateau.

If you have made your holiday plan according to the winter season, visiting Yedikuyular Ski Center will be an ideal option for you. Here you can have an unforgettable skiing experience and enjoy the unique view. To spend time at the ski resort, you need to follow certain time intervals. Döngel Cave, located on the Kahramanmaraş and Kayseri road, is also among the first choices of many visitors. By visiting this region, you can have a unique picnic experience among the greenery. You can witness extremely enjoyable moments by climbing through the caves and enjoy the view as you wish.

Kahramanmaraş Castle is among the most popular historical buildings of this city. This structure, used by many civilizations in the past, has a stone texture. By climbing to the top of the castle, you can see the perfect view of the city at its best. One of the regions of great importance for the history of Kahramanmaraş is Taş Mescit. This mosque, whose roots date back to the 15th century, provides visitors with a lot of information about the traditions and history of the city. Kapıçam Nature Park attracts attention with its proximity to the city center. This area, which has an artificial lake, also has a unique botanical garden. You can have a pleasant time here, surrounded by nature. This region is also ideal for your family trips.

While visiting these beautiful regions, you may also want to try delicious dishes. It is possible to taste the following flavors during your Kahramanmaraş holiday;

  • Maras tarhana
  • Maras ice cream
  • Maras meatballs
  • Persian rice
  • Maras pan
  • Walnut cracker dessert
  • Sömelek meatballs
  • Stuffed mumbar
  • Çöş pastry
  • Bulgur pilaf with liver
  • Maras trousers

Kahramanmaraş has many traditional dishes with unique flavors. You can include restaurants where these dishes are prepared in the best possible way in your holiday plan. If you wish, you can make your holiday more planned by making a list consisting only of restaurants.

How to Get to Kahramanmaraş Airport

If you have passed the process of buying Kahramanmaraş flight tickets, you are now ready to reach Kahramanmaraş Airport. At this point, it is extremely important which city you will start your journey from. You can choose to travel by plane as the most common option to reach the airport. People on a nearby route can also choose to reach Kahramanmaraş by taking the bus.

If you want to reach the airport from the city, you can consider taxi and bus options. After reaching Kahramanmaraş Airport, you can take the first step to start your tour in the city by using buses and taxis in the same way.

Kahramanmaraş Transportation,

Kahramanmaraş provides great convenience to visitors with its advanced transportation options. Buses and minibuses are the most common options in the city. These options are also advantageous because they are economical. If you want to have a comfortable journey, you can choose taxis. A lot

Visitors also use private car rental services to navigate around the city. Public transportation offers visitors a comfortable holiday plan with its economical features.

Airlines with Flights to Kahramanmaraş

You will come across many airline companies when purchasing Kahramanmaraş flight tickets. After reviewing these airline companies, you can make a choice that suits your wishes and needs. The airline companies you can choose to go to Kahramanmaraş are as follows;

Turkish Airlines


Anadolu Jet

After choosing your airline, you can complete the ticket purchasing steps within a few minutes. Then, you can finalize your transaction by determining your ticket day and time. When your travel day arrives, it is best to be at the airport early. Then, you can land at Kahramanmaraş Airport and start your city tour. You can go to the area where you will stay by going from the airport to the city center. You can choose hotels and hostels for accommodation, or you can also rent a house for a few days' holiday.

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How Many Hours Does the Kahramanmaraş Flight Take?

The duration of your journey to Kahramanmaraş may vary depending on which region you depart from. If you are going to reach Kahramanmaraş from Ankara, you only need to travel for 1 hour. Journeys starting from Istanbul are known to take one and a half hours.

In Which Season to Go to Kahramanmaraş?

You can choose the season in which you will go to Kahramanmaraş, which is beautiful in every season, according to the activities you want to do. If you want to enjoy the natural beauties, you can choose summer and spring, and if you want to ski here, you can choose winter.

What kind of climate does Kahramanmaraş have?

Kahramanmaraş, which has the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate, has a warm and rainy climate in winters and a hot and dry climate in summers.

What are the Most Popular Restaurants in Kahramanmaraş?

The most popular restaurants in Kahramanmaraş can be listed as follows;

  • Hacı Milcan Steakhouse
  • Efendioğlu
  • Kucuk Ev Steak House
  • Palace Butcher
  • Antokya Hatay Cuisine
  • Turaç Ocakbaşı

How Much Are Kahramanmaraş Flight Ticket Prices?

The flight ticket prices you choose for your trip to Kahramanmaraş have different characteristics. For this, you can take a look at the services offered by the airlines while purchasing a ticket.

What is the Most Important Feature of Kahramanmaraş?

The most important feature of Kahramanmaraş is undoubtedly the famous Maraş ice cream. You should not leave without tasting Maraş ice cream during your holiday.

What are the Natural Beauties of Kahramanmaraş?

Natural beauties of the city of Kahramanmaraş include Uludaz Hill, Yeşilgöz, Döngel Caves, Çokran Waterfall, Galgamaç Waterfall and Savruk Cave.

What Activities Are Done in Kahramanmaraş?

You can do skiing, cycle in natural parks and have a picnic in this beautiful city.

What is Kahramanmaraş's Source of Income?

The income sources of Kahramanmaraş, which has advanced features in many fields, are textile, jewellery, food and paper industry.

What was the first name of Kahramanmaraş?

It can be said that Kahramanmaraş, which has a deep-rooted history, was named Markaji and Gurgum in the past.

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