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By purchasing a Minsk flight ticket, you can explore one of the cutest cities in the world. This city, which is the capital of Belarus, is on the radar of millions of tourists every year. By visiting the city, you can have the chance to explore the historical buildings in the city.

Information About Minsk, Places To Visit, What To Eat?

With the purchase of a Minsk flight ticket, you can travel to the capital of Belarus. This city remained under the domination of the Soviets for many years. Since it was as difficult as possible to visit the city while under the domination of the Soviets, the city managed to attract the attention of the world with the introduction of visa liberalization. Since people visiting the city do not encounter visa problems, they come to Minsk from different parts of the world to explore the city.

This city, which was damaged during the World War II, managed to recover itself and made its name among the capitals to be seen in the world with its restored buildings. When the city was devastated in World War II, the Belarusians started restoration works and adding wide boulevards to the city in order to rebuild the city. Thanks to these works, the number of places to visit and see in the city has increased. In addition, many squares where local people can spend time are presented to the residents of the city. Minsk Trinity Suburb is the first point to be seen during your trip to Minsk. Located on the riverbank, this area attracts attention with its historical houses and interesting pavements.

Since this region was not damaged much in the World War II, it has managed to preserve its structure until today, and has thus managed to win the admiration of those who visit the city with its impressive architecture. Minsk Trinity Suburb will be the best route, especially for those who want to taste city-specific delicacies. Minsk Island of Tears is another important structure that should be seen by those who visit the city. This Building was built to symbolize the soldiers who went to the Afghanistan War and the women who watched the soldiers' path. Dedicated to those who sent their wives and children to the military, these statues draw attention with their sad facial expressions. Gorky Park is the park that people who want to visit the city should visit in order to see the ruins of the Cold War period. There are ducks swimming in many lakes and ponds in the park.

By visiting this park, which was opened for public use in the 1800s, you can both have a pleasant time on the Ferris wheel in the Park and relieve the tiredness of the trip by resting in the park. Janki Kupala Park is another beautiful park that visitors to the city should see. There are many statues and a museum in the park. By visiting this difference, you can examine the interesting sculptures in the park and visit the museum located in the park. Minsk independence street is another important street that people who want to visit the city should see. By visiting this street, it is possible to see houses with interesting architecture and have a pleasant time with the local people. People who visit the city should definitely taste the local delicacies. People visiting the city can taste Pelmeni, Burrito and city-specific soups.

How to Get to the Airport?

You can travel to one of the cutest capitals of the world by purchasing a Minsk flight ticket. People who buy a plane ticket to reach the city land in Minsk national Airport, which is 42 kilometers east of the city. Minsk National Airport attracts attention as it is the international airport of Belarus. To reach this airport, located 42 kilometers east of the city, they can benefit from the buses operating within the city. You can travel between the Airport and the city center in a short time by bus. In addition to buses, subways and taxis are the means of transportation preferred by people who want to travel between the airport and the city center.

Transportation to Minsk

It is possible to fly to the capital of Belarus from Turkey in a short time by purchasing a Minsk flight ticket. Since Minsk does not require a visa from the citizens of the Republic of Turkey, the number of Turkish citizens visiting the city is also quite high. Thanks to the purchased flight tickets, it is possible to fly from Istanbul to Minsk in a pleasant and comfortable way in a short time. People arriving in the city can choose buses, subways and taxis to travel around the city. Since the city has a small surface area, it is possible to explore the historical and natural beauties on foot.

Airlines with Flights to Minsk

• Turkish Airlines

• Aeroflot

• AirBaltic

• Turkmenistan Airlines

Where to Stay in the City?

People visiting Minsk wonder where to stay in the city. Minsk is a small city and may not be called a touristic area because it does not receive tourists at all times of the year. The city is a tourist area Since there is no e, there are not many options for accommodation. People visiting the city can stay in hotels in the city.

What is the Official Currency Used in the City?

The official currency of the city is the Belarusian ruble. In addition to Belarusian rubles, it is also possible to shop in the city with euros and dollars.

Does Minsk Require a Visa from Turkish Citizens?

Minsk does not require a visa from Turkish citizens. For this reason, the city is visited by Turkish citizens throughout most of the year. Thanks to the agreements made between Belarus and the Republic of Turkey, Turkish citizens have the opportunity to enter the country without a visa. When you reach the airport, your passport is checked and your travel insurance is checked and you are allowed to enter the country.

Is It Possible to Enter the City Without Health Insurance?

Among the points to consider during a Minsk trip is that health insurance is required to visit the city. According to the rules set by Belarus, tourists coming to the country must have health insurance. Since health services are completely free for citizens of the country, health insurance is requested from foreigners who will visit the city. For this reason, people who do not have health insurance may not be allowed into the country at the airport.

How to Get Health Insurance?

People who want to visit Minsk must have health insurance to enter Belarus. The health insurance purchased must comply with the criteria determined by Belarus. The easiest way to get health insurance that meets Belarus criteria is from the ticket offices at the airport. If you land at the airport, you can get health insurance in a short time from the counters that say compulsory health insurance. Health insurance is provided depending on how many days you will stay in the country and passengers must pay a certain fee accordingly.

How Can Turkish Citizens Visit the City?

Turkish citizens are recommended to choose direct flights from Istanbul to visit the city. If you follow the airlines that fly to Minsk, it is possible to visit one of the cutest capitals of the world in a short time by purchasing affordable flight tickets. You can also land at another nearby airport to visit the city, and reach the city in a short time with the train ticket you purchased from this airport.

Is the Airport Close to the City Center?

The airport is located 42 kilometers east of the city center. It is possible to reach the city center from the airport in 40 to 45 minutes by using buses, metro or taxis.

Which Vehicles Can Be Preferred for Urban Transportation?

Since Minsk is not a very big city, subways and buses are generally preferred for urban transportation. Metros are the most preferred public transportation means because they reach many points of the city and are affordable. Thanks to the tokens purchased at the entrance of the subways, you can set out to explore the many historical and natural beauties of the city. In addition to the metro, you can also choose taxis and rental cars during your trip. Since Minsk is a small city, you can also choose to walk to discover the historical and natural beauties in the city.

What are the must-see attractions for people visiting the city?

People who visit the city should definitely discover the historical and natural beauties of the city. Especially Gorky Park and Janki Kupala Park located in the city are the first points that should be visited by people who want to explore the natural beauties of the city.

Where to Choose for Shopping?

Minsk is an affordable city. People who visit the poem may have the chance to shop at shopping malls or local boutiques in the city. In particular, Galileo shopping center can be described as the shopping center that people visiting the city should definitely visit to buy souvenirs or clothes.

Flight Information to Minsk

Destination Airport: Minsk National Airport

Destination Airport IATA Code: Minsk National Airport MSQ

Destination City Name: Minsk

Airlines Serving: Turkish Airlines

• Lufthansa

• Air Baltic

Popular Airline: Turkish Airlines

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