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Thanks to the Erzincan flight ticket option, you can go to Erzincan in luxury and have wonderful moments with your loved ones. Precious and pleasant locations and buildings await you in this location, where you may arrive with a flight ticket to Erzincan.

Erzincan is surrounded by Giresun, Gümüşhane, and Bayburt in the north, Malatya, Elazığ, and Tunceli in the south, Bingöl and Erzurum in the east, and Sivas in the west. Erzincan, located in the Upper Euphrates region, has an area of 11,974 square kilometers. There are 223,000 people living here, according to the most recent population figures. This data shows that 129,000 people reside in cities and 94,000 live in rural regions. These territories, where the Urartians initially dwelt, are on the Silk Road. As a result, the territory drew the interest of the Media, Persians, Macedonians, and Romans. Muslims first arrived in the region in the 7th century. Erzincan passed in the hands of Arabs and Byzantines several times. After the Battle of Manzikert, the Turks established the Mengüçlü Principality in Erzincan. The Mongols entered Anatolia in 1228, while it was under the dominion of the Seljuks. Prior to the Seljuks, it was ruled by the Ilkhanids and subsequently by the city of Eretna. The principality of Erzincan was formed in 1379, taking advantage of the unrest in the region. Yldrm Bayezid, however, seized the city after 22 years.

When to go to Erzincan?

The climate in this city is continental. The geography of the ground surface reveals that the climate varies from region to region. Erzincan, surrounded by plains and mountains, has the most moderate temperature of any eastern province after Malaya and Elazig. Summers are hot and dry, while winters are chilly and wet. Between December and May, snowfall is most common. Winter in the city is harsh because of the Siberian cold air surge from the east. January is the coldest month in Erzincan, where the snow persists for a long period, with an average temperature of -3.7 degrees Celsius. The warmest month has an average temperature of 23.9 degrees Celsius. In August, the average temperature in the area is 16.6 degrees Celsius. Summer temperatures in the city are greater than in other locations. Spring is the rainiest season, with 39% of precipitation falling during this time. During the winter, you may visit Erzincan to enjoy winter sports and trek on Mount Ergün. It is also feasible to hold a barbecue here while admiring the snowy scenery. In the spring and summer, you may discover Erzincan's natural wonders. During this time, you may participate in adrenaline-pumping activities like trekking and rafting. Those who are curious about how many days it takes to visit Erzincan can have a great vacation here by paying attention to all of these aspects.

Places to Visit in Erzincan

People touring Erzincan for the first time may pick the Mama Hatun tomb and caravanserai in this city known for its historical wealth. This edifice, estimated to have been constructed in the 12th century, was created in honor of Saltuk Princess Mama Hatun and comprises baths, tombs, and a caravanserai. Mengüceks and lhanllar utilized Erzincan Castle, which is recorded in Evliya Çelebi's tour book. This edifice, also known as Kema Castle, was devastated in the Erzincan earthquake of 1939, and only a portion of it has survived to this day. Another must-see is the Abrenk Church. The 1854 structure is one of Anatolia's most significant Armenian monasteries. Apart from these locations, there are several more sites to see in the city that you may visit due to the Yldrm Akbulut airport flight ticket chance. As a result, those inquiring how many days to stay in Erzincan to see the locations to visit should know that they need stay at least three days.

Mama Hatun Caravanserai

The caravanserai inside this site, named Mama Hatun, is one of Erzincan's most notable historic buildings. The edifice, which dates from the 12th century, has been repaired multiple times throughout its history. The caravanserai, located close to Mama Hatun's grave in Erzincan's Telkan area, was established in 1191 in the name of Princess Saltuk. The carved stonework is the highlight of this location, which should be on any Erzincan vacation itinerary. There is an inn, a Turkish bath, and a mosque in addition to the dome with the same name as the caravanserai. It is a cubic construction with an east-west orientation. According to the inscription on the dome, this structure was erected by an architect named Ahlatl Ebü'n Nema. The edifice, which is thought to have been constructed in the 16th century, has a massive 51x51 square layout. The structure, which was used as a mosque, was destroyed during World War I. In its stead, a house of worship was later constructed. Because of the Yldrm Akbulut airport flight ticket chance, you may include this location in your vacation plans.

Kemah Castle

Kemah Castle, located on a high cliff, is assumed to have been erected during the Hittite Urartu era. This natural stone structure is unique in the Eastern Anatolia region. The 80-meter-long building is built on rocks. It has a total surface area of 8000 square meters. Evliya Çelebi also discusses this one-of-a-kind creation. According to him, it is a one-of-a-kind building in the region, with three gates and a critical role in the region's defense. During the 2009 investigations, the remnants of objects such as the Bey Mosque, one of the most significant advances in Erzincan's history, were discovered. Among the notable remains are 12th-century pottery and manuscripts, as well as the Koran from the 16th century. Kemah Castle is one of Erzincan's oldest historical sites. The castle ruins shed light on Erzincan's past. As a result, this location must be visited in order to discuss the city's historical architecture.

Kemaliye Ocak Ali Gürer Museum

The Kemaliye Ocak Ali Gürer Museum, which emphasizes intriguing details from the must-see attractions in Erzincan, welcomes numerous tourists each year and provides guests with an unforgettable experience. In 1996, this museum was designated as a 'Private Museum.' It is significant since it is Erzincan's sole private museum. It is one of the sites that should be used as a model for museology in many themes such as exhibition, cleaning, and categorization of works. This museum, which allows visitors to observe the ethnographic value of the museum, where artifacts contributed by villagers and other residents living in the region are shown, provides extremely useful information about Erzincan's past.

Girlevik Waterfall

Girlevik Village is one of Erzincan's most lovely villages. Girlevik Waterfall, named after the settlement, lies 35 kilometers from the city center. During the summer, locals prefer this destination to cool down and enjoy a picnic. It's fun to spend time at the waterfall and take a nature walk around it, viewing the native vegetation. Its oxygen-rich air gives a refreshing summer mood, and the breathtaking vista is breathtaking. Make certain that you cannot leave your camera behind. Many local and foreign tourists are affected by the water flowing from numerous branches on the third level from a height of 30 meters. The waterfall and its surroundings, where bright flowers blossom in the spring, are beautiful at any time of year. Girlevik Falls freezes throughout the winter owing to temperatures below freezing. Girlevik features beautiful icicles, even when they are frozen. You should absolutely include this important location, which is one of the must-see attractions in Erzincan, in your itinerary and go visit it for yourself.

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