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People who buy a flight ticket to Bali have the chance to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world. Bali is the largest island in Indonesia and millions of people visit this island for sightseeing purposes every year. People visiting Bali can enjoy the sea and the sun here.

Information about Bali, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who reach the island by purchasing a Bali flight ticket should know that the island is hot throughout the year. In addition to the temperature, the humidity level of the island is also quite high. For this reason, it is recommended that your trip to Bali coincide with a time when the weather is cooler. The island reaches serious temperatures, especially in the summer months. For this reason, it would be beneficial not to bring the Bali trip to the summer months. Bali is also quite rainy at some times of the year. For this reason, people visiting the island must choose between the rainy season or the hot season. The months of April and May, when there is less rainfall, are the months when the island is visited the most.

People who buy Bali flight tickets may wonder how many days they should stay in Bali. People visiting the island need a period of 10 days to fully explore the island. People planning a 10-day trip can enjoy the natural beauties and impressive beaches on the island.

There are many places to visit and see if you visit the island after purchasing a Bali flight ticket. Seminyak is an area preferred by many people during their Bali trip. This area has become a favorite especially for people who want to do sea sports and are interested in surfing. Those who do not want to do water sports during their trip to Seminyak can relax on the beach and have the chance to taste local delicacies.

People who travel to Bali should definitely visit the cape called Uluwatu. Located in the southernmost part of the island, this cape will be the favorite of those who want to both surf and sunbathe on the beach. It is recommended that people who visit this cape, which also hosts impressive natural views, spend at least one day here. After visiting Uluwatu, the place called Ubud should definitely be visited. Ubud is one of the most lively spots in Bali and it is possible to do many activities here. People who visit here can take nature walks or take photos of natural views. While visiting Ubud, it is also possible to shop from local shops and visit buildings belonging to different religions. People who want to participate in a more interesting activity during their trip to Ubud can visit the rice fields here.

People who visit Bali should definitely visit Canggu, which has become a popular place in recent times. Canggu is the rising star of Bali in recent times and has become the favorite of people who want to witness natural views. People who visit here can take beautiful photographs and also have the chance to eat local dishes. It is especially recommended for people who want to see interesting cafes to visit this place and have a pleasant time with their friends.

Padang Padang Beach is one of the must-see routes of your Bali trip. This area attracted attention with its white sandy beach and has become a favorite of people who love nature sports. This beach, which is home to beautiful white beaches, has also managed to attract attention with its deep blue sea. During their visit to Padang Padang Beach, tourists can swim here and sunbathe on the beach. Trex Island is among the most popular tourist spots in Bali. The reason why the island got the name Trex is that its bird's eye view resembles a t-rex head. People who visit Trex island can witness the most beautiful view of Bali. People who witness beautiful landscapes also have the chance to take impressive nature photographs. After visiting the island, tourists can reach a point where they can swim in the sea after walking a little.

It is also necessary to taste local delicacies during your trip to Bali. Satay, Babi Guling and Betutu can be eaten during a trip to Bali. Betutu is a dish obtained after cooking poultry meat for 12 hours. For this reason, people who want to eat this meal in Bali must make a reservation at the restaurant at least one day in advance. Foods such as rice and pilaf are also frequently encountered during a trip to Bali.

How to Get to the Airport?

Denpasar Airport is the airport where you can buy flight tickets during your trip to Bali. Denpasar Airport is located very close to the city center. For this reason, people who want to reach the airport from the city center have many alternatives. The first method that can be preferred to reach the airport is transfer vehicles. Passengers can be picked up from their location and transported to the airport with transfer vehicles determined by the companies from which the flight ticket was purchased. In addition to transfer vehicles, people who want to reach the airport can also choose taxis and public transportation. You can reach the airport both safely and comfortably by taxi. People who want to reach the airport by public transportation can choose buses or minibuses.

Transportation to Bali

People who want to reach Bali from Turkey wonder whether they can buy a flight ticket. There are direct flights between Türkiye and Bali. For flights to the city, you must purchase a flight ticket from Istanbul Airport. People who want to reach Bali with a flight ticket purchased from Istanbul Airport must take a 13-hour flight. While it is possible to reach the city after a 13-hour journey with direct flights, the flight time can extend up to 17 or even 20 hours with connecting flights.

Airlines with Flights to Bali

• Turkish Airlines

• Qatar Airways

• Emirates

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Are there direct flights from Turkey to Bali?

There are direct flights between Istanbul and Bali. In addition to direct flights, it is also possible to reach Bali with connecting flights.

What Activities Can Be Performed in Bali?

Bali, Indonesia's largest island, can be shown as the capital of entertainment. People who visit this island can do many water sports, especially surfing. It is also possible to swim in the sea, stay on the beach and visit the important temples of the island during the trip.

How to Provide Urban Transportation in Bali?

Bali is an island that hosts millions of people annually. For this reason, there are many alternatives for transportation within the island. People who want to travel around the island can choose minibuses, buses, taxis and transfer vehicles.

When to Go to Bali?

Bali is a crowded island at all times of the year. People who want to visit this island can choose between two seasons: the rainy season and the hot season. The period called the hot season covers the summer months, while the rainy season covers the autumn and spring months. For this reason, it is recommended that people who want to visit the island do their trip in April, May and September-October.

Where to Stay in Bali?

People visiting the island may prefer to stay in hotels. Since Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, it hosts many 4-star and 5-star hotels. People visiting the island can make their trips more comfortable and enjoy the beaches of the hotels by staying in these hotels.

Does Bali Require a Visa?

Bali was an island that did not require a visa from people who previously had a Turkish passport. Following the latest regulations, citizens of the Republic of Turkey are required to have a visa at the door. After paying the fees for the gate visa, people can obtain a 30-day visa.

How Many Days Can Bali Be Visited?

Bali is the largest island in Indonesia and therefore a large period of time is needed to visit the island. It is recommended that people who want to visit the island and spend time productively plan a trip of at least 10 days.

Can You Do Yoga in Bali?

One of the concepts that comes to mind when Bali is mentioned is yoga. People visiting the island can find many hotels where they can practice yoga. People staying in hotels can make their Bali trip more mystical by attending yoga classes.

Is Bali Expensive?

People visiting the island may wonder what the prices are like. Bali is quite affordable compared to a tourist island.

Where to Visit in Bali?

Seminyak, Uluwatu, Nusa Penida and Ubud are among the important tourist spots to visit.

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