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Süzer Seyahat organizes expeditions from the Eastern Black Sea Region to both the Marmara Region and the Central Anatolia Region. There are many expeditions departing from the districts located in the coastal part of Trabzon from the center of Trabzon. In addition, daily flights to Ankara route are carried out at the times determined by the company.

Suzer Travel Bus Ticket

Süzer Seyahat sells bus tickets through its offices in many cities and towns. In addition, people can purchase Süzer Seyahat bus tickets over the internet. In order to complete the ticket cancellation and refund processes, the passengers must apply to the offices and the website where they purchased the ticket.

About Suzer Travel

Süzer Seyahat has a fleet of 8 buses. The company prefers Travego 15 and Travego 17 model vehicles in all its flights. Thanks to all Mercedes Benz branded buses, it is possible to carry out both safe and comfortable transportation. In addition to its 8 buses, the company also uses its own service vehicles. As a company focused entirely on customer satisfaction, Süzer Seyahat never fails to follow current developments closely. In this context, it allows all passengers to reach the desired point in a completely safe and comfortable way.

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Süzer Seyahat has been providing services since 1950. The fact that it went through a renewal process in 2000 enabled the company to continue its services at a higher level.

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The first priority of Süzer Travel company has always been the safety of life and property of passengers, but it is also important to ensure that the travel processes are efficient. The vehicles of Süzer Seyahat have Wi-Fi services. In addition, the well-equipped vehicles, which also have features such as TV and radio, ensure that passengers can have a pleasant journey. In-vehicle food and beverage offerings continue throughout the journey.

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