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Oslo flight ticket opportunity is offered to you to visit this city of natural beauty. In addition to having many cultural elements, Oslo manages to become one of the preferred cities every year with its rich qualities. There are many elements of the city of Oslo worth seeing and visiting.

Information about Oslo, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

Oslo, the capital of Norway, is known for being a port city. The population of Oslo, known as an extremely expensive city, is approximately 670,000. Since winters are generally not cold in Oslo, tourists may consider visiting Oslo in this season as well. Oslo is popular for being a high-income city. People living here continue their lives without facing economic problems. It can generally be said that there is a lifestyle with high standards.

Many different festivals are held in the city of Oslo throughout the year. You can have a great time and have an unforgettable holiday experience through these festivals. Oslo festivals can be listed as follows;

• Oslo Live Music Festival

• Oslo Jazz Festival

• Oslo Rock Festival

• Bollywood Film and Culture Festival

• Oslo International Film Festival

The concept of all festivals is different from each other. It would be correct to say that most of the festivals are held in the summer months. Festivals held in Oslo attract great attention from music lovers. If you wish, you can attend festivals simultaneously with your holiday and enjoy the fun.

One of the first places you should visit in Oslo is undoubtedly Akershus Castle. This castle contains many elements of Oslo history. This structure, built by King Hakon, can be called a living history. The tower was built to provide protection against external attacks. There is also a church and a museum inside the tower. There are also many memorabilia of the royal family within the boundaries of the tower. Thanks to this museum, church and tower, you can experience the history of Norway almost live. The tower still operates for military purposes today. You can spend a lot of quality time by visiting this tower.

The second stop to visit in Oslo is the Viking Travel Museum. This museum, located within the University of Oslo, is known for hosting many tourists every year. Another location you should visit is the Viking Travel Museum. Viking ships are carefully exhibited in this unique museum. You can also find many Viking items in this museum.

Another must-see place in the city is the Oslo Opera House. This building attracts a great deal of attention from art-loving tourists. You can see that great care was taken in the construction of the building, thanks to its unique architecture. With its perfect sea view, this building offers a visual feast to its visitors. Another place to visit in Oslo is the Fram Museum. Two extremely important ships in the history of Oslo are exhibited in this museum. During your trip, you can access a lot of information about Oslo history and maritime.

When you come to Oslo, it is recommended that you do not leave without seeing the Royal Palace building. This house, where King Haakon lived, attracts great attention from tourists. It is known that there are a total of 172 rooms in the palace. Inside the palace, there is a cabinet hall, a council room and a private suite belonging to the king. This palace only accepts visitors during the summer months.

The National Gallery is a very popular place for art lovers. Unforgettable works of many important artists are exhibited in this gallery. If you want to get your fill of art during your holiday, you should definitely see this region.

You can experience many different flavors during your holiday in Oslo. The dishes you want to try during your visit to Oslo can be listed as follows;

• Atlantic Cod

• Farikal

• Kremet Fiskesuppe

• Rømmegrøt Og Spekemat

• Lefse

• Smoked salmon

• Moose

• Leverpostei


All dishes of Oslo have a different taste. Each dish has its own special story and recipe. You should definitely try Oslo's famous dishes, which successfully reflect its culture, during your holiday.

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How to Get to Oslo Airport?

There are a total of 4 airports in Oslo. These can be said as Gardermoen Airport, Sandejford Airport, Moss Airport and Oslo Airport. To reach Oslo, you first need to make a short trip from your current location to Istanbul. After reaching Istanbul, you can start your Oslo trip via Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Oslo Gardermoen Airport would be a good option for you to land in the city center as quickly as possible. Afterwards, you can set out for the region where you will stay and start your holiday.

Oslo Transportation

After getting off the airport in Oslo, take a train to the city center. Or you can choose bus transportation. If you wish, you can also travel by train with the high-speed train option. These train journeys get you to Oslo city center in less than half an hour. Transportation opportunities within the city of Oslo are extremely easy and practical.

After your Oslo flight ticket research, you can create a holiday plan for yourself by examining which transportation routes you will use in the city.

Airlines with Flights to Oslo

You can choose more than one airline company to go to Oslo. These airline options can be listed as follows;

• Turkish Airlines

• Indigo

• Scandinavian Airlines

• Thai Airways


• Norwegian

• Icelandair

• Pegasus Airlines

Through these companies, you can travel safely and reach the beautiful city of Oslo. Oslo flight tickets stand out with their affordable prices. After choosing the company you want to fly with, you can take the first step towards your holiday by choosing your affordable ticket.

Oslo flight ticket purchase options are offered to you with great care. You can plan your entire holiday, starting from your tickets. In this way, your holiday can be more comfortable and of higher quality.

What Language Is Spoken In Oslo?

Norwegian, the official language of Norway, is spoken in Oslo.

Is Norway Always Daytime?

Within the borders of Norway, the sun never sets for 76 days throughout the year. There is at least 20 hours of sunny weather a day.

Does Norway Require Visas from Turks?

In order to go to Norway, people with a regular passport must obtain a Schengen visa.

How much of Norway's population is Turkish?

A total of 27,000 Turkish citizens live in Norway.

What is Norwegian Livelihood?

Norway's sources of income include oil, natural gas, shipping and fishing.

How Many Official Languages Are There in Norway?

There are two official languages in Norway. These can be expressed as Norwegian and Sami.

How Many Hours Work in Norway?

In Norway, weekly working hours are determined as 34 hours.

How Many Months Does Norway Experience Night?

Night occurs in Norway for a total of 6 months.

How Are Houses Heated in Norway?

Houses are heated through electric heaters and wood stoves.

How is the Norwegian Economy?

Norway is an extremely high-income country. In this respect, it can be said that it is the country with the highest living standards.

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