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Kuwait Airways

With a Kuwait Airways flight ticket, you can reach many destinations in the world safely and comfortably. This company, which is the national airline company of Kuwait, has become the airline company carrying the highest number of passengers in Kuwait thanks to its domestic and international flights. Thanks to the plane tickets purchased from the company, flights to Asia, Europe, the Middle East and America can be made.

About Kuwait Airways

You can travel with Kuwait's national airline with the Kuwait Airways flight ticket purchase process. The main hub of this airline, which serves as a force based, is also located at the force international airport. With this company, which has been in service since 1953, it is possible to fly to many destinations in the world. The company has 27 planes and thanks to these planes, flights are carried out to 46 countries. When the company has been in the air transport sector for many years, it is an airline company that is both reliable and has a high level of customer satisfaction. Thanks to the tickets bought from the company, you can go on a pleasant and comfortable journey.

Which destinations are operated by the company?

Thanks to the plane tickets bought from the company, it is possible to fly to 46 countries. Thanks to the plane tickets bought from Kuwait Airways, it is possible to fly directly to points such as Tehran Beirut Amman Cairo Alexandria Mecca Jeddah Taif Dubai Abu Dhabi. In addition, thanks to the plane tickets purchased from the company, you can fly directly or indirectly to many cities such as Milan New York Mumbai Kuala Lumpur and Kathmandu.

Does Kuwait Airways charge an extra fee during seat selection?

Kuwait Airways is a company whose seat selection is made through its website. Passengers can choose their seats during online check-in. However, during the seat selection, passengers have to pay a fee depending on the flight distance and the seats they have chosen. It is not possible for non-paying passengers to choose a seat and therefore fly with the company.

What can passengers who exceed the baggage allowance offered to passengers by the company do?

Kuwait Airways offers various baggage allowances to its passengers who buy flight tickets to be used in the cabin and in the cargo area. Depending on the class of the flight ticket, passengers may have a baggage allowance of between 46 kilograms and 96 kilograms. In addition to the luggage to be carried in the cargo area, 10 kilograms of hand luggage can be carried in the cabin. Passengers with baggage above the baggage allowance determined by the company must pay a certain fee for each kilogram at the airport. Extra baggage allowance can be obtained from the airport or from the company's website. Passengers can increase the kilogram of their baggage allowance thanks to the extra fees they have paid.

From which airports does Kuwait Airways operate flights in Turkey?

Kuwait Airways Company operates direct flights from Istanbul Airport to many destinations in the world. Another airport where the company's flights operate is Trabzon Airport. Thanks to the planes departing from Trabzon Airport, it is possible to reach the destinations where the company flies without any transfer.

Which cities can be flown from Turkey with the plane tickets bought from the company?

During the Kuwait Airways flight ticket purchase process, passengers wonder which cities they can fly to from Turkey. Thanks to the plane tickets purchased by the company, direct and connecting flights can be made from Istanbul. With direct connecting flights, you can fly to many cities from Istanbul to Bangkok Mumbai Dubai Delhi New York and Kuala Lumpur.

How are the refreshments offered by the company determined during the flight?

Kuwait Airways company offers various treats during the journey. However, these treats, which will be offered to passengers free of charge, vary depending on the flight distance. Depending on the flight distance, hot or cold meals can be served free of charge to passengers. On short-haul flights, snacks and tea are served to passengers. An extra fee may be charged for tasting alcoholic beverages and local dishes on flights operated within the company. If the passengers cannot consume the meals in the menu, they can request a special menu by contacting the company two days before the flight takes place.

The special menu will be prepared as a menu with special foods that will be requested by people who are allergic to any food or who cannot consume certain foods for religious reasons. Passengers can consume foods suitable for both their health and religious beliefs from this special menu.

About Kuwait Airways
Head Office:Kuwait
Year of foundation:1953
Airplane Count:27
Flying Point Count:-
Flying Country Count:46
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