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Located in the Southeastern Anatolia region, the city of Mardin is a city where transportation takes place from all over Turkey. In this way, many individuals can immediately start their journey to Mardin for a pleasant trip.

Located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, Mardin is one of the most beautiful cities in the region. Having a unique architectural structure makes it almost like traveling in time. It has a dense history with people from different religions. Mardin is the 26th most populous city in Turkey. According to TUIK studies conducted in 2016, Mardin is a city with a population of 796,237 and an area of ​​8,858 square kilometers. Located on the historical Silk Road, the province of Mardin is among the oldest settlements in Upper Mesopotamia. As a result of the archaeological studies carried out in the Höyük near Boncuklu Tarla in the district of Dargeçit, Kirküştü from the Neolithic period was found. Artifacts belonging to the Copper Age period were found in these excavations. There are also remains of the Bronze and Iron Ages all over the city.

Alexander the Great, who conquered Anatolia and Iran, took this city, which was under the rule of the Assyrians in 2000 BC, then under the domination of the Hittites, Urartu, and Medes. After Alexander died, it passed under the dominion of the Persians. In the 1st century AD, the Roman Empire fought with Iran for hegemony in the eastern and northeastern Anatolian lands. Hegemony could not be established in the region. Therefore, Byzantium took the region. Mardin was founded in 640 AD by Caliph Ali.

When the region was conquered by the Islamic State army, it joined this state and the Turks, who won the Battle of Manzikert in 1071, took possession of the region. Afterwards, Mardin, which was founded by Mardin İlgazi Bey, passed under the rule of the Artuqid Principality in 1130. For a while, Turkmen raids took place here. Artukids lived here for 300 years. With the Çaldıran War in 1517, Ayyubids, Anatolian Seljuks, İlhanlılar, Karakoyunlu and Akkoyunlus lived here. Then it passed under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. By purchasing a Mardin flight ticket, you can fly to the city of Mardin, which has unique architectural features and the ruins of many civilizations, at low prices.

How to go to Mardin?

The best way to reach the city is by plane. Air travel is more attractive because Mardin is far from major cities. The distance between the city center and the airport in the city is 20 km. You can reach Mardin in a short time with daily round-trip flights from cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. It takes 1 hour 55 minutes to fly from Istanbul to Mardin. It takes 1 hour and 25 minutes to fly from Ankara to Mardin. It takes 1 hour 55 minutes to fly from Izmir to Mardin. You can safely fly to this city.

When to go to Mardin?

Those who wonder how many days it is necessary to stay here in order to visit Mardin should pay attention to the weather conditions in order to explore the city thoroughly. Contrary to its location, the province of Mardin, located in the Southeastern Anatolia region, has a continental climate and a Mediterranean climate. The high mountains and high pressure in the north cause the region to be very cold in winter. It rarely snows and the temperature drops below zero. The autumn period lasts about 60 days. The average temperature in winter is 3 degrees Celsius and the coldest month is January.

In the city, where the effects of the southern desert climate are also seen, the summers are very hot and dry. In July, the temperature is 35 degrees Celsius. About 100 days of the year the temperature is above 30 degrees. The city receives an average of 713 mm of precipitation per year. In the summer, dust from the deserts flies in the air. Erosion is also a common phenomenon.

Places to Visit in Mardin

The city of Mardin, which is one of the living places of ancient civilizations and has many cultural values, is one of the most popular cities in the Southeastern Anatolia region. There are many cultural values ​​to be seen in Mardin such as mosques, churches, historical artifacts, tombs and unique architectural structures. A trip to Mardin almost travels back in time and offers a historical atmosphere. Local people are famous for their hospitality. Those who wonder the answer to the question of how many days it is necessary to stay here to visit Mardin should spare at least 3-4 days to visit this city and its surroundings.

Mardin Streets

There are historical houses in the narrow streets of Mardin, which has cobblestone pavements. You can see all these structures on the street called 1st street. The houses on this street have been renovated. They look very well-groomed and beautiful after color matching and renewal. You can explore mysterious paths by going to each street. While walking on the streets where two people cannot pass, the historical buildings will amaze you. Thanks to Mardin Airport flight ticket deals, you should come to the city and explore the streets.

Mardin Castle

Mardin Castle, also called Eagle's Nest, is located in a large area of ​​the city. Witnessing the victories and defeats of dynasties such as Safavid and Ottoman, this castle is historically important. A king named Şad Buhari, who worshiped fire and the sun, stayed in this castle for about 330 years. The king was very ill when he came here, and when he came here he got well. Thereupon, he built a mansion here and lived here for 1 year. Then he brought and settled many soldiers and civilians from his hometown of Iran and Babylon. After the people came here in 442 AD, the city gained an advanced structure. In those years, a plague epidemic broke out and no one survived. Therefore, the castle remained empty. Thanks to Mardin Airport flight ticket deals, you can see this castle up close.

Mardin Houses

Historical Mardin houses, which are among the must-see places in Mardin and resemble works of art, are made of yellow limestone and give the feeling of the Middle Ages. These special stones used during the construction do not reflect the heat of the outside into the house. The view of these houses, which resembles an open-air museum on Mazı Mountain, is truly fascinating. While walking between the houses, you may feel like you have entered a labyrinth. When viewed from afar, the view of the houses appears to be lined up in rows, creating a natural image intertwined with trees. The combination of culture house motifs with limestone is a wonderful image reflecting history.

Mardin Museum

It was built by the Patriarch of Antioch Ignatios Behnam Banni in 1895 to be used as a patriarchate. In 1988, the Ministry of Culture restored it and opened it as a museum. The museum organizes three separate exhibition halls, educational places for children and adults, and recreational activities. It has a library and clock galleries. Ideal for learning and having fun.

Kayseriye Bazaar

Another place among the must-see places in Mardin is the Kayseriye Bazaar. There are two different shopping streets in this place where the Ulu Mosque is located. It is not known exactly when this mystical bazaar of Mardin started to serve. According to estimates, it was founded in the Artuqid period between 1487 and 1502. It is a rectangular building with north, south and east doors. There are many sellers such as silver souvenirs in the Bedesten bazaar, which has two separate sections, indoor and outdoor. When the written sources about Kayseri are examined, it is stated that this place belongs to the Kasım Sultan Madrasa Foundation. However, there is no definite information about this. It was a very expensive place in this period, where every shop was rented in gold.

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