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Being one of the cities that can be visited easily with Rome flight ticket opportunities, Rome gives you the feeling of being the leading actor of a movie. Rome, a historical and ancient city, has been the capital of many civilizations since ancient times. Rome, the capital of Italy, is the second largest city in the world. It is also the most populated city in Italy. You can feel the feeling of living in a historical moment in every corner of Rome. You can easily find artifacts from many cultures such as the Roman Empire and the Renaissance in the city.

When to go to Rome

The Mediterranean climate dominates Rome. Therefore, the best time to visit the city is during the spring and summer months. It may rain from time to time in the spring, but the weather is generally nice. In addition, walking in a rainy weather in Rome gives people a lot of pleasure.

Where to Stay in Rome?

Rome is a highly developed city of tourism. For this reason, there are many hotels and hostels to stay in Rome. There are also many Airbnb accommodation options in the city. There are also facilities that can be easily found in the city, providing various accommodation services for different budgets. Thanks to Rome's developed traffic, transportation from accommodation points to touristic places is very easy and practical. It is very enjoyable to enjoy the city of Rome and explore Rome with the hotels you can stay in Rome.

Eating and Drinking in Rome

You can taste delicious dishes in Rome. You can go on a tour that you never want to get enough of in this city known for its world-famous tastes. You have the chance to taste the best pizza in town. In addition, you have the chance to consume widely consumed pasta with sauces and spices that you have never tasted before. Their lasagna, which is made using cooking techniques specific to Italian cuisine, is quite different from what you normally eat. Likewise, their famous dessert, tiramisu, is more delicious in this city.

Transportation in Rome

There are two airports that offer direct flights from Turkey to Rome almost every day of the week. The flight between Istanbul and Rome takes about 2 hours. You can easily reach the city by following the campaigns with Rome flight ticket deals.

The most important means of transportation preferred by Italians in urban transportation is the train. Roma Termini Station is located in the city as the intersection point of all means of transport. As an alternative to the train, the bus is also widely used. There are bus services in Rome to most European cities. Similarly, the towns and villages of Italy can be reached by bus. 

Although Rome is a very pleasant city to walk, you can easily go anywhere you want by using public transport when you are in a hurry. With many alternative transportation sources such as local train lines, buses, trams and metro, Rome offers more affordable transportation compared to many other European cities.

Places to Visit in Rome

There are many historical places and cultural structures worth seeing in the city. If you want to visit Rome and have a unique holiday experience, be sure to take a look at our Italy flight ticket deals.


The Colosseum in Rome is an arena whose construction started in 72 AD and ended in 80 AD. The original name of this arena is Amphitheatreum Flavium. Since this arena was built during the Flavium dynasty, its original name is based on this dynasty.

During Domitian's reign, several changes were made to the arena. In ancient times, gladiator matches were held here for the entertainment of the people. Later Colosseum; It was used for different purposes such as shelter, shop, religious barracks, quarry, Christian cemetery. This place was previously called the arena, later it was called the Colosseum. This name comes from the statue at the entrance of the square. You should definitely visit this arena, which is located close to the hotels to stay in Rome.

Holy Angel Castle

Among the Roman monuments, one of the places that sheds light on the past is the Holy Angel Castle. Located on the banks of the Tiber, next to the Vatican, the castle is 3 km from Coloessum. This structure, which was designed as the tomb of Hadrian and his family, the third of the Good Five, was turned into a castle during the Middle Ages. When you go to the castle, you should not forget to enjoy the unique view of the Tiber from the Angel terrace.

Vatican Museums

You should definitely see the Vatican museums. Because it is one of the largest museums in the world. There are 54 galleries in total, including the Sistine Chapel, in the museum where artifacts belonging to the Ancient Greeks, Etruscans and modern artifacts are exhibited. While you are here, you should definitely visit the galleries and the Sistine Chapel. Because the frescoes of the chapel are quite beautiful. Adam's creativity was most appreciated by those who saw the frescoes.

Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore

This building was built after the Pope saw the Virgin Mary in his dream. According to legend, the Virgin Mary told the Pope about the place where she would build this basilica in her dream, and thus its construction began in 35 AD. This place, which uses very high quality and remarkable materials in its construction, is one of the must-see places in Rome. For this reason, we recommend that you definitely have it in your Rome travel plan. To reach the Basilica, you can get down to the Termini metro station.

Piazza Venezia and Piazza Del Popolo

These two squares are quite famous due to a huge monument in the middle. The top of the monument can be climbed free of charge and the view of Rome can be seen.

You can reach Piazza Venezia by bus or by getting off at the Colesseo metro stop. Also, Piazza Del Popolo; It is a square where street artists perform, festivals are celebrated, and entertainments are constantly held. You can attend these festivals and events when you go at the right time. In both squares you have the opportunity to taste Rome's popular coffee. You can take a look at our Italy flight ticket campaigns to reach these squares at the right time and have a pleasant time.

Tiber River

When it comes to places to visit in Rome, one of the places that comes to mind is the Tiber River. This river, which is one of the symbols of the city and one of the important trade routes of the period, has a remarkable beauty with the architectural works found around it.

St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter's Basilica, the largest church in the Christian world, is one of the most striking structures on the city's skyline. Featuring a mix of Baroque architecture and Renaissance styles, this basilica seats 60,000.

It is the dream of many people to go up on the roof of this magnificent building and watch the view. Entrance is free. Therefore, it is recommended to go early in order to avoid crowds.

Trevi Fountain

One of the places to visit in Rome is the Trevi Fountain. There are different rumors about the name of the fountain. One of them is that it is located at the junction of three roads. The other is three underground geysers gathered at the head of the fountain.

The theme of the fountain is the sea. It has many nautical-themed details on it. Also, people who visit this place today throw coins. People who wish to throw coins into the fountain believe that their wishes will come true. A large amount of money is collected annually from the fountain. The government spends this money on charity.

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