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Buy a Brussels Flight Ticket and fly to experience a beautiful trip in the capital of Belgium. Brussels, one of the cities separated from the Netherlands after the independence of Belgium, which was once a land belonging to the Netherlands, was turned into a settlement as a result of the drying of the swamp at the intersection of the Charleoi and Willwbroek canals connected to the Senne River for several centuries. For this reason, the name of the city means 'settlement in the swamp'. Official buildings of the EU Commission and the EU Council of Ministers are also located in Brussels. The building located in Strasbourg and Brussels is used as the European Parliament building. Brussels, which hosts the world's largest bureaucratic institutions, is, in a way, a very bureaucratic city. Since it is a land built on a swamp, it changes the serious atmosphere of the city with its green and impressive nature. It is possible to observe a lot of precipitation in the autumn and spring months in the city where the oceanic climate prevails. In winter, precipitation is replaced by snow. The ideal time for those who want to have a truly touristic trip and visit the locations easily in Brussels, where people who want to have a quiet holiday or accompany Christmas time like to go in the winter months, is between March and May.

How to Get to Brussels Airport?

By purchasing a Brussels flight ticket, you can fly directly to Brussels Airport and Brussels – Charleroi Airport. You can easily reach the city center from the airport, which is approximately 46 kilometers away, by using train and bus lines. Trains depart at 15-minute intervals, allowing you to reach the city center in 25 minutes. If you prefer bus, you can reach the city center in maximum 30 minutes. If you wish, you can also consider taxi or private car rental options.

Transportation to Brussels

If you travel to Brussels from European cities, you can easily reach Brussels using road and railway networks. However, if you travel from longer distance countries, the most reliable and fastest way of transportation is air.

Airlines with Flights to Brussels

• Turkish Airlines

• Pegasus Airlines


• Ukraine International Airlines

• SunExpress Airlines

• LOT Polish Airlines

• Serbia Airlines

What are the places to visit in Brussels?

In Brussels, in addition to seeing important buildings, you can also attend many festivals held throughout the year. The most iconic structure of the city and the first thing you should see should be Manneken Pis. This 60-centimeter statue of a urinating child, located at the top of the square from which all the streets of the city lead, is considered the symbol of the city. You can visit Maison du Roi to see the collection of 600 pieces of clothing belonging to this peeing child statue, which is periodically dressed in costumes. Grand Place, another symbolic location of the city, is another place you should see. In this area, built on a very large land, is the Hotel de Ville, dating back to the 15th century. In addition to its magnificence with its 96-meter bell tower, it gains a colorful appearance with the Flower Carpet Festival held every year in August. Grand Place, which is protected as a world heritage by UNESCO, should be among the places you should see.

Another interesting destination is Atomium, where you can watch the entire city view through round glasses designed inspired by the idea of magnifying the microscopic image of the atom 165 million times.

Mini Europe, which hosts miniature versions of 350 buildings from 80 different European cities, is another tourist destination that receives the most visitors.

Brussels is also home to one of the most niche visiting locations for comic book lovers. The Center Belge de la Bende Dessinée exhibits hundreds of comics, including original issues of Ten Ten, in the museum. For those interested, spending time in this museum can be a dizzying experience.

If you are one of those who like to visit the historical and important buildings of the country during travels, do not miss the opportunity to see the Brussels Royal Palace. You can spend a long time here with the palace and Musee Belvue, which has large gardens; You can find many beautiful backgrounds to take your classic travel photos. For those who like to see parks and green areas, the fascinating Cinquantenaire Park, which dates back to 1180, is one of the places we definitely recommend you to see.

Those who are interested in seeing local delicacies and their production areas during their travels can visit the Chocolate Museum, where they can access every detail about the making of famous Belgian chocolates.

What is the Currency of Brussels?

The currency of Belgium, a member of the European Union, and therefore of Brussels, is the Euro.

Is Brussels an Expensive Country?

Compared to other European countries, Brussels has less It can be said that it is an expensive city.

What are the Famous Dishes of Brussels?

25% of the population of Belgium, which received a lot of immigration in the 1960s and therefore has a mixed ethnicity, consists of immigrants. This diversity also affects Brussels Cuisine with seeds and ingredients from all over the world. This way, you can taste different flavors in Brussels. The existence of different ethnic cuisines may be useful for those who are looking for familiar tastes while traveling, because it is even possible to eat döner in this city. However, we recommend that you give it a chance to taste and experience the traditional dishes of the country. Let's talk about the most famous food, baked/fried potatoes, right from the beginning. You won't regret it if you give a chance to traditional dishes such as Carbonnade flamande, Waterzooi, Shrimp croquettes, Steak tartare, Rabbit meat with plums and Buğlama, which consists of ingredients such as chicken meat, potatoes, carrots, leeks, cream, butter and eggs.

Does Brussels Require a Visa?

In order to go to Brussels, the capital of Belgium, a member of the European Union, you need to apply for a Schengen visa.

What is the Official Language of Brussels?

The official languages of Brussels are Dutch and French.

What are the climate conditions of Brussels?

In Brussels, which has an oceanic climate, there is a lot of precipitation for long periods of the year. Especially in autumn and spring months, the most rainfall occurs. During the winter months, rain precipitation gives way to snowfall, as in half of the world. While summer months are more frequently preferred for travel, the most ideal travel months are between March and May, which can be preferred when the weather conditions are good and the city is not yet fully into the tourism season.

How Many Days Do It Take to Visit Brussels?

There are many visiting points in Brussels. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, you should spare 2 days for a calm and comfortable travel tour.

What is urban transportation like in Brussels?

Trains reach almost everywhere in Brussels, as in many cities in Europe. In addition, they can also benefit from public transportation opportunities such as buses and metro. It is very common to walk a lot in the city. For this reason, walking routes are also very convenient and you can reach most points by walking. Lines 1A, 1B and 2 of the metro networks provide transportation to the most touristic spots.

What Souvenirs Can You Buy from Brussels?

Belgian chocolates, the symbol of the country, will be the best gift. In addition, you can also buy the famous lace of Brussels. You can also buy cartoons that will make your loved ones very happy, as well as indispensable magnets and mugs that come out of the bag every time you return from travel. 

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