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Şimşek Seyahat

Şimşek Seyahat bus ticket can best meet the needs and expectations of passengers. It is possible to travel to different parts of Turkey with the vehicles provided by the company with various stops. The company works continuously for the satisfaction of its passengers and proves this with the professionalism of its employees.

About Simsek Travel

Serving as a family company since the day it was founded, Şimşek Seyahat has been providing transportation non-stop since 1997. Being among the companies taking firm steps in the sector, it continues its services in line with its mission and vision. The roads taken with the awareness of responsibilities towards society and humanity end at different stops day by day. His experience and knowledge about road transportation can be seen as customer satisfaction.

Founded in the Mut district of Mersin, Şimşek Seyahat organizes trips to the districts of cities such as Ankara, Mersin and Konya. It ensures safer journeys by regularly carrying out maintenance and repairs of the vehicles in its fleet.

Şimşek Seyahat Company Imprint

·         Title: Şimşek Seyahat Turizm Nakliye Tic. Ltd. Ltd.

·         Address: Karşıyaka Mah. Otogar St. No: 1/D Mut/Mersin

·         Phone: 0324 774 14 53

·         Website: https://www.simsekseyahat.com.tr/

Şimşek Seyahat Vehicle Features

The comfort of passengers in their vehicles always comes to the fore and they meet the needs throughout the journey in a professional manner. The new model vehicles in the fleet include a TV, USB port, headphones, reading lamp and internet. It makes even long-hour journeys much more enjoyable.

It makes flight plans for passengers to spend time in the most beautiful stopping places in intercity terminals. It offers the opportunity to travel much more comfortably and safely, thanks to the flights it organizes between frequently preferred cities. To buy a Şimşek Seyahat bus ticket, you can make transactions online or in branches.

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Year of foundation:1997
Bus Count:-
Head Office:Mersin
Founder:Şimşek Seyahat
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