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People who buy a flight ticket to Skopje can visit a city where they can witness magnificent views. Skopje is located in Macedonia and fascinates visitors with its natural beauties. Hosting different civilizations has made the city more interesting.

Information about Skopje, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who buy a flight ticket to Skopje can visit the most beautiful city of Macedonia, which is divided into two by the Vardar River. Skopje is a city with 10 districts and is derived from the word meaning city of refuge because it hosts different civilizations. When the structure of Skopje is examined, it is known that people from more than 30 nationalities live in the city.

People who purchase a flight ticket to Skopje have the chance to visit this city of 571 square kilometers. Located in the Central European region, this city is under the influence of subtropical climate. For this reason, vegetation called savanna prevails in the city. Due to its climate, Skopje is hot in summer and very cold in winter. For this reason, it is recommended to choose summer months to visit the city. People who visit the city during the summer months have the chance to explore the city with an average of 3-4 days of travel.

People who buy flight tickets to Skopje can visit the St. Clement of Ohrid Cathedral. This cathedral is one of the symbols of the city and a must-see for anyone visiting Skopje. The cathedral was destroyed as a result of various attacks and underwent various restorations in 1972 to achieve its current appearance. The cathedral had the chance to gain an identity on the 150th anniversary of St. Clement, from whom it was named. People who visit this cathedral have the chance to see a magnificent religious building up close.

Mustafa Pasha Mosque is among the important religious buildings to be seen during your trip to Skopje. Although the building, built in the late 1400s, has a single minaret, it has a very magnificent appearance. After the mosque was built, it managed to survive without any restoration for 500 years. Mustafa Pasha Mosque was restored and reopened for worship due to damage following the earthquake in 1963. People who visit the mosque can still pray in the mosque today. Worshipers also have the chance to examine the architecture of the mosque closely.

Matka Canyon is a place that should be visited by people who want to do different activities during their trip to Skopje. This Canyon is located west of Skopje and hosts many monasteries and places of worship. People who visit this canyon have the chance to visit different religious structures. There is also Matka Lake within the canyon. People who visit this artificial lake can taste local delicacies at the restaurants on the lake shore. It is also possible to have a pleasant time on the lake with boats or boats.

Taşköprü is one of the symbols of Skopje. Located in the city center, this bridge is built over the Vardar River and hosts the breezes of Ottoman architecture. Taşköprü is also known as Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and its construction started in 1451. The construction of the bridge took 18 years and it started to be used in 1469. People who want to witness the view of the Vardar River closely can have a pleasant time on this bridge.

You should also taste local delicacies during your visit to Skopje. Skopje, one of the most beautiful cities of Macedonia, hosts different food cultures as it hosts different civilizations. Delicious pastries called Pogacha will satisfy the snack needs of people visiting the city. As desserts, the city offers tulumba dessert and various types of halva. People visiting the city can enjoy the flavors of Skopje.

How to Get to the Airport?

Local and foreign tourists organize various trips to Skopje at different times of the year. People who want to visit the city can choose to travel by plane in order to reach the city in a short time and comfortably. It is possible to reach Skopje in a short time with direct flights from Istanbul. In addition to Istanbul, there are direct flights from Izmir to Skopje. In this way, people arriving in Istanbul and Izmir from different provinces of Turkey can travel to Skopje with a connection. Skopje Alexander the Great Airport is an airport where international flights take place. Skopje Alexander the Great Airport, which offers direct flights from Izmir and Istanbul, is also preferred because it is close to the city center. Located 25 kilometers from the city center, this airport is easily accessible by taxis, rental cars and shuttles.

Transportation to Skopje

People arriving in Skopje have different preferences in urban transportation. They can. Since Skopje is not a very big city, there are many tourists who prefer to walk to visit its historical and natural beauties. While it is possible to explore the city on foot, you can also enjoy pleasant trips in Skopje by cycling.

People visiting Skopje can choose public buses for urban transportation. These two-decker, red-coloured buses are among the symbols of the city. People who choose these buses can visit different tourist attractions of the city and make their journey comfortable. In addition to buses, it is also possible to travel around the city with taxis at affordable prices.

Airlines with Flights to Skopje

• Turkish Airlines

• Pegasus Airlines

• Wizz Air

How Many Hours Does It Take to Reach Skopje from Istanbul?

It is possible to reach Skopje from Istanbul in one and a half hours by air.

Are there direct flights from Izmir to Skopje?

There are direct flights between Izmir and Skopje. It is possible to reach the city in one hour and 20 minutes with these direct flights.

When Should You Visit Skopje?

People who want to visit Skopje can choose the summer months. Skopje is under the influence of a subtropical climate and summers are hot and winters are very cold. Therefore, summer months would be the best choice to visit the city. People who visit the city in June, July and August can spend their time comfortably.

How Many Days Should It Take to Visit Skopje?

You need 3 or 4 days to fully explore the city. Especially people who want to see the historical and natural beauties in the city should not plan a trip shorter than 3 days.

What Festivals Are Held in Skopje?

Among the festivals held in Skopje are the Skopje jazz festival, the film festival and the Skopje design festival. People who want to visit the city during the festivals should plan their trip in October, November and December.

Where to Stay in Skopje?

During your trip to Skopje, hotels located in the city center can be preferred. In addition to hotels, it is also possible to stay in rental houses and hostels.

Where to Shop in Skopje?

There are many shops where you can shop in the city. These shops are located in the city center and are concentrated in the area called the flea market. People who visit the flea market can buy local delicacies, as well as fruits, vegetables and local clothes.

Is Nightlife Lively in Skopje?

Nightlife in Skopje is very active. People visiting Skopje can have a pleasant time by the Vardar river in the evenings. You can have a pleasant time with DJs, especially in the clubs located on the riverside.

What Currency is Used in Skopje?

The official currency used in Skopje is the Macedonian denarius.

Which Official Language is Spoken in Skopje?

The official language determined in Skopje is Macedonian. It is also possible to meet many people who speak Turkish, Serbian and Albanian in the city.

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