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With Prague flight ticket deals, you can have a great Prague trip. Your trip will be very convenient, comfortable and safe. Before taking advantage of the Prague flight ticket deals, we should inform you about this magnificent city.

Prague is located on the Vratna River in Central Bohemia. The city, which has been developing since the Middle Ages, II. Its beauty remained intact, as it was only slightly damaged in World War II. For this reason, the works reflecting the best Baroque and Gothic architecture have not lost their historical originality.

Prague is a very rich city in terms of tourism. The city has beautiful squares, historical buildings, bridges and castles that have existed for many years. It is one of the cities that attract the most tourists in the world. You can experience an unforgettable Prague trip by spending time in places such as the Old Town from the Middle Ages and Prague Castle, which resembles a separate city, or the Charles Bridge, where you can watch the sunset on the Vratna River. Apart from the historical buildings in the city, there are also many things in the name of entertainment, taste, shopping and art. In the city of Prague, you can eat different dishes from the world cuisine. Shopping in world-famous stores and small shops selling handmade traditional products can also be one of your options.

When to go to Prague?

Located in Central Europe, Prague has very harsh and cold winters and hot summers. If you are coming here in summer to visit a fairy tale city, you should be ready for the hot weather. Beautiful at any time of the year, this city's hottest months are June and August. During summer nights, the temperature drops drastically and the air gets colder. The most popular tourist visits to Prague are in July and August. If you are dreaming of a quieter Prague trip, you can choose May and September when the temperature is on average 20 degrees Celsius.

Prague is a great place to see a white landscape in winter. January and February are the coldest months in the city. At the same time, during this period, the city takes on a white landscape and has a different atmosphere. During this period, you should not forget to pack your thick clothes in the suitcase. It is enough to spend a week here to spend the most comfortable and trouble-free holiday process in Prague.

Where to Stay in Prague?

There are many accommodation options in Prague, where there are wonderful buildings, architectural monuments, festivals and shopping centers. Thanks to the location of the hotels you can stay in Prague, you can easily go to sightseeing points. The hotels you can stay in Prague appeal to different tastes, needs and budgets. In this way, you can make a free choice considering all these factors when planning your trip to Prague.

Places to Visit in Prague

Prague, which offers rich options in terms of tourism, offers an unforgettable holiday experience. Historic streets, wide squares, parks and large shopping centers await you here. Thanks to the Czech Republic flight ticket deals, you can come to the city very easily.

Charles Bridge

The 15th-century Charles Bridge was built over the Old Town. The architectural style of this arched building, surrounded by sculptures, is Baroque. This bridge, which has almost 30 statues in total, is one of the iconic structures in the city. Located on the Vitava River, the bridge attracts many visitors. This bridge, which crosses the Old City Square to other places, is closed to vehicles. However, in the past, there was a horse-drawn carriage crossing here. Today, the most interesting feature of the bridge, which must be crossed on foot, is the sculptures around it.

Astronomical Clock Tower

The Medieval Astronomical Clock is still in operation and is located in the Old Town Square. One of the iconic structures in Prague, this clock tower has a sad history. The clock, which was commissioned by Hanus, the famous clockmaker of his time, by the King of Bohemia, represents science, astronomy and art. The clock has such a beautiful appearance that it manages to attract the attention of many people, and the king of each country asks Hanus to make a clock for them. When the Czech King heard this, he made the master Hanus blind not to work with other places and to make clocks only for this place. Hanus, who could not digest what had happened, tied himself to the wheel of the clock with a rope and committed suicide. In this incident where Hanus lost his life, the mechanism of the clock was broken. The clock started working again after 50 years. For many years, no one wanted to repair the clock, and it was believed that trouble and bad luck would come to anyone who managed to fix it.

The Powder Tower

The history of this building, also called the Gunpowder Tower, dates back to 1475. King II. Gifted to Vladislav, the tower was damaged in the Prague Wars and later restored to its former strength. One of the historical landmarks in Prague, The Powder Tower is located on Republic Square, right next to the Town Hall. Today, the Barut Tower, which is 65 m high, has a viewing area to watch the best panoramic view of the city.

Lennon Wall

It is a wall dedicated to the world-famous singer and songwriter John Lennon. The striking art wall is located in Mala Strana and is located very close to the Charles Bridge. John Lennon, the lead singer of the legendary song group The Beatles, is one of the artists with unforgettable songs that have taken a place in the hearts of many people. Inspired by Lenin's ideology, this wall was built to keep his name and memory alive. A true activist, Lennon inspired those who wanted to raise their voices to the authorities by stating that the wall should be demolished. Czechs, who struggled with poverty and fear, started to reflect their feelings on the wall because of this idea. Although the letters were painted white and covered, the next day, the walls were written again. In the end, people succeeded in expressing what they wanted to say. These walls are adorned with writings and photographs by John Lennon, who have inspired many young individuals and communities.

Golden Path

The Golden Path, which is a small house where tradesmen and intellectuals lived in Prague in ancient times, is one of the popular places to see in Prague. Franz Kafka's house is located on this street. It is one of the best known places to carry the traces of the medieval period. The small houses here were built during the palace construction period to accommodate the construction workers. The following year, the Golden Road became a place where artists lived in the city. Today, it is a museum.

Dancing House

The Dancing House, a post-modern house that ripples and dances when viewed from the outside, designed to be a cultural center, has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Prague. When viewed from the outside, this house, which attracts many visitors, only shows the office from the 2nd floor to the 7th floor. Thanks to the Czech Republic flight ticket deals, you can come to this iconic place easily and comfortably.


One of the popular places to see in Prague is Troja. The Troja Palace was built between 1679 and 1685 and is the first Baroque style palace in the city. Built by JB Massy, ​​this elegant palace is adorned with structures with depictions of gods and goddesses. This building, which has survived to the present day, is visited by many tourists. 

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