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People who buy a Zagreb flight ticket can feel like they are in a fairy tale land. Zagreb is one of the must-visit places in the world with its architectural structures and natural beauties. Zagreb, both the capital and the most populous city of Croatia, manages to attract attention with its green areas. Zagreb can be ranked first among the cities that attract the most visitors in Croatia. People who visit this city can spend a pleasant and comfortable time in the city built on the riverside.

Information about Zagreb, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who buy Zagreb flight tickets will encounter many places to visit and see when they reach the city. Ban Jelacic Square is the first place to be seen during a trip to Zagreb. This square is one of the oldest points in the city and is located in the old town part of Zagreb. There are many architectural structures in the square dating back to the 17th century. In particular, the Josip Jelacic Statue, located in the square and depicted on a horse, is one of the touristic spots of the city. Since this square is closed to cars, there are many areas where you can walk. People who want to embrace local people and visit cafes can spend time in this square.

Dolac Market is another important location to see during your trip to Zagreb. Dolac Market is the largest open-air market in both Zagreb and Croatia. People who visit this open-air market can both have the chance to witness the Croatian culture closely and shop at affordable prices. This open market, which is frequently visited by local people, opens early in the morning and is kept open for shopping until the evening. This market, which has been in service since the mid-1900s, has managed to maintain its vitality until today. People who visit this market can buy organic fruits and vegetables brought from different parts of Croatia.

Zagreb Cathedral is one of the most spectacular buildings in Zagreb. Zagreb Cathedral is a Catholic church. It is a church whose construction started in the 11th century and opened in 1217. 25 years after the church was opened, it was invaded by the Mongols and a large part of the cathedral was destroyed. The destroyed part of the cathedral was rebuilt and has survived until today through different restoration works. People who visit Zagreb Cathedral should definitely examine the clock in front of the cathedral. The clock in front of the cathedral shows 07.03. The reason for this is the earthquake in 1880 that caused the destruction of the cathedral. It is known that the clock in front of the cathedral stopped at the time of this earthquake. Visitors to the cathedral can examine this old clock, as well as the sculptures inside the cathedral that bear traces of different periods.

Museum of Broken Relationships is a place that can be visited by people who want to see an interesting museum during their trip to Zagreb. As the name suggests, this place was opened in memory of ended relationships. Many objects related to separation and relationships are included in the museum. It is one of the museums where the belongings of different people left by their lovers after their breakup are exhibited. In addition to these exhibited items, the story of the items and small notes about the items are also included.

People who buy Zagreb flight tickets should definitely taste the local flavors specific to the city. Croatian cuisine is a very rich cuisine and fish products and cheese have a serious place in the cuisine. For this reason, people visiting the city are recommended to taste the salad called Hobonitce, prepared with octopus, potatoes and lemon. Spicy sausage called Kulen is also among the delicacies that should be tasted during your trip to Zagreb.

How to Get to the Airport?

Zagreb Airport is the airport that will be used by people who prefer air travel, which is the most comfortable method of transportation to the city. There are direct flights from Turkey to Zagreb. Flights between Zagreb Airport and Türkiye take approximately 2 hours. People arriving at this airport may wonder how to travel between the airport and the city center. Since the airport is located close to the city center, many public transportation vehicles can be used to visit the airport. Since Zagreb has a developed public transportation network, the airport can be reached in a short time by trams and trains. In addition, bus lines operating actively in the city provide transportation both from the airport and to different points of the city in a short time.

Transportation to Zagreb

People who want to reach Zagreb from Turkey by purchasing a Zagreb flight ticket can choose direct flights from Istanbul. With these flights, it is possible to reach this city, the capital of Croatia, after a 2-hour journey. There is a distance between the airport and the city center. Since there is no distance, transportation can be easily achieved within the city. There are direct flights to Zagreb, as well as connecting flights. In this way, people arriving in Istanbul from different points of Turkey can reach Zagreb with direct flights via Istanbul.

Airlines with Flights to Zagreb

• Pegasus Airlines

• Turkish Airlines


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What Products Can Be Purchased as Gifts from Zagreb?

There are many products that can be purchased as gifts during your trip to Zagreb. While wines specific to the city can be purchased, fountain pens or ties can also be purchased from the city as souvenirs. Since fountain pens and ties are thought to have been invented in Zagreb, it is known that these two products are very important for this city.

When to Visit Zagreb?

Zagreb is a city under the influence of a continental climate. However, since the city is located on the Adriatic coast, it has a milder climate compared to the continental climate. People who want to visit the city are recommended to visit the city in spring and summer.

Which Period Is Zagreb Most Colorful?

Zagreb is a very colorful city throughout most of the year due to the festivals held. People who want to visit Zagreb are recommended to attend the Fasnik carnival held in March. Additionally, when the dance festival is held in the city in May, the most colorful periods of Zagreb can be shown as spring and summer.

Where to Stay in Zagreb?

Since Zagreb is the largest city in Croatia, accommodation options are quite diverse. People visiting the city can choose hotels, hostels and rental houses if they want to stay.

Where to Shop in Zagreb?

Dolac Market is the most suitable place to shop during your trip to Zagreb. Since this open-air market has been in service for many years, it is preferred by local people for shopping.

How to Provide Urban Transportation in Zagreb?

Zagreb has a large surface area and a crowded population. For this reason, trams, trains and buses can be preferred for urban travel.

What Foods Should Be Tasted in Zagreb?

During your trip to Zagreb, you can taste the city's spicy sausage, local salads and sausage soup. It is also recommended to taste the wines and olives during the trip.

How Many Days Should I Stay in Zagreb?

Zagreb is home to many historical and natural beauties. For this reason, it is recommended that people visiting the city plan a 5-day holiday so that they can fully explore the city. During this 5-day trip, it is possible to visit many buildings in the city, from interesting museums to cathedrals, with peace of mind.

Which Currency is Used in Zagreb?

The official currency used in Zagreb is Kuna. In addition to Kuna, you can also shop in the city using euros and dollars.

What Languages Are Spoken in Zagreb?

More than 90% of Zagreb speaks Croatian. In addition to the local people speaking Croatian, the number of people who speak Italian in the city is also quite high. Therefore, it is easy to understand the locals in the city by speaking both Croatian, Italian and English.

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