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Lüks Yonca Seyahat

Luxury Yonca Travel

You can go on a comfortable journey by buying a luxury Yonca Travel bus ticket. The firm was established in 1988 in Tekirdag. Founded by Kemal Yavuz, the company started to organize both domestic and domestic flights.

About Luxury Yonca Travel

Luxury Yonca Travel has been serving since 1988. The company organizes flights to Istanbul and some cities of Bulgaria and Serbia. It is also possible to travel with the company from Çorlu to some cities in Bulgaria and Serbia. While the company organizes flights to Serbia and Bulgaria abroad, it also organizes flights to many destinations in the country. With Luxury Yonca Travel, it is possible to travel to cities such as Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Denizli.

Luxury Yonca Travel Company Tag

• Title: Luxury Yonca Travel

• Address: Terazidere, Bus Station Connection Road 139-140, 34035 Bayrampaşa/Istanbul

• Telephone: 0 545 792 3002

• Website: https://www.luksyonca.com/

Luxury Yonca Travel Vehicle Features

Luxury Yonca Travel organizes both domestic and international flights. For this reason, there are many buses and services in the fleet of the company. The buses in the company's fleet are used for international flights. The shuttles in the company's fleet are used for domestic trips.

The buses in the Luxury Yonca Travel fleet have widely spaced seats. Thanks to these seats, it is possible to make a comfortable journey. During the journey, free internet connection and TV screens in the bus are available to customers. There are also USB ports on buses. The company has placed safety first in both domestic and international travels. For this reason, all employees of the company are experienced people in their field. Having set out with the principle of customer satisfaction and trust, Luxury Yonca Travel has adopted a quality service policy.

By purchasing a Luxury Yonca Travel bus ticket, you can travel to cities abroad such as Bulgaria and Serbia. Bus tickets of the company can be easily obtained from the internet or from the branches of the company.

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