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Mumbai, or formerly known as Bombay, is a city that you can have the chance to see with Mumbai flight ticket deals. It is a major city and capital of the South Asian country India. Mumbai, a federal state of the Indian state of Maharashtra, underwent a name change in 1995. It is known that the official name of the city was Bombay until 1995.

Mumbai, the most popular city in India, is also among the 10 most popular cities in the world. Home to approximately 21 million people, Mumbai is very popular as it is a place where you can experience extraordinary Indian culture. In this sense, Mumbai, one of the most populous cities in the world, is located in the Midwestern region of India. Known as the main city of the country, Mumbai is also an important port city connecting the country to the world. Approximately 40% of the country's economy is done in Mumbai. Mumbai, one of the five most populous cities in the world, is estimated to become the world's most populous city in the next 40 years. Geographically located on the west coast of India, Mumbai has a natural harbour. The city attracts attention because it is not only one of the most important cities in India, but also the healthiest city.

Dhobi Ghat

Dhobi Ghat, which is at the top of the list of places to see in Mumbai, is located right next to Mahalakshmi Railway Station. Dhobi Ghat, built during the British rule in 1890 and known as the world's largest laundry, is one of the settlements that attracts the most attention from local and foreign tourists. Washermen, known as Dhobis, who wash towels, sheets and pillowcases for use in hotels and hospitals in Mumbai, perform a profession that has been passed down from generation to generation. Everyone who washes laundry here has a washing stone and hits this stone to wash their laundry.

At Dhobi Ghat, more than 7,000 people work 18 to 20 hours a day, performing more than 100,000 washes. The biggest customers of this giant laundry are clothing companies, hotels, clubs and restaurants. The views from Dhoby Ghat, which held the Guinness World Record for most people washing their laundry by hand in 2011, are an unforgettable sight. The best times to visit Dhobi Ghat are early morning and afternoon. In this way, you can witness the washing scenes in the early morning and the drying scenes in the evening.


One of the areas that attracts the most attention of tourists coming to Mumbai is Dharavi, known for being the largest slum in Asia. Visiting Dharavi, the largest slum in Asia with a population of one million, will be an unforgettable tour.

In Dharavi, which attracts attention because it is a very shocking settlement, slums are built with metal and plastic waste from all over the world. Dharavi, where you can have lunch as a guest in the houses of the locals, is visited in a tour of approximately 2.5 hours.

Colaba District

While researching hotels where you can stay in Mumbai, you will come across the Colaba region, which is very popular with many hotels and tourist accommodation areas around it. There are many restaurants, cafes and streets in this area, which is known as the heart of Mumbai. Colaba Causeway, the main street of Colaba, which is a popular area due to its central location equidistant from all parts of the city, is among the must-see places.

Gateway of India

Gateway of India, designed by the British and attracting attention with its architectural structure, is known as the entrance gate of India. This gate, built in 1924, is one of the structures that have become the symbol of the country. Gateway of India, one of the most popular places for tourists in the city, is very crowded at all times of the year. Many street vendors selling in this region sell many jewelry they make themselves, such as bracelets.

Taj Mahal Hotel

Located right next to the India Gate, this hotel amazes those who see it with its magnificent architecture. It is known that an Englishman once stayed in this hotel. The history and story of the hotel is quite different.

Jamsedj Tata, a member of the Tata family in the past, wanted to go to Watson, the most famous hotel of the period, but found it strange that he was not allowed in. So much so that he had this magnificent structure built, which soon became known as the Taj Mahal hotel. It is known that the Taj Mahal Hotel was raided by Muslim militants in 2008 and subsequently buried 171 people. This tragic event made the hotel's name the subject of many newspapers and news.

Elephanta Caves

This region, which you can reach with Mumbai airport flight ticket deals, is also known as the Island of the Monkeys. Many monkeys, large and small, wandering around the guests ensure that you have a unique experience. This area, where the food in guests' hands is the center of attention, is located an hour away from the center of Mumbai by boat. Located in an arm of the Arabian Sea, the island consists of two groups of caves. This structure, which is also very striking in terms of its rock-cut architecture, is among the must-see places for guests coming to Mumbai.

Pricen of Wales Museum

It is known that the Price of Wales Museum, known as one of the most important museums in Mumbai, was built to commemorate the visit of British King George V to India. The museum, which carries traces of Indian and Gothic architectural styles together and attracts attention with its magnificent structure, is known as a structure that those who see it cannot forget. The museum includes a nature park, sections containing archaeological artifacts and miniature works. In addition, it is possible to see many different sculptures or works of art in this museum.

Rajabai Clock Tower

People who have visited Mumbai mention that the streets of the city are quite chaotic. This city, which has very hot weather especially in the summer months, is in a location that you can see with Mumbai flight ticket deals. Rajabai Clock Tower x, the largest clock tower in the city, is located in a very large park area. This tower, which draws attention as it is one of the oldest towers in Mumbai, hosts many different tourists both in summer and winter. In addition, you can visit the university and court located next to the building or have a pleasant experience by spending most of your day in the art gallery.

Marine Drive

Marine Drive is known as a relatively quieter place that can escape the crowds and chaos of the city. Of course, this does not mean that there are few people in the region. Marine Drive, which can be described as Kordon, is one of the places where you can chat with your friends and enjoy the city in a calm and cool environment. This beach, which is preferred by the economically well-off people of the city to live, attracts attention because it is home to many Bollywood actors. There are hotels where you can stay in Mumbai in the area where the city's prominent people stay.

Chowpatty Beach

Chowpatty Beach is among the must-visit places for those who want to spend time at the beach and do swimming activities during their trip to Mumbai. The most important feature of this beach is that it is very suitable for observing the daily life of the local people of the city. You can come to this beach with Mumbai airport flight ticket deals, shop from street vendors who produce many types of Indian food, and get an idea of how the local people spend their days.

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