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People who buy a flight ticket to Kiev have the chance to visit the capital of Ukraine. Kiev has managed to become one of the frequent destinations of people traveling around the world with its historical structures and natural beauties. People visiting the city can both learn about the city and have a pleasant time visiting the places to see and see in the city.

Information about Kiev, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who buy a flight ticket to Kiev can visit the city, whose history dates back to the 1800s. Kiev remained under the rule of the Soviet Union for many years. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine gained its independence in 1991 and designated Kiev as its capital. Kiev is a city where the influence of the continental climate is observed. People who want to visit the city may prefer to visit the spring months. The city may not be preferred for wandering around as it is very hot in summer and extremely cold in winter. For this reason, spring and autumn months are shown as the ideal time to visit the city.

People who reach the country by purchasing a flight ticket to Kiev can communicate by speaking Ukrainian and Russian. It is also known that the majority of the young population in the country speaks English. In this way, people visiting Kiev can easily communicate with locals. While visiting Kiev, the first place to see in the city is St. Sophia Cathedral. St. Sophia Cathedral is one of the symbols of Kiev and is known to have been built in the 11th century. This cathedral, which has been located in the capital of Kiev for more than a century, has been included in the world heritage list by UNESCO. St. Sophia Cathedral attracts attention with its impressive architecture and has become one of the most spectacular buildings in the city. This cathedral, where the influence of the Baroque style is visible, has been a place where coronation ceremonies have been held for many years. People who visit the cathedral can participate in events held within the cathedral and also have the chance to see the architecture of the cathedral up close.

One of the important buildings to visit after purchasing your Kiev flight ticket is the Mariinsky Palace. This palace is one of the most magnificent palaces in Kiev and has managed to survive until today. If you visit the Mariinsky Palace, it is possible to watch the official ceremonies that continue today. The influence of neoclassical style can be seen in this palace, which was built on a large area. People who visit the palace also have the chance to visit the parliament building located right next to the palace. Although the palace faced fire many times, it has managed to survive until today thanks to the restoration work carried out. The reason why the palace attracts so much attention is that it could be used as a headquarters during the Russian civil war and the Bolshevik rebellion.

The Golden Gates of Kiev are one of the most spectacular places to see during your trip to Kiev. Kiev Golden Gates were built to be used for military purposes. Built for military purposes, the gate served as the main gate of the city for many years and provided protection for the people living in the city against attacks. With its magnificent appearance, the Golden Gates of Kiev have become one of the places that people who visit the city do not leave without seeing. People who visit these gates, which are at a point that can be reached on foot from the city center, can learn about the history of the gates and see their unique architecture closely.

The World War II Museum should also be visited during your trip to Kiev. II. The World War Museum was built to commemorate the struggles between Germany and the Soviet Union. This museum was opened to visitors in 1981 and has been moved to different locations over the years. If you visit the World War II Museum, you will first encounter a Motherland Statue located in front of the museum. The length of the Motherland Statue is over 60 meters and this statue must be seen during your trip to Kiev. The World War II Museum was built on an area of 10 hectares, and many moments from the German occupation to the important developments in World War II were recreated in this area. People who visit the statues in the museum can closely witness the tragedies of World War II.

People who visit Kiev may also want to taste the local flavors of the country. Kiev has made it possible to taste many local delicacies due to its cheap food. It is recommended for people visiting Kiev to taste the local delicacy called Kiev chicken. In addition to Kiev chicken, many meat dishes prepared using ovens in the country are also preferred because they are affordable. People who want to make their trip sweeter after eating can choose the ice cream shops in the city. 

How to Get to the Airport?

People who want to travel to Kiev wonder whether they can reach the city by purchasing a flight ticket. It is possible to reach Kiev thanks to direct flights from Turkey. A 2-hour journey is enough to reach Kiev with flight tickets purchased from Istanbul. Boryspil Airport is the airport where people who want to visit Kiev should buy a flight ticket. Boryspil Airport is located 36 kilometers from the city center. Although the airport is located a long distance from the city center, there are different transportation options to reach the airport. Taxis can be preferred to reach the airport from different points of Kiev and the city center. In addition to taxis, you can easily reach the airport by public transportation and rental cars.

Transportation to Kiev

People who want to reach Kiev have the opportunity to travel to the city with flight tickets purchased from Turkey. You can reach the country thanks to direct flights from Istanbul and different points of Turkey. People who want to reach Kiev also have the chance to visit the city thanks to connecting flights. After reaching Kiev, public transportation can be preferred to travel around the country. Among the public transportation vehicles, buses can be used to reach touristic spots in the city.

Airlines with Flights to Kiev

• Turkish Airlines


• Aegean Airlines

•Air France

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How to Provide Urban Transportation in Kiev?

Buses are frequently preferred for urban transportation in Kiev. In addition to buses, transportation in the city can be provided by taxis and rental cars.

What can be bought as a gift from Kiev?

People who want to buy souvenirs from Kiev usually prefer magnets. In addition to magnets, trinkets or statues symbolizing the country can also be purchased as souvenirs.

Is Nightlife Lively in Kiev?

Nightlife in Kiev is quite lively. People who visit the city can enjoy dancing until the morning in this city that is famous for its nightlife.

What Festivals Are Held in Kiev?

Among the festivals held in the city, the fashion week held in March and the documentary film festival held in March attract attention. Additionally, an international advertising festival and an international debating tournament are held in the country in May.

What Currency is Used in Kiev?

The currency used in Kiev is Ukrainian Hryvnia.

Which languages can be communicated in Kiev?

People visiting the city can communicate by speaking Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Is there a time difference between Kiev and Türkiye?

There is a one hour time difference between Kiev and Türkiye. Türkiye is one hour ahead of Kiev.

How Many Days Are Needed for Kiev Trip?

To visit the city, you need to spend a minimum of 3 days in Kiev.

Is there a Turkish Foreign Representation in Kiev?

The Republic of Türkiye has an embassy in Kiev in the country.

Where Should You Stay During Your Trip to Kiev?

People visiting the city can choose hotels to stay. In addition to hotels, it is also possible to stay in hostels and rental houses.

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