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You can visit this beautiful city located in the Black Sea region by purchasing a flight ticket to Rize. Rize is a city visited by many people every year with its historical buildings and unique natural beauties. You can see the beauties of the city and get detailed information about its history.

Information about Rize, Places to Visit, What to Eat,

If you have completed the steps of purchasing a Rize flight ticket, it means it is time to create a holiday plan for yourself. There are many different buildings and regions you can visit and see in Rize. This city, which stands out with its high altitudes, has a population of 348,608 people, according to 2019 data. It is possible to say that you will have enough of green areas during your trip to Rize. For this, you can start your holiday pleasantly by visiting Ayder Plateau first. Located on the Kaçkar Mountains, this plateau reveals all its elegance. If you wish, you can relax and experience peaceful moments in the hot springs on the plateau. You can take your holiday to a different dimension by choosing accommodation services in the plateau.

Pokut Plateau, another natural beauty, fascinates those who see it. Here you can take aesthetic photographs in touch with nature during your trip. The breakfast areas in the plateau offer you a great feast of taste. You can experience these flavors accompanied by a unique view. Zil Kale is among the most visited places by people who come to visit Giresun. These castle structures located on the top of the mountain date back to very old times. If you wish, you can also visit this region with the help of a guide.

If you want to enjoy the views of streams and streams, you can visit Fırtına Creek during your Rize holiday. It is possible to have a very enjoyable time by having a picnic with your loved ones here. If you wish, you can have a unique taste experience at the fish restaurants in this area. There are also many accommodation opportunities within Fırtına Creek. If you want to see a historical building, Atatürk House and Ethnography Museum will be ideal for your holiday. You can find many items related to Atatürk's life in this museum, which has three floors in total.

Maiden's Castle in Rize is known for being located on a peninsula. This huge castle has a deep-rooted history and is greatly intrigued by many visitors every year. You can easily and practically reach this historical building located in Pazar district. For this purpose, minibuses depart regularly from the city center. If you do not have a private vehicle, you can choose this option. Another stop, Rize Museum, provides a lot of information about the history and culture of this unique city. Various collections are exhibited for visitors in this multi-storey museum. If you want to visit the museum, it is useful to follow certain time intervals.

While exploring these beauties, you should not forget the famous flavors of Rize. You can satisfy your taste buds with quality food with its advanced cuisine and traditional dishes. The flavors you will want to try during your Rize holiday can be listed as follows;

  • Muhlama
  • Rize Roast
  • White bean stew with meat
  • Rice with Anchovy
  • Cornbread
  • Pan Fried Chard
  • Black Cabbage Soup
  • Anchovy Scream
  • Rize Pita
  • Anchovy Handle

You can make your trip better by including all these flavors in your holiday plan. If you wish, you can create a list for yourself by researching the restaurants where you can taste these flavors best.

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How to Get to Rize-Artvin Airport

Reaching Rize-Artvin Airport is extremely simple and practical. At this point, where your departure area is also plays an important role. You can set foot at the airport after your flight. Then, you need to take the shuttles called Havaş, which depart from the airport. This shuttle service will take you to Rize center in a short time. After reaching the city center, you can move on to the area where you will stay. You can choose bus, taxi or private vehicles for this journey. You can stay in hotels or hostels during your Rize holiday, or you can rent a house on a daily basis if you wish. Especially accommodation opportunities in the plateaus are among the first choices of visitors.

Rize Transportation,

After completing the Rize flight ticket purchase process and landing at the airport, you need to find transportation within the city. Transportation in the city is most commonly provided by buses and minibuses. These transportation options are frequently preferred by visitors because they are extremely economical. People who are fond of comfort generally consider taxi options. It is also possible to rent a car privately within the city.

Transportation is generally easy in the city of Rize, which is not very densely populated.

Airlines with Flights to Rize

Buy Rize flight tickets, follow the steps You can easily see the airline companies you can choose while booking. It is possible for you to choose among these airline companies listed for you according to your wishes and needs. At this point, it is useful to pay attention to the services offered, number of flights and departure times. The airline companies you can choose can be listed as follows;


Turkish Airlines

Anadolu Jet

After choosing the airline company, you can choose the flight that suits you. When your ticket day and time arrives, it would be beneficial to be at the airport beforehand. You can access Rize-Artvin Airport after starting your journey from your departure area.

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How Much Are Rize Flight Ticket Prices?

If you want to have information about the prices of Rize flight tickets, you can easily see all the information you need during the ticket purchasing phase. It is possible to choose among differently priced tickets to suit your needs and budget.

How Many Hours Does the Rize Flight Take?

Your Rize flight duration varies depending on which region you depart from. If you start your journey from Istanbul, you can be in Rize in approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes. People who start their journey in Ankara can set foot in this beautiful city after 1 hour and 20 minutes.

What Services Do Airline Companies Flying to Rize Provide?

You can choose a company that offers services that suit you by reviewing airline companies that offer advanced services.

What are the accommodation options in Rize?

There are many accommodation options you can choose for your Rize holiday. If you wish, you can evaluate hotel and hostel options or take a look at daily rental houses.

What are the most famous dishes of Rize?

Rize's most famous dishes include Hamsikoli, Anchovy rice, Anchovy soup, Anchovy soup and Molasses zucchini.

What are the Preferred Transportation Options in Rize?

Buses are widely preferred as transportation means in Rize. There are various buses that provide transportation to many areas in the city.

What are the Historical Beauties of Rize?

Among the historical beauties of Rize are Maiden's Castle, Old Rize Houses, Mikron Bridge, Hemşin Houses and Ciha Castle.

What are the Natural Beauties of Rize?

The most popular natural beauties of Rize include Gito Plateau, Bulut Waterfall, Elevit Plateau, Büyükdeniz Lake, Gelin Tülü Waterfall and Palovit Waterfall.

What are Rize's Sources of Livelihood?

The majority of Rize people make their living through agriculture. At the same time, animal husbandry and beekeeping are among the popular sources of income in the city.

How Many Days Should Rize Holiday Last?

A 4 or 5-day holiday may be enough to discover all the natural and historical beauties of Rize.

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