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Thanks to Sinop flight ticket deals, you can come to Sinop with a safe and comfortable flight, where local and foreign tourists come at any time of the year. The city, which is in the middle of the Black Sea region, was built on an area known as Boztepe Cape. It is in the northernmost part of Turkey, on the edge of the Black Sea. Thanks to its natural beauties and historical structures, many tourists from abroad, especially from Japan, come here. In the city center of Sinop, as a rare case, you can swim in the sea. The city has 9 districts.

Located on the Black Sea, Sinop is the only natural port city in the region. The history of the city goes back to ancient times. The city has hosted many civilizations and cultures and is therefore a very important city. It is thought that the traces of the first settlement in the region belong to the Bronze Age. The city's feature of being a Black Sea port was considered very important in the Ancient Age. Hittite, Phrygian, Persian, Roman and Byzantine civilizations lived here in different periods. In the following years, Seljuks, Kandas and Ottomans lived here. The oldest name of the city is Sinope. Since ancient times, this place is referred to as a castle town. It was a very important place for the trade between Anatolia and Crimea. One of the reasons why Sinop is an important place for the people of the region is that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk visited the city before going to Samsun. Sinop Prison, located in the city center, attracts many tourists today. Many TV series and movie scenes are shot here.

When to go to Sinop?

In order to answer the question of how many days you need to stay here to visit Sinop, you should check the weather conditions of the city. The Black Sea climate is seen in the city of Sinop, located on the Black Sea coast. There is not much temperature difference between the four seasons in the city where the Eastern and Western Black Sea climate characteristics are seen together. It rains throughout the four seasons in the city, which is located on the beach. It rains a lot even in the driest month. The average annual temperature in June is 14 degrees Celsius and is the driest month of the year. Rainfall decreases in October. The average temperature in July is 22 degrees Celsius and is the hottest month. The weather in January is usually 6 to 7 degrees Celsius and is the coldest month. On average, it rains 130 days a year. Since Sinop is a city open to northern winds, it has a constantly windy weather. Especially in winter, the weather is very windy. If you want to spend a holiday in touch with nature in Sinop, which is the ideal time to discover a different natural beauty every month, you can come here at the beginning of the spring season or in the summer months. Even in summer, you should not forget to bring an umbrella with you. Even on a hot day, it can start raining suddenly.

Places to Visit in Sinop

The city of Sinop, located on Boztepe Cape, offers different beauties in every season. With its green nature, peaceful waterfalls, lakes and virgin beaches, there is something that appeals to everyone, especially in summer. Sinop, which has a lot of natural beauties, is one of the cities that must be visited in terms of historical and cultural values. Those wondering how many days to stay here to visit the city of Sinop, one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia, should spare at least 3 days. You can come here to enjoy the riches of this city, to taste the local cuisine, to experience adrenaline-filled moments in nature and to do sports. When you come to Sinop, one of the calmest cities in the Black Sea, you will enjoy a wonderful holiday full of natural and historical beauties.

Hamsilos Bay

Hamsilos Bay, one of the must-see places in Sinop, is one of the most attractive places of the Black Sea. It is located 11 km from the city center of Sinop. Known as the northernmost bay of Turkey, Hamsilos Bay is famous for having the only fjord in Turkey. That's why photographers often come here. It is also possible to rent pedal boats and canoes in Hamsilos Bay, where boat tours are organized for those who want to explore the region. In addition, it is ideal for those who want to go hiking.


Located on the Black Sea coast, Ayancık is 56 km from the center of Sinop. It is one of the most visited districts of the city due to its natural and historical beauties. Civilizations such as Paphlagonians, Amazons, Aharas, Doras, Danishments, Seljuks and Candaroğulları lived in this place, which has a history of thousands of years. When it started to be ruled by Fatih Sultan Mehmet for a while, it came under Ottoman rule. Ayancık district of Sinop, the northernmost part of Turkey; Halzana Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches, is home to places such as İnce Burun Lighthouse, Stephan Rock Tombs belonging to the Pontus Kingdom and the famous Geberit Bay. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come here every year. You can take a tour full of historical treasures and natural beauties by joining guide tours in this place, which is famous for its Virgin beauties. You should definitely visit the İnaltı Cave, one of the largest caves in Turkey, which was opened to visitors in 1996, while in Sinop. With a Sinop Airport flight ticket, you can come to the city and go to the Ayancık region.


It is 85 km away from Boyabat city center, which is home to historical beauties in Sinop. You can use a minibus or join a tour to go to the impressive places in the city. The famous Boyabat district, which has traces of the Roman and Byzantine periods from the 6th century BC, was built under the Boyabat Castle. It has streets full of mansions from the Ottoman period. This city, which attracts the attention of the whole world, is one of the giant rock formations in the basalt valley. Thanks to its calm and peaceful structure, you can take a pleasant tour in Boyabat and see the Beyazıt Mosque and the historical mansion made of rubble stone in 1856.


Türkeli district, which was established on the foothills of the Küre Mountains, one of the quiet and peaceful districts in Sinop, is 95 km away from the city center of Sinop. This district, which was annexed to the Ottoman lands by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1461, is located in the Küre Mountains in the Red Havza on the Black Sea coast. It has a deep blue Black Sea view. The 25-kilometer-long coastal beaches in the district are a place where many fishermen fish and are visited by tourists in summer. You can take a break in the tea gardens on the beach by visiting Türkeli and watch a unique sunset view. Thanks to Sinop Airport flight ticket campaigns, it is possible to come to the region easily.


A large number of visitors come to Akliman every year, which is one of the must-see places in Sinop. Quality hotels suitable for every budget, stunning beaches and blue waters make this place mostly crowded in summer. In Akliman, which has a location where the pine forests of the Black Sea meet with the Black Sea waters, it is possible to visit the virgin natural beauties and enjoy the sea. With its canopy fish restaurants and recreational facilities surrounded by pine forests, locals often prefer this place for a weekend getaway. It is about 8 km from the city centre.

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