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Riyadh, where you can travel with Arabia flight ticket deals, is the capital city and the most populous city of Arabia. It is known that it hosts nearly 6 million people with its wide plateau located in the middle of the Arabian peninsula. There is one airport in the city called King Khalid International Airport. There are buses and shuttles for passengers who want to reach the center from the airport.

Places to See in Riyadh

In this city, which is also known for its fondness for local dishes, you can try madfoon and kabsa, which are rice-based dishes of the country, drink local coffees and have a pleasant time on your journey through history. You can taste gourmet delicacies in Riyadh, where you can stay with Riyadh round-trip flight ticket deals. This travel will not only improve your taste but also offer you new experiences. Riyadh, which is famous not only for its food but also for its aromatic tea and coffee, offers an ideal trip for guests looking for different tastes during their travels. Riyadh, which has many different tourist attractions, is one of the places that has become a destination for thousands of local and foreign tourists every year with its natural parks, museums and palaces.

Masmak Castle

Masmak Castle, Palace or also known as Kasr-el Masmak, which is at the top of the list of places to see in Riyadh for many tourists, was built in 1865 using clay and adobe materials. This castle, which has four watchtowers, is a structure built for protection and defense with its thick walls and stone blocks. Masmak Castle, which is famous for being one of the oldest historical buildings that still exists in the city, is a symbol of Riyadh. Masmak Castle, which also contains a museum and a mosque, has become one of the popular destinations for tourists with its location surrounded by palm trees.

National Museum of Saudi Arabia

The National Museum of Saudi Arabia, whose construction was completed in 1999 and included in the Murabba Development Plan, attracts a lot of attention with its different architecture. The National Museum of Saudi Arabia, which was designed by architect Raymond Moriyama, is a museum that you can visit with Riyadh round-trip flight ticket deals. It is known that the design of this museum, which was decided to be built for the 100th anniversary celebrations of Saudi Arabia, was inspired by the shapes and colors of the "Red Sand" dunes in Riyadh. The most important purpose of the establishment of the National Museum of Saudi Arabia, which was built on a very large area of seventeen thousand square meters, is of course to provide its guests with information about the history of the Arabian Peninsula and to share its past. At the same time, many exhibitions on subjects related to Arab Kingdoms and Islamic history are opened in the museum in different periods.

Royal Saudi Arabian Royal Air Force Museum

You can visit this museum, also known as the Royal Saudi Arabian Royal Air Force Museum or also known as Saqr Al Jazeera, with Riyadh flight ticket deals. Aircraft built and used since 1920 are exhibited in the Saudi Arabian Royal Air Force Museum, which consists of two separate sections: a closed indoor and an open-air museum. This museum, which appeals not only to guests who love airplanes but also to audiences of all ages, is open every day except Fridays.

Faisaliyah Tower

Faysaliye Tower or Burj el Faysaliye is one of the buildings that have become the symbol of the city. Faisaliyah Tower, which attracts everyone's attention with its eye-catching architecture, is also important as the fourth tallest building in Saudi Arabia. Faysaliye Tower, which was completed and put into service in 2010 after a 2-year construction period, fascinates those who see it with its height of 267 meters. The huge 44-storey building is known as one of the most eye-catching buildings in the city. For these reasons, you can spend time in the luxury shops in the Faisaliyah Tower, which is on the list of places to see in Riyadh, and have a pleasant trip by taking a break in the restaurants.

Salam Park

Salam Park, which attracts great attention from tourists due to its central location in Riyadh, is known as a park established in greenery on a large land of 25 hectares. Salam Park hosts many activities and events in different periods. The park, which aims to reduce and prevent water and urban pollution, resembles an open-air museum with its many historical artifacts.

Al Hokair Theme Park

Al Hokair Theme Park, which is an indispensable stopping point for guests who enjoy fun activities on their tourist tours, is located in a location where you can travel with Arabia flight ticket deals. Al Hokair Theme Park, where thousands of local and foreign tourists flock every year, is a center that can appeal to guests of all ages with its entertainment centers.

Murabba Palace

Murabba Palace, whose construction started in 1936 by the order of King Abdulaziz, was put into service in 1945 after a 9-year construction phase. The reinforced concrete road built to connect this palace, which was built to be used as a family residence and king's courts, to the city center has been very interesting to visitors since the time it was built. 16 hectares Murabba Palace, which has a large area in the first section, is located approximately 2 kilometers north of the old city of Riyadh. Murabba Palace awaits its visitors for an unforgettable trip with its southern gardens and the options on the list of Riyadh hotels where you can stay in and around the Batha Valley.


Al-Yamamah, or in other words Al-Yamamah, is the name given to the old region located on the Najd plateau. El-Yamamah, also known as the village or town, was built by Hz. It has a historically important place as it became a central theater in the Ridda Wars, which took place approximately after the death of Muhammad.

Hanife Valley

Hanifa Valley, which flows for 120 kilometers, approximately 40 kilometers north of Riyadh, is described by its visitors as dry and sharp. Hanife Valley, which extends to many villages and towns around it, is now being expanded towards the southwestern side, even though it is on the northeastern side. Riyadh hotels located around it are good options for guests who plan to stay. In Hanife Valley, which is at risk of flooding on rainy days, you can have a pleasant time in the picnic areas on warm and sunny days and take walks on the cliff-like paths.

Riyadh Museum of History and Archeology

Riyadh History and Archeology Museum, which comes to mind as one of the first places that visitors who like to turn the mysterious pages of history during their touristic trips want to see in Riyadh, presents mysterious and mystical stories about the Arab kingdoms to its audience with the help of works discussed from completely different perspectives. Riyadh History and Archeology Museum, one of the first choices for a satisfying trip for archeology enthusiasts, has many religious and cultural elements in its collections; It offers jewellery, weapons, musical instruments and a variety of period clothing. Riyadh History and Archeology Museum, which you can travel to with Riyadh flight ticket deals, is seen as a historical symbol for Riyadh.

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