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Thanks to Las Vegas flight ticket deals, you can see this perfect city up close, safely and practically. Located in Nevada's Mojave Desert, Las Vegas was used as a transit train station during the founding years of the USA. This city, where organized crime gangs lived at that time, got out of control in the 20th century. In 1931, casinos became legal in America, and ex-con Bugsy Siegel opened a casino and entertainment center in the city. The popularity of the city, which has become the entertainment capital of the world, has increased since the 1940s. This city, built in the middle of the desert, is located in America and is just like a wonderland. Today, it is a very important place in terms of tourism and the economy of the city.

There are huge hotels, theme parks, sophisticated nightclubs, artificial lakes, entertainment centers and stunning architectural landmarks here. To come to Las Vegas, this can be easily reached by taking advantage of Las Vegas flight ticket deals. You will be amazed by the shows, illusion shows, mind reading and comedy shows held in Las Vegas. Numerous shows of the Cirque de Soleil team are also held at certain times in Turkey. It is also held at regular intervals in Vegas. In addition to the shows, you can have fun here as you wish with immersive illusion shows, mind reading, concerts of famous singers, stand-ups of comedians.

Where to Stay in Las Vegas?

There is always great entertainment in Las Vegas, one of the must-see cities for shopping enthusiasts. Las Vegas, the favorite city of gambling and shopping lovers, offers an unforgettable vacation. Some of the most beautiful hotels in the world are found in Las Vegas. The luxury hotels, which are larger than the streets, are noteworthy. Hotels, entertainment facilities, casinos here are divided into different classes. Las Vegas, a sparkling Nevada city with colorful lights and luxury hotels, is located right in the middle of the desert. You can see the most luxurious hotels in the world in Las Vegas. You can not only watch but also have fun at the casino located in the hotel. Thanks to the hotels you can stay in Las Vegas, you can see everything about luxury life and historical buildings. You can have an unforgettable holiday experience among realistic and professionally prepared concepts. You can evaluate the hotel options you can stay in Las Vegas according to your tastes and budget.

When to Go to Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is located in a very hot area. Located in the Mojave Desert, the city has a continental and desert climate. Summers are quite hot and dry. Winters are mild. In summer, the temperature can reach up to 45 degrees. The ideal time to come to Las Vegas is between September and May. During these periods, the temperature values ​​are lighter than the other months.

Places to Visit in Las Vegas

This city, which keeps the American Dream alive in a desert, has many historical buildings, museums and values. Festivals and major entertainment venues make a Las Vegas vacation unforgettable. The buildings and precious places in Las Vegas have a romantic and different atmosphere. You can take advantage of the USA round-trip flight ticket deals to feel the famous 'American Dream' to your bones and experience the most enjoyable days of your life.


The Strip, the most popular residential area in Las Vegas, is one of the most populated areas. Home to 14 of the most famous and largest hotels in the world, including MGM, Bellagio, Mirage and Caesars Palace, the Strip spans four miles. Reflects incoming light from surrounding casinos. The real name of this place, which attracts tourists due to its casinos and live shows, is Las Vegas Boulevard.

Grand Canyon National Park

One of the symbols of America, founded 6 million years ago, Grand Canyon National Park is very important. This park contains the most important geological formations in the world. Guide tours with camping can be done on foot or by helicopter. You can also canoe in the park and join the hillside walk. It is not recommended to travel alone in the canyon, which has extremely dangerous wild life.

Fremont Street Experience

If you like the Strip a lot, you can go to Fremont Street Experience, which is a colorful and fun neighborhood by passing Boulevard. It may not be right to call this place a district or a street. Fremont is an entertainment and shopping complex on Main Street, five blocks north of Las Vegas Boulevard. Fremont Street Experience, which transforms the magnificent city into a big party, fascinates guests with a light show created by the synchronized operation of 2.5 million computer-controlled LED lights. Next to Viva Vision is a slot machine called SlotZilla with 12 decks. If you want, you can choose this place to enter the world of the dead or to attend a free concert.

Stratosphere Las Vegas

No building can come close to Stratosphere Las Vegas, which is more than 20 stories high in the city. Here, the iconic 350 m high Tripod Tower is a hotel complex with ample beds and a casino. If you wish, you can stay here and enjoy the fun opportunities at The Strip.

You can reach the top floors in 37 seconds with the elevator. In Las Vegas, you can have a pleasant time in facilities that you will not encounter anywhere else. Indoor and outdoor viewing terraces with 360° views are the main reason why many visitors are interested in the tower. Some tourists enjoy the time with dinner at Top of the World or tasting cocktails at 107 Sky Lounge. You can easily come here thanks to the USA round-trip flight ticket deals.

Hoover Dam and Lake Mead

The construction of the Hoover Dam, the largest reinforced concrete structure in the world, was completed in 1935. It is one of the most important places to see in Las Vegas. Apart from that, the dam is the largest power station in the world. The largest dam in the United States, this place is a source of pride for Americans. Apart from the dam, there is Lake Mead, where different nature and water sports can be done seven months of the year. Lake Mead, the largest man-made lake found in the Americas, is located almost 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas.

Mob Museum

The Mob Museum is a place where objects from the history of organized crime in the United States are exhibited and stories are told. Shopping can be done at the gift shop on the first floor of the museum. Here you can find out some of the laws that law enforcement enforces to prevent crime. The museum, whose real name is the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, is one of the must-see places in Las Vegas. Visiting this place and having different experiences will make your holiday more enjoyable.

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