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People who buy a flight ticket to Vilnius can visit the capital of Lithuania. Vilnus, which is also the most developed city of Lithuania, hosts many tourist attractions to visit and see. People visiting the city can make their trips more enjoyable by exploring the historical and natural beauties.

Information about Vilnus, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who buy a flight ticket to Vilnius can start having a pleasant time in the capital of Lithuania. Vilnius is a developed city and has been included in the world heritage list by UNESCO. This city, which was also chosen as the European capital in 2009, is among the places that can be preferred for a fun trip with its places to visit and see. People who want to visit the city and do not like the cold should not plan the trip during the winter months. The city is quite cold during the winter months and therefore it is not the right season for sightseeing. For this reason, it would not be a good choice to visit the city between November and April, when snowfall begins. People who want to visit the city can choose the months of June, July and August. During these months, you can travel pleasantly and enjoy the city.

People who purchase a flight ticket to Vilnius can start their journey with the Lithuanian National Museum in the city. The Lithuanian National Museum opened its doors to visitors in 1855. This museum, which stands out as the oldest museum in Lithuania, hosts many works of Lithuanian culture. Visitors to the museum can examine artifacts belonging to Lithuanian traditions as well as archaeological artifacts found in the country. The Lithuanian National Museum is crowded at all times of the year and is the first point visited by people who want to learn about Lithuanian culture. People who visit this museum can examine different historical artifacts and get more detailed information about Lithuania.

The Church of All Saints is another point that can be visited by people who buy flight tickets to Vilnus. This building, which is the symbol of the city and has a striking architecture, was built in the 1600s. This church, which draws attention with its impressive appearance, continued to serve as a Catholic church after the country gained independence. People who visit the church have the chance to examine the impressive architecture and see one of the symbols of the city.

People traveling to Vilnius should definitely see the Palace of the Lithuanian Grand Dukes. This palace was built in the 15th century and was used by the administrative unit of Lithuania for 200 years. Various events are held in the palace today. These events include concerts and seminars. It is possible to both take a tour of this palace, which has an affordable entrance fee, and participate in events within the palace.

Vilnius Cathedral is an important place of worship for Catholics. This cathedral was built in the 13th century and is an area where celebrations are held by Christians on special occasions. Visitors to the cathedral can participate in prayer activities held within the cathedral or closely examine the architecture of the building. Especially the tomb inside the cathedral is among the important structures that should be seen.

The Genocide Victims Museum is the place that visitors to the city should see if they want to learn about history. This place is located in the city as a symbol of the suffering inflicted on Lithuanians by the Nazis. It is known that Lithuania's young minds were tortured for many years in this museum. People who visit the museum can learn about the sad history of Lithuania in this museum, which they can enter at an affordable price.

People who visit Vilnius may also want to taste the local flavors in the city. Cepelinai is the most famous dish of the country. Therefore, it is important for people visiting the city to taste this local flavor and enjoy the fried bread. In addition, soup made from beetroot and cookies made from cream are among the city's most popular delicacies.

How to Get to the Airport?

Vilnius International Airport is the airport where people who want to visit the city should buy a ticket. This airport is located approximately 6 kilometers from the city center. The fact that the airport is so close to the city center makes transportation between the airport and the city center possible. Vilnus International Airport is an airport with direct flights from Turkey. It is possible to reach Vilnius in approximately 2.5 hours with direct flights from Istanbul. People who want to travel to Vilnius from different cities of Turkey are recommended to visit the city with a connection in Istanbul.

Transportation to Vilnius

People going to Vilnius should have information about the vehicles they will prefer for urban transportation. they get it. Minibuses are among the vehicles that can be preferred for urban transportation. It is possible to travel by minibuses between 05.00 and 00.00. In addition to minibuses, you can also travel within the city by buses. Since Vilnius is not a very big city, it is a city that can be easily reached by bicycle. People visiting the city can travel pleasantly with the bikes they rent, except during the winter months.

Airlines with Flights to Vilnius


• Turkish Airlines

• Air Baltic

What is the Best Time to Visit Vilnius?

The best time to visit the city is the summer months. Since the city is very cold in winter, it is recommended that people planning a trip plan a trip to the city in July and August.

What Activities Can Be Performed in Vilnius?

People who visit Vilnius can taste the local flavors in the city. There are luxury restaurants with trained chefs in the city. People who visit these restaurants can taste local delicacies as well as world cuisine. In addition to luxury restaurants, small shops that prepare local foods can also be visited. After tasting local delicacies, they can also visit different stores and local shops to do their shopping.

What Festivals Are Held in Vilnius?

Various events are held in the city at different times of the year. Among these events, the St. Casimir Fair can be cited. This event is held to celebrate the arrival of spring and creates a colorful environment in the city. The city also hosts a fair in September, attended by people from different parts of the country. It also features a music festival from the city at the end of May. For this reason, people who want to visit the city can have a more enjoyable time by visiting the city during the festivals.

Is There a Turkish Foreign Representation in Vilnius?

Turkish citizens visiting the city can visit the Vilnius Embassy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. Turkish citizens who want to visit the embassy are recommended to do so by taking into account public holidays.

What Currency is Used in Vilnius?

The official currency used in Lithuania is the Euro. Since the Euro is adopted as the official currency in the country, transactions are also carried out in Euro in the capital.

What Languages Can Be Used to Communicate in Vilnius?

The official language used in the city is designated as Lithuanian. In addition to Lithuanian, it is possible to meet many citizens who speak Russian or Polish. There is also a large English-speaking population in the city, so people who use different languages have the chance to communicate easily in the city.

What is the time difference between Vilnius and Türkiye?

There is a 2 hour difference between Vilnius and Türkiye. The city is 2 hours behind Turkey. In summer time, the difference between the city and Turkey is reduced to one hour.

How Many Days Are Needed to Visit Vilnius?

In order to fully explore the city, it is necessary to plan a trip of at least 3-4 days.

Which climate affects Vilnius?

The influence of the continental climate is seen in the city

Is Nightlife Lively in Vilnius?

Nightlife in the city is quite lively. Therefore, it is possible to have a pleasant time both day and night.

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