Kahramanmaraş Mehteroğlu Turizm Bus Ticket

Kahramanmaraş Mehteroğlu Turizm

Kahramanmaras Mehteroglu Tourism

By purchasing Kahramanmaraş Mehteroğlu tourism bus ticket, you will have the chance to travel to many cities of Turkey. Kahramanmaraş Mehteroğlu Turizm has entered the sector as a local bus company. The company, which has made a name for itself in the travel industry, continues on its way with the goal of being the best.

About Kahramanmaras Mehteroglu Tourism

Kahramanmaraş Mehteroğlu Tourism has been serving since 2018. With this company, which is a local travel company, it is possible to travel to the cities of Amasya, Sivas and Tokat. Kahramanmaraş Mehteroğlu Tourism has made it a mission to meet the expectations of its passengers. This company, which has made a name for itself in the travel industry, strives to provide a quality and comfortable service. As a vision, the company has determined to be the leader in its sector. The company strives to reach a level that will set the standards in its sector. Within the framework of both the mission and vision of the company, customer satisfaction has been put in the first place.

Kahramanmaraş Mehteroğlu Tourism Company Information

Kahramanmaraş Mehteroğlu Tourism started to serve in 2018. Founded in Kahramanmaraş, this company was established by the partnership of Halil İbrahim Artır and Tayfun Gök. The company was established in Kahramanmaraş and set out to be the best in its region.

It is possible to travel to the cities on the route of Sivas Tokat and Amasya with Kahramanmaraş Mehteroğlu Turizm company.

• Title: Kahramanmaraş Mehteroğlu Tourism

• Address: ŞAZİBEY MAH Gazi Mustafa Kemal Bulvarı 46100 Onikisubat/Kahramanmaraş

• Telephone: (0344) 235 00 17

• (0344) 235 06 05

• 0505 004 00 43

• Website: https://kahramanmarasmehterogluturizm.business.site/

Kahramanmaraş Mehteroğlu Tourism Vehicle Features

You can go on a comfortable journey by buying a Kahramanmaraş Mehteroğlu tourism bus ticket. The company has 11 buses in its fleet. The average age of the buses in the fleet is 3 and all buses are highly technological. There are televisions, USB ports and wifi service in the vehicles. Thanks to these features in the vehicle, all journeys become more enjoyable. This company, which has been in the sector for many years, provides service with its expert staff. With its friendly staff, service is provided to ensure customer satisfaction. The company's bus ticket can be bought online or from the company's box office.

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