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If you buy a flight ticket to Moldova, you can easily go to this country located between Russia and Ukraine. The country is known for its location that includes the Prut and Dniester rivers. Moldova hosts many tourists every year.

Information about Moldova, Places to Visit, What to Eat

Moldova is a country located on the European continent and its capital is Chisinau. Although the economy is not at a good level, people living here generally do agricultural work. So much so that Moldova is known as the 2nd poorest country in Europe. The official language of Moldova is considered to be Romanian. It can be predicted that the country's population is more than four million.

The best times of the year to go to this beautiful country can generally be spring and summer. This country, which has hosted many civilizations throughout history, undoubtedly has many regions to visit. The first of these areas may be the Nativity Cathedral. This church is one of the buildings symbolizing Moldova. The building has been restored to its current state and is decorated with unique decorations. Water Tower can be said as the second point to visit. This building, whose main function was a water tower, has now been turned into a museum and is exhibited to its visitors in a unique way.

The Ethnography and Natural History Museum is also among the places you should definitely see. This building, where you can get detailed information about the history of Moldova, attracts all attention with its architecture. The many plants and trees inside give the museum an aesthetic appearance. Pushkin Museum is one of the popular buildings in Moldova. You may also have the chance to visit the house of Pushkin, known as the founder of Russian literature. All these unique structures give you information about Moldovan history and culture.

If you wish, you can also visit the Chisinau Heroes' Monument during your trip. This monument was built to commemorate the victory in World War II. At this point, the Chisinau Weapons and Ammunition Museum may also interest you. The weapons used during World War II are carefully stored and exhibited in this museum. These historical places also give you a lot of information and ideas about Moldova's past. If you have a keen interest in history, you may like this museum.

You can also take a look at the souvenir shops that are among the places to visit during your visit to Moldova. You can buy small gifts such as magnets, keychains and pens for yourself or your loved ones from these shops. Although Moldova is a quiet country, its nightlife is quite colorful. You can come across many different bars and nightclubs, especially in the Chisinau region. You can make your night beautiful by drinking delicious wines or cocktails in these places.

Moldova also hosts many different festivals. These festivals can be described as Bitei Festival, Chronograph Festival, Duminica Mare Festival, Nufarul Alb, Velo Hora Festival, Bostaniada Festival, Chisinau City Day and National Wine Day. You can time your holidays at the same time as any of these festivals and be a part of the fun.

Another curious thing about Moldova is what foods can be eaten during this touristic trip. Moldova enriches the taste buds of travelers with its rich cuisine. The food options you can taste during your Moldova trip can be listed as follows;

• Mamaliga, carefully prepared with corn flour.

• Moldovan style sheep soup

• Polenta, which we can call corn flour puree

• Traditional Chisinau Zama soup

• Chicken dish Racitura

• Chisinau's most famous drink is wine

All these foods and drinks reflect Moldovan culture in a great way. By tasting these dishes, you can get a little closer to Moldovan culture. You can visit this country in accordance with your plan by searching for Moldova flight tickets.

How to Get to Moldova Airport

Chisinau Airport is also wondered by those who want to visit this country. The first option used by those who want to have a holiday in Moldova is undoubtedly air travel. You can choose Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir and Adana Airports to land at Moldova Airport from Turkey. Your flight time may vary depending on the city you board from. Chisinau Airport is known as Chisinau International Airport. After the journey, you can easily land directly at Chisinau International Airport.

Moldova Transportation

Transportation possibilities to Moldova are very practical. There are direct flights to Chisinau from Antalya International Airport in Turkey. You can reach the airport by taking a short trip from your city to Antalya. As another option, you can go to this beautiful country with a single flight from Istanbul. If transfers are not taken into account, the flight duration between Istanbul and Moldova is stated as only 1 hour. Other cities with flights to Moldova are Adana, Izmir and Ankara. Moldova is not in a position that challenges tourists in terms of transportation facilities.

After completing your Moldova flight ticket purchase, you can land safely at Chisinau International Airport, the only airport in the country. After landing from the airport, you can use a bus or taxi to get to the city center.

Airlines with Flights to Moldova

There are many airlines operating flights to Moldova. You may have come across this information while purchasing your flight ticket to Moldova. This variety of flights is a great benefit for travel lovers. We can list these airlines as follows;

• Turkish Airlines

• Pegasus Airlines

• Lufthansa


• Aegean Airlines

• Azerbaijan Airlines

• LOT Polish Airlines

• Tarom

• WizAir

• Serbian Airlines

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Is Moldova a Developed Country?

Moldova cannot be shown as a developed country. It is known for having a poor economy and being the second poorest country in Europe.

What is Moldova famous for?

One of the first things that comes to mind when Moldova is mentioned is carpet workmanship. Moldovan people produce special handmade carpets with original and high workmanship.

Is Moldova Nightlife Cheap?

Contrary to Moldova being a poor country, its nightlife is extremely expensive. Especially during periods when tourists flock, prices increase much more.

What Language is Spoken in Moldova?

Moldova defines its official language as Moldovan, but the majority of the population speaks Romanian in this country. In addition, English is also spoken.

Which religion does Moldova belong to?

Moldova keeps its people extremely free in terms of religion. The religion of the people living here is mostly known as Orthodox Christian.

Does Moldova Have a Sea Border?

The country of Moldova does not have any sea coast. However, two rivers named Prut and Dniester pass through the borders of the country.

What Grows in Moldova?

Moldova stands out with its agricultural workmanship and is a complete agricultural country. Grapes, apples, pears, wheat, corn and barley grow in this country.

How Many Turks Are There in Moldova?

There is approximately 150 thousand Christian Turkish population in Moldova.

How Many Days to Visit Moldova?

Moldova is a country that many people want to see with its many structures and historical places. Approximately a week's holiday will be enough to see many cultural elements of Moldova.

How Many Years Does It Take to Obtain Moldovan Citizenship?

There is no obligation to live in Moldova. Those who want to obtain citizenship will only need to wait a maximum of 9 months.

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