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Moscow flight ticket is the most reliable and comfortable way for those who want to go to Moscow. It is a place that started as a principality dating back to the 13th century and continues to the present day. Remained as a principality until 1480, this city, which is almost 860 years old, is the capital of Russia. The name of Moscow, the entertainment, transportation and political center of Russia, comes from the Moscow River, to which it is a neighbor. Neoclassical sculptures, parks with swimming pools, historical monuments and fascinating religious buildings attract the attention of art and culture lovers. The architectural contrasts found in the city have a rather different appearance. There are gray tall buildings, colorful neoclassical buildings and modern skyscrapers from the Stalin era.

The city, which looks like a closed box with historical artifacts from the Cold War era, has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You will have a wonderful journey with what you will see in Moscow. You can visit the Red Square and Kremlin Palace in Moscow, the capital of the largest country in the world with a rich history. You can see the contrast between them. st. You can see the St. Basil's Cathedral, the Tomb of Lenin, the Old City 'Kytai Gorod' and the museums covered with Greek-Roman marbles and participate in cultural activities. There are breathtaking buildings and palaces in the museum with valuable artifacts. Moscow has a lot to see for those who love history, architecture and art. The best time of the year to visit Moscow, one of the most expensive cities in the world, is between April and May. During this period, the air temperature and prices become the best. Thanks to the Moscow flight ticket opportunity, you can come to the city as soon as possible and experience very different experiences.

Where to Stay in Moscow

The hotels you can stay in Moscow allow you to discover Moscow in the best way. The hotel alternatives you can stay in Moscow appeal to different budget levels and different tastes. While planning your trip, you can stay at the hotel you want.

Moscow Attractions

Discovered by Yuri Dolgoruky, Duke of Rostov in 1147, the city of Moscow is located on the banks of the Moskva River. The city was the capital of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic, which was founded on March 12, 1918 in the city where the Russian Revolution took place in 1917. It later became the capital of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

It is possible to closely explore the history of Moscow, which has different architectural structures. Moscow has a fairy-tale atmosphere, especially in the Old Town. This city, which has a fascinating structure, attracts visitors every season as it offers a different beauty every season.

The Cathedral of St. Simple with its colorful domes is located on Red Square and the purpose of its construction is to celebrate the victory of the Russian state. Many festivals, parades and meetings are held throughout the year in this cathedral, which has 8 domes. On the side of the cathedral are mummy and mausoleum statues of Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union.

The Kremlin Palace is one of the most famous places in Moscow and was built on top of Borovitsky Hill. There are many fascinating sightseeing places such as palaces with the highest walls in Moscow, Red Square, Basil's Cathedral, Alexander Garden.

Red Square

Demonstrations, meetings and many other events are held in Red Square, where Moscow's most famous historical monuments are located. Orkunç Ivan, nicknamed IV. It was used in this way during the reign of Tsar Ivan. Public executions were held in Red Square.

Moscow Kremlin

The Kremlin Palace is 28 hectares of land located on the banks of the Moscow River. It is an ancient city still in use, with palaces, museums, churches and cathedrals. The Kremlin Palace, the largest building in Moscow, was the residence of Ivan I. Until the Russian Revolution, the Russian Tsar used this place as the official palace. Today it is the office building of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The architectural structure of the palace, which was built in 1115, was designed by Italian and German architects. There are many churches and palaces that have been converted into museums. In some palaces in the region, which have been turned into museums, jewellery, furniture and special items belonging to the Russian Emperor are exhibited.

Lenin's Mausoleum

In Red Square is the tomb of Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union and an important figure for the Russians. The architect of the building, which is open to the public, is Alexei Shusev. The red color of the mausoleum, which is 24 m wide and 12 m long, represents communism. Black labrador means mourning. According to rumors, after a while, Lenin's body was replaced with another fake one.

Granovitaya Palata

One of the important cultural values ​​in the Moscow Kremlin is the Granovitaya Palata. Once upon a time, this was a hall where the tsars feasted. Located in the middle of the Annunciation Cathedral and the famous Assumption Cathedral, the structure is important because it is one of the oldest buildings in Moscow. The palace reflects the unique stonework and is a highly acclaimed piece of architecture. Although it is basically a single storey building, from the outside it looks like three storeys. There is a passage from the building to the center of the Kremlin Palace. It was built between 1487 and 1492. The original building was demolished in 1930 and rebuilt in its original state in 1994. You can visit this unique building by purchasing a plane ticket to Russia.

Bell Tower of Ivan the Great

The 81 m high Ivan Bell Tower is among the most famous buildings in Moscow. The two domes in the tower were made of gold and are very valuable. The bell tower has been the tallest structure in Moscow for centuries. The Bell Tower is ideal for visiting during the Easter period. The name of the tower, built in 1508, is III. It comes from Ivan. The façade of the tower, its glittering golden dome, carpets, golden inscriptions and Kokoshnik carvings are the pieces used for decoration. When preparing a list of places to see in Moscow, you should include this place in the list and examine the details yourself.

Ostankino Tower

Ostankino Tower, which is among the must-see places in Moscow, is the tallest building in Europe. It was built to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the October Revolution in 1967. It was the tallest building in the city when it was first built. However, it lost this feature in 1974. This original building is used as a radio and television tower in Moscow. There is also an observatory inside the tower to watch the view from a height of 340 m.

Russian State Library

The Russian State Library is among the places you can see thanks to the flight ticket deals to Russia. This huge structure is one of the most beautiful and largest libraries in the world. Opened in 1862, the library is Russia's first free-access library. Opened during the Soviet era, it was renamed the Russian State Library after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Until it was named in this way, the name Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Library of the Soviet Union was used by Lenin. The perfectly built library has more than 47 million books and documents on its shelves. The building is also an excellent piece of architecture. Due to this feature, it is one of the best places in Moscow. The Russian National Library is an ideal place not only for those who love to read, but also for those who are interested in the history of the country. 

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