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Thanks to Florence flight ticket deals, the city of Florence you can visit offers a perfect holiday experience. Florence, the capital of Tuscany, is famous for its vineyards located in Northern Italy. The population of the city, which was established around the Arno River, is approximately 400,000 and is one of the important historical cities in Italy.

The city, which became more important after the collapse of the Roman Empire, was one of the powerful and impressive city-states in the Italian peninsula. During the Middle Tea period, when it was under Medici rule, the city, which had very important actions in trade, moved away from the rest of the world as the fields of art and thought developed. World-renowned artists, scientists, thinkers such as Donatello and Dante lived here. Thanks to this wealth, the city of Florence hosted the Renaissance, which changed the course of the world. Florentine luminaries, artists and scientists supported by the Medici changed the fate of Florence, Europe and the world.

When to go to Florence?

Spring is the best time to go to Florence. Spring months are the best time of the year to escape the summer heat and tourist crowds and it will be possible to make your trip in the most ideal way. Many festivals and special day celebrations in Florence are generally held in the spring. For this reason, you should choose these months to avoid the crowds and have a comfortable holiday.

Florence's climate is milder compared to other European countries. The average temperature in December, February and March is 10 degrees Celsius. In the spring, there is an increase in temperature. The average temperature in March, April and May is 27 degrees Celsius. For this reason, many tourists prefer to come here in the spring. Although the weather is not at a sweltering temperature level, the temperature values ​​rise considerably in June, July and August. The average temperature during this period is 31 degrees Celsius. September, October and November are also suitable for tourism. The average temperature in these months is 25 degrees Celsius.

You can come to Florence in spring or other periods by examining the flight ticket options to Florence.

Where to Stay in Florence?

There are many alternatives for those who are considering visiting the city of Florence. The hotels you can stay in Florence are close to the sightseeing places. You can choose among the hotel options you can stay in Florence according to your budget, tastes and wishes and have an ideal holiday period.

Places to Visit in Florence

Florence, one of the cities that best reflects the Renaissance, has many historical and cultural buildings. You can check out Italy flight ticket deals to come to this city where you can freely visit different structures. You can have unforgettable memories in the city and take photos that you can keep for a lifetime.

Florence Cathedral

Florence Cathedral is not only one of the symbols of the city, but also one of the world-famous structures bearing the name of Santa Maria del Fiore. The ruins of this cathedral were built using the Gothic architectural style on top of the Santa Reparata Church, which can be seen from underground. This magnificent cathedral is one of the most impressive monuments in Florence, due to its rather large dome designed by Flippo Brunelleschi.

Basilica of Santa Maria Novella

Built by the Dominicans in the 13th century, the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella was later restored. This magnificent structure is the most important religious landmark in the city. It is also called the Dominican Church. The Monastery Complex was built in the 7th century between 1279 and 1357 and is located outside the medieval walls of Florence. It is located next to a church with hundreds of years of history. The cathedral, which has an impressive architectural structure, has details such as Masaccio's Trilogy and Uccello's Green Porch. Santa Maria Novella Basilica may not be at the top of the places you should see in Florence, but you should know that it is a place you should definitely go. It is recommended that you visit this important building with a Gothic style. You can visit this building thanks to the Italy flight ticket options.

San Miniato al Monte

When viewed from San Miniato al Monte, located on the Arno River, its appearance resembles the Florence Cathedral. Green, black and white marbles have an alternating appearance in geometric patterns. The construction of the Romanesque church was not completed until funding from the Wool Importers' Guild. Near the church is a chapel-like structure dating from the 4th century. The Guild provided the financing for the interior of the church. Byzantine mosaics in the apse are the striking aspect of the building. Looking at the floor of the nave, you can see the impressive marble mosaics depicting the bastions and animals.

San Lorenzo Basilica

The Basilica of San Lorenzo, built in the 15th century with the finance provided by the Medicis, one of the most important families of the period, is one of the most important religious monuments in Florence. It is said that this cathedral was consecrated by St. Ambrose on Easter Day in AD 393. The unfinished facade of the cathedral is famous. The most important part of the cathedral is the Medici Chapel. Although there are not as many famous tombs in the courtyard as in Santa Croce, the cathedral is important because it was used as a resting place for the Medici family. In the Medici Chapels, located behind the church, there is a portico leading to the church itself to the famous Laurentian Library, designed by Michelangelo.

Giotto's Bell Tower

To get to the terrace of Giotto's Campanile, which is right next to the Florence Duomo, the construction of the structure, whose peak is 84.7 m, started in 1336, you have to climb 414 steps. The tower, which has a Gothic style, was named after the artist to whom Giotto dedicated the bell tower. Andrea Pisano and Andrea Talenti are two names who made very important contributions to the construction of the tower. Sixteen life-size sculptures are one of the striking features of the pagoda.

Forte di Belvedere

Located in the Boboli Gardens, Belvedere Castle was built to defend the city south of the Arno River and is the second largest castle in Florence. You can get the chance to see the most perfect view of Florence from here.

The Belvedere Palace was built to connect Palazzo Vecchio to the Pitti Palace with several porticoes, bridges and gardens and opened to visitors in 2013. It is also a very important exhibition space for contemporary artists.

Oblate Library

The history of the Oblate Library, one of the must-see places in Florence, dates back to ancient times. The original building, which was used as a monastery in the past, is now used as a public library open to visitors. Founded in 1228, the monastery was used as a charitable institution for the sick and the needy. Visitors to this library have the chance to feel the history of Florence closely and learn interesting information about Florence.

Vecchio Palace

One of the must-see places in Florence is the Vecchio Palace. Located in Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio is one of the largest palaces in the city. The Executive Council of the Republic of Florence used this building in the construction of Palazzo Vecchio, one of the most important historical buildings in Florence. It was later used by the Medici family as an administrative center and since 1872 as a city palace. A part of the building, which is still used as a city palace today, is a museum with valuable works. For this reason, many domestic and foreign tourists come here at different times of the year.

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