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You can organize a nice holiday to Romania and have wonderful experiences by buying a flight ticket to Bucharest. Romania is a city known for having a rich culture and history. There are many issues related to the history of Romania as it has hosted many civilizations throughout history.

Information About Bucharest, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is known for welcoming thousands of tourists every year. This city attracts a lot of attention with its proximity to Bulgaria. After setting your holiday calendar for Bucharest, you need to decide which regions you will visit. Visiting the important points of Bucharest will also help you have a quality and productive holiday.

The Parliament Palace is one of the buildings you can visit when you come to Bucharest. It is possible to say that hundreds of architects worked diligently on this palace. The exterior architecture of the palace has extremely spectacular features. Not only has the entire architecture of the building been carefully designed, but the interior architecture of the building also has the same features. The building is a huge structure consisting of 12 floors and 1,100 rooms in total. When you come to Bucharest for holiday, you should definitely see the Parliament Palace. The Bucharest Triumphal Arch appears as an indicator of the independence of the Romanian city. This structure has a total length of 27 meters. You can make your holiday immortal by taking many photos in this region.

Another building you should add to your list might be Cotroceni Palace. This building, which was once the king's house, is now used as a museum. You can get information and ideas about the history of the period by visiting this impressive museum. At the same time, you can enrich your general culture this way. In the museum, the valuable belongings of the king and his family are exhibited with great care. You can visit this museum as you wish, on certain days of the week and at certain hours.

We can say that the Romanian National Museum of Art is a great place especially for people interested in art. This museum contains rare works of European and Romanian artists. It can also be said that this museum has very special exhibitions. You need to pay attention to certain time zones to enter and visit this museum. Stavropoleos Monastery attracts the attention of tourists with its rich architectural features. You can take many different photos and videos in this region.

Antipa Museum is a building also known as natural history. This building is a place that should definitely be visited by visitors. There are many fossils and frozen animals in the museum. At the same time, you should not be afraid if you come across mummies during your tour. Antipa Museum also houses the world's oldest dinosaur skeleton.

Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum offers a visual feast to its visitors. This village manages to amaze those who see it with its natural beauty. You can see many village houses reflecting Romanian traditions in this region. The Village Museum has extremely important features for you to understand and analyze the past history of Romania. If you wish, you can also take a look at the traditional village clothes sold in this museum.

Cismigui Gardens is a place you must see before leaving Bucharest. This park area manages to fascinate people with its unique natural beauty. This park, which has an extremely peaceful and calm atmosphere, attracts great attention from tourists. You can make your holiday more enjoyable by taking a boat tour on the lake in the park. At the same time, there is no harm in having a picnic in the park. You can witness all these beauties by completing the steps of purchasing a Bucharest flight ticket.

Bucharest manages to make a name for itself with its rich cuisine and delicious food. We can list the dishes you must eat in Lisbon as follows:

• Branza lui Voda

• Bucharest Sarmale

• Fasole cu Carnoti

• Joffre Cake

• Mititei

• Mamaliga


• Spiral

You can reach the peak of taste while tasting all the dishes and take the quality of your holiday to the next level.

How to Get to Bucharest Airport?

There are a total of 2 airports in Bucharest. One of them is known as Henri International Airport and the other is known as Baneasa International Airport. You can choose the airport you want to land at according to the region you are staying in and the flight ticket you will buy.

After using the Bucharest flight ticket option, you can start planning your flight. After a safe flight, you can settle into your hotel and enjoy your holiday. Depending on your preference, you can make your holiday more comfortable by renting a house daily or weekly. After landing at one of Bucharest airports, you can reach the center by many means of transportation. These transportation methods can be chosen such as metro, bus and tram. There may be some issues. You can make practical use of these transportation routes for a certain fee.

Bucharest Transportation

To reach Bucharest, you need to take a direct flight from Istanbul to Bucharest. If you do not live in Istanbul, you need to transfer to Istanbul from your current city. To get to Istanbul, you can choose options such as plane, bus or train. The direct journey to Bucharest takes approximately 1.5 hours. You can also take a bus to go from Istanbul to Bucharest. This journey option takes approximately 11 hours. Henri International Airport is more preferred by tourists. We can say that the reason for this is its proximity to the city center. You can go to Bucharest very easily using any route you wish and have a wonderful holiday experience.

Airlines with Flights to Bucharest

One of the most curious topics for tourists who want to go to Bucharest is which airline company to use. There are certainly airlines with direct flights to Bucharest. Airlines that fly to Bucharest can be listed as follows;

• Pegasus

• Turkish Airlines


You can choose any of these three companies and fly safely. As a result of your Bucharest flight ticket research, you can choose both your company and the details of your ticket. At this decision stage, you can decide the entire choice completely easily.

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Is It Expensive to Live in Bucharest?

Bucharest is known as an extremely affordable city, depending on its conditions.

What is Bucharest Religion?

The religion of the people of Bucharest is Orthodox Christian.

Is Bucharest Worth Visiting?

Bucharest is a city worth seeing with all its natural beauties and historical buildings.

What Language Is Spoken In Romania?

Romanian language is officially spoken in Romania.

In Which Month to Go to Romania?

It can be said that the best time for a Romanian holiday is summer and autumn.

How Many Days to Visit Bucharest?

Approximately 1 week will be enough to visit all the beauties of this beautiful city and learn its history.

Where Do Turks Live in Romania?

In Romania, Turks live in the region called Dobruja.

How is the Romanian Economy?

Romania is known as a city with a good economy and high income.

Which Currency is Used in Romania?

The currency called Romanian Leu is used in Romania.

What is the Fee for Obtaining Romanian Citizenship?

The fee to obtain Romanian citizenship is set at 40 euros.

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