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People who buy a flight ticket to Stuttgart can travel to one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Stuttgart is one of the largest cities in Germany and is visited by millions of people for its natural beauty as it is surrounded by forests. People who visit Stuttgart can enjoy both feeling like they are in nature and having a pleasant time by visiting tourist attractions.

Information About Stuttgart, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who buy a flight ticket to Stuttgart have the chance to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Stuttgart is located in Southern Germany and has a surface area of 200 square kilometers. Although it does not have a very large surface area, the city has managed to become one of the cities that attract the most tourists in Europe. People who want to visit Stuttgart should first have information about the structure of the city. Stuttgart is a city that fascinates visitors with its theaters and museums. Additionally, people with various rheumatic diseases can visit the hot springs in the city for healing.

After purchasing a flight ticket to Stuttgart, people who want to visit the city should first know when they should plan their trip. Due to Stuttgart's climate, it is rainy in almost every month of the year. For this reason, people who want to visit the city are recommended to have an umbrella with them during the journey. The best time to visit Stuttgart is July and August. During this 2-month period, the air temperature in the city rises and rainfall is less common than in other months. In this way, it becomes possible for tourists to visit Stuttgart pleasantly. People who want to explore the historical and natural beauties of the city are recommended to stay in the city for at least 3 days.

It is recommended that people visiting the city by buying a flight ticket to Stuttgart start their trip with the Mercedes Benz Museum. When Germany is mentioned, the powerful cars it has designed come to mind. For this reason, people visiting Stuttgart, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, should definitely visit this museum, which features Mercedes cars. It is possible to see Mercedes cars introduced to the market since the 19th century in the Mercedes-Benz Museum. From time to time, exhibitions are held in the museum where automobiles are listed, from their first models to their current models. People who visit the museum can see historical cars as well as closely witness how the cars have changed.

Wilhelma is one of the points of interest for tourists visiting Stuttgart. This structure, called Wilhelma, served as the Royal Park for many years. The area, which used to serve as the Royal Park, is now preferred by tourists to relax during their trips. Since the park is built on a large area, it is possible to find both historical buildings and botanical gardens in the same area. Stuttgart is a very lively city both day and night. For this reason, it is seen that people visiting the city visit this park if they want to relax.

During a trip to Stuttgart, the New Palace is visited by people who want to have a pleasant time. This building, called the New Palace, was built in the 18th century and is a palace where the effects of the baroque style are visible. The New Palace was built at the request of the duke of the period. The palace, which has managed to survive until today, has managed to take its place among the most magnificent palaces in Europe with its magnificent structure. New Palace II. Although it suffered serious damage during World War II, it regained its former glory after the restoration work.

Stuttgart Television Tower has become one of the favorite places of people who want to witness the view of Stuttgart. Stuttgart Television Tower is very important as it serves as the first telecommunications tower in the world. This television tower, which started to be built in 1954, was completed and put into use after a 2-year period. It is known that the Stuttgart Television Tower has a height of over 200 meters. Therefore, people who visit the tower can watch the view of Stuttgart from the most beautiful place.

You should definitely experience the flavors of German cuisine during your trip to Stuttgart. The most important dish that people visiting the city should taste is schnitzel. It is possible to come across many local delicacies that use chicken in the country, especially schnitzel. It is also known that people who visit the country often prefer Maultasche ravioli, prepared with spinach and meat.

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How to Get to the Airport?

Stuttgart Airport serves internationally. It is very easy to reach this airport, which offers direct and connecting flights from many points of the world. Stuttgart Airport It is located 20 kilometers away from the city center. People who want to reach the airport can choose the metro services from the city center. Thanks to the metro lines from the city center, you can reach the airport after a half-hour journey. People who want to reach the airport in a shorter time can also choose taxis or rental cars. People who choose rental cars or taxis to reach the airport from Stuttgart city center will have the chance to reach the airport more comfortably.

Transportation to Stuttgart

People who want to reach Stuttgart from Turkey wonder how they can travel. Flight tickets can be purchased for direct flights from Turkey to Stuttgart. To reach Stuttgart from Turkey, flights from Istanbul may be preferred. You can reach Stuttgart thanks to direct flights from Antalya as well as Istanbul. People who want to travel to cities other than Istanbul and Antalya can choose connecting flights.

Airlines with Flights to Stuttgart

• Turkish Airlines

• Pegasus Airlines

• AnadoluJet

How to Provide Urban Transportation in Stuttgart?

People arriving in Stuttgart encounter a developed public transportation network in urban transportation. People who want to travel within the city can reach many points via metro lines or bus lines. In addition to metro and buses, you can also reach many points in the city by bicycle.

When to Go to Stuttgart?

People who want to visit the city should do their trip in the summer months to avoid rain. Especially in July and August, temperatures in the city rise above 20 degrees. The best time to visit the city is the summer months, as the weather gets warmer and rains occur less frequently in these months.

What Festivals Are Held in Stuttgart?

Among the festivals held in the city, the African festival and the Spring festival attract attention. The spring festival is held in April, while the African festival is held in July.

What are the places to visit in Stuttgart?

People visiting Stuttgart should definitely see the Mercedes Benz Museum. People who visit this museum can then make their Stuttgart trip fun by visiting tourist attractions such as the New Palace and Wilhelma.

Are there direct flights from Turkey to Stuttgart?

There are direct flights to Stuttgart from 2 provinces of Turkey. Stuttgart can be reached thanks to direct flights from Istanbul and Antalya. While there are direct flights from these two cities, transportation to Stuttgart is also possible with connecting connections from other provinces of Turkey.

What Currency is Used in Stuttgart?

The official currency used in Stuttgart is the euro.

Where to Stay in Stuttgart?

People visiting the city can choose hotels to stay. People who do not want to stay in hotels can choose houses or apartments rented by local people.

How long does it take to reach Stuttgart from Turkey by plane?

You can reach Stuttgart after a 3.5-hour journey with flights from Istanbul.

Is there a Turkish Foreign Representation in Stuttgart?

The Consulate General of Stuttgart is located in the city.

What Languages Are Spoken in Stuttgart?

The official language used in the city is German. You can communicate with many people by speaking English as well as German.​

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