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People who buy a flight ticket to Poland can visit the 9th largest country in Europe. Poland has become one of the favorite countries of tourists with its beautiful cities and historical buildings. Each city in the country has different architecture and atmosphere. For this reason, people who visit Poland can enjoy seeing works of both eastern and western cultures together.

Information about Poland, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who buy a flight ticket to Poland can visit the country, which consists of 16 administrative regions. Although Poland consists of 16 administrative regions, the cities that attract the most visitors are Warsaw and Torun. People who want to go to Poland can reach the country with direct flights from Turkey. It is possible to land in the capital of Poland with direct flights from Istanbul. You can also travel to Poland from other cities in Turkey via Istanbul.

People who buy Poland flight tickets should learn the most suitable time period to visit the country. The best time to visit Poland is between May and September. Between these months, the effect of the temperate climate is observed in the country. With the effect of the temperate climate, various cultural events are organized in Poland between May and September. People visiting the country during this period can participate in various activities and also enjoy their trips in warmer weather. Poland is a country preferred by tourists to visit during the winter months. Even though the country is very cold in the winter months, people who want to do winter sports can visit Poland.

By purchasing a Poland flight ticket, you can visit the tourist attractions in the country. The city that attracts the most visits in Poland is its capital, Warsaw. People traveling to Warsaw can start their trip with the Palace of Culture and Science. The Palace of Culture and Science is a building that shows the influence of Soviet architecture. This building, which stands out as the tallest building in Poland, has 42 floors. During the tour of the Palace of Culture and Science, you can examine the city view from the terrace of the building. In addition to the city view, various ceremonies and concerts are held in the building at certain periods. People who visit the Palace of Culture and Science also have the chance to buy souvenirs from the shops in the building. There is no need to pay any fee to enter the building, but people who want to watch the view must pay certain fees.

The Royal Castle is one of the most striking structures in Poland with its impressive architecture. It is known that the Royal Castle was built in the 13th century and underwent various restorations to reach the present day. People who visit the Royal Castle can examine the rooms where the royal family stayed and the belongings of the royal members. The Royal Castle is also located in one of the most crowded squares in the country. People who visit the Royal Castle also have the chance to spend time in cafes and restaurants in the square where the castle is located.

Copernicus' House is located in Torun, Poland. People visiting the city can visit this house, where it is believed that the space scientist Copernicus was born and raised. It is not certain whether the space scientist lived in the building called Copernicus' House. Although it is not certain that Copernicus lived, there are many works of the space scientist in the house. People who visit this house have the chance to closely examine the scientist's works and works.

People who visit Poland can also taste the country's local delicacies. The most important feature of Polish cuisine is having soup at every meal. While cold soups are preferred in summer, hot soups prepared with potatoes are preferred in winter. The soup called Barszcz is prepared using beets and is one of the local flavors of the country. Another type of soup called Zurek is a soup prepared with potatoes and preferred during the winter months. People visiting the country are recommended to taste these soups and eat various pickles prepared with cabbage.

How to Get to the Airport?

Warsaw Chopin Airport is the international airport where people who want to reach Poland can buy plane tickets. Warsaw Chopin Airport is located in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, and provides international services. People who want to reach Poland from Turkey can reach Poland after a short journey with the flight ticket they bought at this airport. People arriving in Poland can choose trains, buses or taxis if they want to travel between the airport and the city center. The airport is located only 10 kilometers from the city center. For this reason, people who want to reach the airport have the chance to reach the airport from the city center after a 20-minute train journey. Pile People who prefer buses to reach the airport can take any of 5 different bus lines. Journeys by bus take approximately 30 minutes.

Transportation to Poland

There are direct flights to Poland from Turkey. People visiting Poland can choose public transportation for urban transportation. Since the cities in Poland do not have a very large surface area, they can be visited on foot. People visiting Warsaw can enjoy the city on foot, as the historical and natural beauties are close to each other. People who want to travel to other cities in Poland can choose metro networks. It is possible to travel within the country with the metro network, as well as within the city. Trams and buses also have an important place in urban transportation in Poland. You can travel comfortably within the country with the affordable tickets purchased.

Airlines with Flights to Poland

• SunExpress

• Turkish Airlines

• Pegasus Airlines

• AnadoluJet

• Wizz Air

• Aegean Airlines

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How to Get to Poland?

People who want to travel to Poland can choose air transportation. Since there are direct flights to Poland from Turkey, you can reach Poland after a short journey. Following flights from Istanbul Airport, you can reach the capital of Poland in 2.5 hours. People who want to reach Warsaw, the capital of Poland, can choose train services from Istanbul.

When Should You Go to Poland?

The months between May and September can be preferred to go to Poland. During these months, the city has a mild climate and cultural activities are more popular. People who want to visit the city during the winter months can enjoy skiing and participating in winter sports.

What Products Can Be Purchased From Poland?

Jewelry made using amber can be purchased as a gift from Poland. In addition to jewelry, prayer beads and ornaments made using amber can also be purchased.

Which Festivals Are Held in Poland?

There are music-oriented festivals in Poland. Festivals that appeal to jazz music and electronic music lovers are held in the country. The festivals are usually held between June and July. Audioriver is one of the most entertaining festivals in the country. Coke Festival is one of the festivals held in August that can be preferred by people interested in pop music.

Which Foreign Representatives Are There in Poland?

The Warsaw Embassy can be listed among the Turkish representatives in Poland.

What Languages Are Spoken in Poland?

The official language spoken in Poland is declared as Polish. In addition to Polish, the majority of the country's young population also speaks English. In the part of the country that is close to Germany, it is possible to communicate by speaking German.

How Many Days Should You Travel in Poland?

Poland is a pretty big country. For this reason, it is necessary to organize a minimum 4-day trip to enjoy the historical and natural beauties of the country.

Where is Poland located?

Poland is a country located in Central Europe. Its border neighbors include Germany, the Czech Republic and the Russian Federation.

What are the living conditions like in Poland?

Poland has a lower quality of life compared to European Union countries.

Is it possible to travel to Poland without a visa?

Citizens of the Republic of Turkey must obtain a visa if they want to visit Poland.

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