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This city, which can be reached easily by purchasing a flight ticket to Şanlıurfa, is the 7th largest city in Turkey. It is a city that fascinates those who see it due to its architectural structures and features such as hosting many cultures.

Located in Southeast Anadol, the city has fertile lands with vast plains. Unfortunately, there is no clear information about who first settled in this historical city. According to the famous Arab Historian Abul Faraç, Şanlıurfa is the first and most important of the first seven settlements established on earth after Noah's Flood.

How Many Days Are Needed to Visit Şanlıurfa?

For those who wonder how many days are needed to visit Urfa, 3 days will be enough. Many things can be done in 3 days, such as visiting the general points of the city, exploring historical and cultural places, tasting different flavors.

When to go to Şanlıurfa?

Şanlıurfa is a city that can be visited in all seasons. However, the weather is very hot in July and August. Therefore, September and October are the ideal times to visit this city.

Events Held in Şanlıurfa

Various events are held in Şanlıurfa throughout the year. Those who want to have a different experience during the trip should definitely take a look at the event list.

• Isot Festival (September)

• Göbeklitepe Half Marathon (October)

• Şanlıurfa Youth Festival (October)

• Suruç Pomegranate Festival (October)

• Göbeklitepe Tourism and Cultural Heritage Fair (November)

• National Book Fair Şanlıurfa (November)

• Halfeti Fruit Food Festival (April)

Food and Drink in Şanlıurfa

Şanlıurfa, which has the best flavors of Southeastern Anatolian cuisine, is one of the cities that people who love to eat find indispensable. With its shish kebab and meat dishes, this place is a flavor capital. There are also very popular desserts here. In addition to these, Çiğköfte is consumed very often in the city. Those who wonder how many days are needed to visit Urfa, should definitely take time to consume the food of this place.

Sanliurfa Air Transportation

Şanlıurfa GAP Airport makes domestic and international flights, is located 35 km from the city center and has been serving since 2007.

GAP Airport, which serves in the civil category, is a place with its own open car park and offers different transportation alternatives to reach the city center. You can also reach the airport by the same means of transportation.

Taking a taxi from Şanlıurfa GAP Airport to the city center is the fastest choice. Considering the traffic density, you can choose a taxi to reach the center as soon as possible.

Taxis are available 24 hours at the airport. You can easily reach this city by examining the GAP Airport flight ticket deals and you can have a pleasant time here.


Fish Lake

The first place to go in Urfa is definitely Balıklı Göl. This lake, which is the lake where the Prophet Abraham fell when he was thrown into the fire, has become a symbol for Urfa. There are historical artifacts around this lake, which has sacred fish. For this reason, everyone who comes to Şanlıurfa should definitely visit this place. It is quite an interesting place. From here, you can follow the signs for Dambak Hill, where Şanlıurfa Castle is located, and see the Double Cave by climbing the stairs in the park.


Custom Han

Custom Han, which has a traditional architecture, was built by Suleiman the Magnificent and has survived to the present day. This inn is located in Haşimiye Square, the historical district of Balıklı Göl. It was built in 1563 by Urfa Sanjak Bey Halhallı Behram Pasha. This two-storey place was a place of important commercial activities during the Ottoman period. It was restored in 2001 by the Şanlıurfa Culture, Art, Education and Research Foundation in accordance with its original form.

According to various sources, it is also known as Alaca Han. It is one of the most beautiful examples of massive architecture in the city. Rosary shops on the ground floor and tea shops on the upper floor. There is the Grand Bazaar in the south, the Sipahi Bazaar in the west, the Arasa Hamam in the north and İsotçu Pazarı Caddesi in the east. The Grand Bazaar continues along the south and the Sipahi bazaar continues along the west. You can reach GAP Airport by purchasing a GAP Airport flight ticket.

Şanlıurfa Archeology Museum

This museum, which was opened in 1969, has been filled with works collected for exhibition since its opening. Most of the works are kept in the warehouse of Atatürk Primary School. The discovery of Göbekli Tepe added new works to the artifacts here. Renovated in 2015, the museum is Turkey's largest mosaic and archaeological museum.

Şanlıurfa Archeology and Mosaic Museum, where relief works and sculptures from the Paleolithic period, whose history dates back exactly 2 million years, are exhibited, has some of the most important works of human history.

The height of these statues, consisting of human and animal figures, is approximately 1012 m. In the second section of the museum, there are Neolithic artifacts, the oldest weapons and tools used by humanity. The living conditions of the period are depicted in the museum with wax sculptures.

Visitors who come to the city by purchasing a round-trip flight ticket to Şanlıurfa like this place very much. In the third section of the museum, bowls, ornaments, pottery and pottery belonging to the Paleolithic period are exhibited. There are also artifacts from the Iron and Bronze Ages. With the Sanliurfa flight ticket deals, you can easily reach the museum and witness the historical and cultural beauties of the city.


Tek Tek Mountains National Park

Tek Tek Mountains National Park, which is among the places to see in Şanlıurfa, was declared as a national park in 2007. It has a rich culture. Its archaeological structure has been preserved as much as possible. Located in Mesopotamia, this park has been the home of many civilizations throughout history. For this reason, there are many underground cities, monasteries, churches, caves, important historical archaeological values ​​and first-class archaeological sites in the region.

There are also dolmens from the Roman period. Exploring the history of the region takes people back to the past. It is also possible to have a picnic here while exploring this historical area. In this place, which is important for nature tourism, 272 plant species and 172 animal species live together.

Historical Sanliurfa Bazaars

There are shops in two separate blocks on the right and left parts. There are local clothes, accessories, bakers and jewelers here. It is one of the most interesting bazaars of Şanlıurfa. You can try different types of coffee in the tea shops here and relax with a cup of tea.


Harran Houses

These houses, which have been in Harran for more than 200 years and are still in use, are unique in the world. Those who are curious about places to visit in Şanlıurfa should definitely visit these houses, which are lined up and have funnel-like roofs. The characteristic of these houses is that they are hot in winter and cold in the winter. During the construction of these houses, a special mortar was prepared by mixing rose essential oil into the soil.

No construction is allowed in the area where the announced place is located. The interior of these houses has been prepared in such a way as to welcome the guests very well. There is a sign at the entrance of the house giving information about the houses.

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