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Kamilkoç Tourism

Kamilkoç Tourism

Kamilkoç Tourism is among the leading companies in road transportation. The company, which has been serving in different regions of Turkey for about 94 years, has also started business partnerships with 35 European countries. Services are provided for passengers to have the best experience during their travels. Customers who want to travel in a quality way always prefer Kamilkoç company.

Kamilkoç Bus Tickets

Kamilkoç provides service at 453 different stops in Turkey. Customers who want to buy Kamilkoç bus tickets can buy their tickets online in the safest way. After making the city selections, tickets can be purchased for the desired date. The method of buying tickets, which saves time, is very advantageous. The company, which has been serving in Turkey for years, ensures that passengers travel comfortably.

About Kamilkoç Tourism

The most basic information known about Kamilkoç Tourism; It is Turkey's first road passenger transport company. Kamilkoç Tourism always prioritizes customer satisfaction and creates business ethics within this framework. All personnel working within it serve by adopting this principle. It has a great role in establishing some standards in the sector.

Company Tag

According to the information obtained within the scope of Kamilkoç Turizm company tag, the company founded by Kamil Koç in 1926 is one of the most active travel companies today. It has more than 1000 vehicles in its fleet and organizes flights to different cities throughout the year. As one of the biggest companies in Turkey, it benefits from its experience and meets everything the customer needs during the journey.

Vehicle Features

In all of the vehicles in its fleet, priority is safety and then comfort. Vehicle features are designed using the necessary technologies. Wireless internet connection is offered to passengers throughout the trip. Passengers are served with complimentary refreshments. Thanks to the sockets located close to the seats, passengers can charge their electronic devices whenever they want. It is very pleasant to travel in vehicles with 2+1 seating arrangement.

Google Rating: 4.1/5

Official Site: www.kamilkoc.com.tr

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