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By purchasing a flight ticket to Sofia, it is possible to explore a city that stands out with its historical and natural beauties. Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and one of the most developed cities in the country. By visiting Sofia, you can see the historical buildings in the city and discover the natural beauties.

Information About Sofia, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

You can set off towards the capital of Bulgaria by purchasing a flight ticket to Sofia. Sofia is a city that attracts attention with its historical buildings and natural beauties. The Ottoman Empire and Russia ruled the city for many years. Additionally, people who visit the city can come across many artifacts from the Roman period and Greek culture. Sofia is located in the Southeastern Europe region and has a surface area of 490 square kilometers.

This city, which was severely damaged in World War II, took its current form after the necessary restoration work. The history of the city dates back to the 8th century BC. When the city came under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, it was named Sofia and was declared the capital of Bulgaria in 1879. People visiting Sofia are recommended to explore the historical and natural beauties of the city. The first structure that visitors to the city should see is the Lion Bridge. The lion bridge has become the symbol of the city and everyone who visits the city must have a photo in front of this bridge. After the lion bridge, Boyana Church is another important structure to see in Sofia. This church was built in the Middle Ages and contains many frescoes.

It is possible to see family tombs and many frescoes in the building, which was built as an Orthodox church. The national natural history museum is another important building that people who visit Sofia should see. The national natural history museum was founded in 1889. This museum, which has been in service for many years, attracts attention because it is the oldest museum in the region. By visiting this museum, it is possible to examine many animal and plant fossils from the Balkan countries. Fossils of plants and animals living in different regions are exhibited in the national natural history museum for visitors to the museum to examine. It is also possible to find fossils of extinct animals in the museum. The Red Flat is a place that people who visit Sofia should visit to see the change that the country has experienced. You can get more detailed information about the history of Sofia by visiting this house, which was designed to convey that Sofia lived under the influence of the communist regime. You should definitely visit this building to see what the communist regime has done to families and homes. Muzeiko is another important place to see during your trip to Sofia. This is a science center established for children.

Especially people visiting Sofia will admire this science center when they visit it with their children. There are many games in the science center to encourage children to do scientific studies. The national art gallery is one of the important museums that should be visited during your trip to Sofia. This building is a building where the royal family lived for many years and has now been turned into a museum. It is possible to examine many buildings and sculptures from Bulgarian history by visiting the national art gallery. People who visit Sofi should definitely taste the city's unique flavors after seeing the historical and natural places. Sofia is a city that has adopted the Ottoman, Russian and Balkan culture. For this reason, it is possible to come across many types of kebabs in the city. People who visit Sofi are recommended to eat the meat dish called kepapche, as well as to taste the local dishes called tarator and plene chicken.

How to Get to the Airport?

You can visit this city, which bears traces of the Ottoman Empire, by purchasing a flight ticket to Sofia. The name of the airport in Sofia has been determined as Sofia International Airport. Sofia International Airport is located 10 kilometers from the city center. Many means of transportation can be used to reach this airport, which is located very close to the city center. People who want to go to the city center from the airport can first choose the buses serving within the city. Buses operate between 05.00 in the morning and 23.00 in the evening. Between these hours, it is possible to reach the city center from the airport within 10 minutes. Another means of transportation that can be preferred to travel between the airport and the city center is the metro. You can reach the city center from the airport in a short time by metro. Taxis and rental cars can be used for trips between the airport and the city center.

Transportation to Sofia

It is possible to visit Sofia by purchasing a Sofia flight ticket. To reach Sofia, you can reach the city via flights from Antalya International Airport and Istanbul Airport. People visiting the city by air can travel to the city center by metro and buses after landing at the airport. People visiting the city can choose buses, subways and taxis to travel around the city. People who want to visit Sofia can explore a large part of the city by using buses, thanks to the organized bus services. In addition to buses, thanks to the metro lines serving in the city, most of the touristic spots that need to be visited and seen in the city can be visited. People who do not want to use public transportation can visit Sofia by taxi or rental car.

Airlines with Flights to Sofia

•Turkish Airlines

• Pegasus Airlines

• Wizz Air

• Blue Bird Airlines

What climate is seen in Sofia?

Sofia has a temperate continental climate.

What is the Average Temperature of the City?

The average temperature in the city is announced as 14 degrees.

What is the Official Currency of the City?

The official currency used in Sofia is the Bulgarian lev.

What Languages Are Spoken in the City?

The official language of Sofia is Bulgarian. However, it is possible to communicate with many people living in the city by speaking English.

When should you visit the city?

The best time to visit Sofia is between May and October. As the weather begins to warm up in the city at the end of April, the number of people visiting the city increases. People who do not want to be affected by cold weather can visit the city between May and October and enjoy the natural beauties while exploring historical places.

What are the festivals held in Sofia?

Many festivals are held in Sofia. A salsa festival and an international film festival are held in March. While a jazz festival is held in April, a folklore festival is held in July. People who want to visit the city have the chance to have a more enjoyable time by taking their trips during the festival period.

What can be brought from Sofia as souvenirs?

People visiting the table can choose oils, soaps and lotions containing roses as souvenirs. Additionally, trinkets and jewelry are among the souvenirs that can be brought from Sofia.

Is Sofia Nightlife Lively?

Sofia's nightlife is as lively as during the day. Laser shows are often held in the city at night, which makes the city look colorful even at night. People visiting the city can have a pleasant time in nightclubs and bars.

Where Should You Visit For Shopping?

People visiting Sofia can choose Vitosha boulevard to shop. Since there are many local shops on this boulevard, it is possible to find city-specific symbols as souvenirs.

What Foods Should People Visiting the City Try?

Sofia is a city that was dominated by many cultures, especially the Ottoman Empire. For this reason, it is possible to taste many flavors in the city, from kebabs to appetizers such as tarator. Additionally, the best dessert choice for those visiting the city will be baklava.

Flight Information to Sofia

• Destination Airport: Sofia Airport

• Destination Airport IATA Code: Sofia Airport SOF

• Destination City Name: Sofia

• Airlines Serving: Turkish Airlines

• Pegasus Airlines

• Wizz Air

• Blue Bird Airlines

• Popular Airline: Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines

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