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People who buy a Riga flight ticket can visit a city where they can witness unique views. Riga is the capital of Latvia. Located in the bay, this city also attracts attention as the largest city in Latvia. People who visit Riga have the chance to discover historical and natural beauties.

Information about Riga, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who buy a Riga flight ticket have the chance to visit the capital and largest port city of Latvia. Riga is a city with a river running through the middle and it also has various canals opening to the Baltic Sea. For this reason, the city can be visited by people who want to witness the natural view. People who want to visit Riga should know that the city is in a cold climate zone. Since Riga is in the cold climate zone, it is under the influence of continental climate. Since the city has a continental climate, winters are quite long and cold. The coldest time period in Riga is January and February. For this reason, people who want to visit the city are recommended to plan their trip during the winter months.

People who buy Riga flight tickets can visit the cathedrals and castles in the city. People visiting the city can enjoy many places where they can spend time peacefully. The first tourist attraction that people visiting the city should see is Riga Cathedral. Riga Cathedral is also known as the Dome Cathedral. This cathedral was built on the river bank and attracts attention because it is a very large church. The cathedral was built in 1211 and has witnessed many wars and sieges until today. The cathedral, which was occupied especially during the Soviet period, was closed between 1959 and 1989. In 2011, the cathedral underwent various restorations and is now open to visitors.

People who buy Riga flight tickets can also visit the Riga and Navigation History Museum. This museum is located within the Riga Cathedral and hosts many works from the 18th century. People who visit this historical museum can have a pleasant time in this museum where more than 500,000 artifacts are exhibited.

Riga Castle was built on the river bank and attracts attention because it is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. People who visit this castle encounter a 3-storey building that attracts attention with its impressive view. The castle has 4 rectangular towers and was built in 1330. It is known that Riga Castle was used as a governorship during the period when the city came under the rule of the Russian Empire. The castle, which was exposed to many sieges and occupations, gained its current appearance after the renovations carried out in 2013.

The Statue of Liberty is one of the landmarks of both Riga and Latvia. This monument, which symbolizes the country's independence, was placed in the city in 1935. The Statue of Liberty is the area where events in the city are held. The monument has a height of over 40 meters and houses 13 different statues. This monument, one of the symbols of the city, is open to visitors at all times of the year.

People visiting Riga can taste fresh seafood as the city is located at the port. In addition to fresh seafood, cold borscht, a pastrami and onion dish called Piragi, and meatballs called Frikadelu Zupa are among the local flavors of the city. Additionally, since beer is quite common in Riga, it is possible to visit many beer halls where you can drink beer. The drink called Kefirs is one of the drinks that should be tasted by people visiting the city.

How to Get to the Airport?

Riga International Airport is the airport that should be preferred by people who want to visit Riga. Riga International Airport is the airport that should be preferred by people who want to visit Riga. This airport is very important because it operates direct and connecting flights from Turkey. There are direct flights to Riga International Airport from airports in Istanbul. In addition to Istanbul, there are direct flights to Riga from Antalya. People who want to visit the city can reach Riga from Turkey in approximately 3 hours with the flight tickets they have purchased. Located half an hour away from the city center, this airport is easily accessible with different transportation options. Taxis can be preferred for traveling between the airport and the city center. Thanks to taxis, transportation from the airport to the city center can be achieved in a short distance of half an hour.

Transportation to Riga

People arriving in Riga can choose trams, trolleybuses and buses for urban transportation. You can travel with these transportation options between 05.00 in the morning and 01.00 at night. In order to use public transportation, you need to buy a ticket and with these tickets you can use public transportation. People who will visit the city can easily explore the historical and natural beauties of the city by renting a bicycle. Since Riga is not a very big city, it is possible to walk to visit its tourist attractions. Riga's historical and natural beauties can be discovered with these walking tours.

Airlines with Flights to Riga

• SunExpress

• Turkish Airlines

• Air Algerie

Which cities in Turkey offer direct flights to Riga?

There are direct flights to Riga from Istanbul and Antalya.

How Many Hours Does the Flight Take Between Istanbul and Riga?

There is a 3.5-hour flight between Istanbul and Riga. Thanks to these direct flights, you can reach Riga in 3.5 hours.

When Should You Travel to Riga?

To travel to Riga, it is necessary to have information about the weather. The city is located in the cold climate zone and the influence of continental climate is observed in many parts. Due to the continental climate, winter months are very cold in the city and spring months are quite short. For this reason, people who want to visit the city are recommended to plan their trip during the summer months. People who visit Riga in June, July and August can make their trip more enjoyable.

Where to Stay in Riga?

Hotels can be preferred to stay in Riga. People who want to stay in hotels must make a reservation at least 2 months in advance. Since Riga is a small city and there are not many hotels, people who want to visit the city, especially during the peak tourist season, should make early reservations.

How to Provide Urban Transportation in Riga?

Trams, trolleybuses and buses can be preferred for urban transportation in Riga. Thanks to affordable tickets, all public transportation vehicles can be used. In addition to public transportation, rental cars, taxis and rental bicycles can also be preferred for urban transportation. Since the city is not very big, it is possible to travel around the city on foot without using any public transportation.

What are the local flavors of Riga?

Most of the local delicacies in Riga consist of seafood. Especially various sushi and foods prepared using fish are among the local flavors of the city.

What Can You Buy as a Gift in Riga?

Amber stones, various key chains and handmade ornaments can be purchased as souvenirs from Riga.

Are Music Festivals Held in Riga?

Festivals held in Riga include the Riga music festival in January, the Bach music festival held between February and March, and the Riga Opera Festival in June.

What Currency is Used in Riga?

The official currency used in Riga is Euro.

Which languages can be communicated in Riga?

You can communicate in the city by speaking Latvian, Russian, Polish and English.

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