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New York, where you can come by taking advantage of the New York flight ticket facilities, was named New Amsterdam by the Dutch in 1615. The name of the city was changed to New York in 1664 as it moved to Great Britain. It is the most populous city in the United States. Times Square and many other world beauties are found here.

When to Go to New York?

New York generally has a temperate climate. December and January are the coldest months. The temperature can drop down to -3. July and August are the hottest months and the temperature can go up to 29 degrees. Those who want to visit New York can choose the spring and summer months.
You can come here at the end of December and participate in wonderful New Year's events. You can celebrate New Year's Eve in Times Square. For all and more, you should follow the New York flight ticket campaigns.

New York Food and Drink

The cultural richness of New York is also reflected in the food. There are restaurants of Asian, African, Middle Eastern, and European cuisine. Vendors offering street delicacies are also very popular. You can taste a street food in almost every street.

Where to Stay in New York?

There are many accommodation options in New York, such as hotels and hostels. These options appeal to all ages and all walks of life. In this way, anyone can explore this magnificent city.

Shopping in New York

Shopping in New York is quite enjoyable. There are many stores where local clothes of different brands and cultures are sold. There are many shops in the narrow streets. Almost every product in this city is very affordable. The opposite can be said for electronic devices and products.
To buy electronics, we recommend that you shop at one of the large electronics chain stores, not your local stores.
New York is also the capital of the US clothing fashion. You can reach the latest fashion clothes. 21st Century Mall is one of the places where you can enjoy shopping in the city. Art products are available in Soho for art lovers.

Statue of Liberty

When you think of New York, you think of the Statue of Liberty, holding a torch in one hand and a text in the other, and a 7-cornered crown on its head. This statue, which symbolizes the freedom of not only New York but all countries, has a spiritual value.
It was gifted to the USA by France in honor of the 100th anniversary of its independence in 1886 and is located on Liberty Island.
You can see a small version of the statue in France. This 6 m high statue has a watchtower that offers a wonderful experience to New York visitors.
To reach here, it is necessary to climb 168 steps. However, the view of New York Harbor, which welcomes you on the hill, is excellent.
There is also a museum here. You can visit this place and enjoy the view by examining the flight ticket deals to America.


Ellis Island

Located opposite the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island is as famous as the statue. Those who come here from abroad describe it as the 'symbol of the American dream.
According to the story of Ellis Island, people who came to the USA between 1892 and 1954 in the hope of starting a new life immigrated here. The two islands here are visited by ferry.
To visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, you can take a look at the USA flight ticket campaigns. We also recommend visiting the Immigration Museum on Ellis Island. Here you can visit the places where the immigrants are and there is an exhibition about immigration.

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge, which is the scene of legends and movies, is among the must-see structures in New York. The bridge connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn is a place where many tourists come. It has a nicer view at night due to the decor lighting but is also very beautiful during the day. New York views are seen from the bridge and great pictures can be taken.
The Brooklyn Bridge, designed by architect John A. Roebling, was opened in 1883. It takes about 1 hour to visit the bridge. The length of the bridge is 1834 m. There is a bike path on the bridge. One of the most ostentatious structures in New York, the Brooklyn Bridge is definitely a place to go. You can stay in New York hotels in the area and have easy access to transportation.

Central Park

Central Park is a place where many shows and activities are held. It is an impressive place located right in the middle of one of the most dynamic, modern, and famous metropolises in the world.
Located in the center of Manhattan, this park is a meeting place for people who are overwhelmed by the fast, stressful and crowded pace of life with nature and animals. This very peaceful environment is the world's first landscape park arranged in Baroque style. It was opened to the public in 1876 and contains many animal and plant species.

Times Square

Times Square, which is among the must-see places in New York and has earned the nickname of the city that never sleeps, is always fun and lively. It is like the heart of New York. Broadway Street, one of the most important places in New York, is located here. Those who want to see world-famous Hollywood artists on Broadway have to pay very expensive prices. You should also book tickets in advance. If you are lucky enough to watch one of these performances, be sure to have an unforgettable moment in New York.
Times Square, where life is always flowing day and night, has many cafes, bars, and restaurants, and there are many kinds of activities. One of the best times in the square is definitely Christmas. Times Square, where the funniest and brightest celebrations take place, is the meeting point of people from all over the world.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is among the must-see places in New York, has cultural and artistic importance. Opened to increase interest in art and culture in the USA, this museum is an interesting place.
This very popular building is very close to Central Park. With the paintings found here, elegant and interesting architectural designs, the museum exhibits very ostentatious works. Apart from the pictures, there are also many different works and information content.

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