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England Country Guide

This country, which you will have the chance to see with the UK flight ticket deals, hosts millions of tourists every year. It is known that thousands of tourists visit this country every year to drink famous English beer, ride red double-decker buses, be in fashion and shopping centers, dive into the depths of history in English palaces, touch the past with wax figures of Madame Tussauds museum, or experience the pleasure of calling someone from the red telephone booth.

There are many features in the country that will impress you. Many different factors, such as the advanced public transportation system or the quality of education, cause thousands of people to flock to this country every year.

In addition to the opportunities it offers to British citizens, thanks to its hospitable and helpful British citizens, it offers tourists a comfortable travel opportunity and draws attention with this feature. Known for its deep-rooted history, this country is known for its dizzying appeal and has a unique geographical position with the North Sea to the east and the English Channel to the south. Located in the central and southern parts of the British Isles, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are considered as a country forming the United Kingdom by the union.

About England

England, which separated from the Roman Catholic Church with the religious reform in the 16th century and formed its own religious center under the name of the Anglican Church, has many different features of its own. Although the monarchy continues symbolically, the country's form of government is based on the constitutional monarchy system. The most important feature that distinguishes England from other European countries is that it is home to many different cultures. In addition, it should be noted that it is the hometown of many famous writers in the field of literature.

It would not be wrong to state that the climate in the country, which has mild winters and cool summers, is variable. This country, whose general view of the air is closed, has a flat topography. The presence of large plains and hills that allow agriculture is one of the factors that shape life in the country. In addition, it should be noted that the industry in England is very developed. It is known that England, which was known as "the country on which the sun never sets" in the 1800s, had a great imperial power.

In addition to being the financial center of Europe, England is also known as one of the most important cultural and tourism centers in the world. It would not be wrong to say that some of its income comes from the tourists who flock to the country.

British Food Culture

It is a country that draws attention with its creation of Great Britain, one of the most powerful industrial countries in the world, together with England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. England, which is a large island with flat and wide plains, also draws attention with its own characteristics and cuisine.

It is possible to say that England, an important cultural center with its deep-rooted history and unique architecture, is home to hundreds of nations. Therefore, England is a cosmopolitan country. It would not be wrong to say that the British, who attract the attention of the whole world with the value they attach to courtesy and etiquette, have a rich entertainment life.

It is known that British food culture varies in regions within the country. The fact that it is a country that has hosted many cultures throughout its history has also changed the characteristics of its cuisine and deeply affected it. British cuisine, which reflects different cultures in its dishes, is known as a cuisine inspired by the Far East, Italy and France, but especially Indian and American dishes. It is known that each of the breakfast, lunch and dinner meals has a very important place in this kitchen, which impresses its visitors with its menu that appeals to different tastes. One of the most important features of the culinary culture in England is that the meals are served at certain times. The most important meal is breakfast. English afternoon tea is one of the most popular times in the country. Afternoon tea, which is dominated by English cuisine, takes place between 15:00 and 17:00. Various portions of chocolates and snack sandwiches are served alongside the tea. In this country, where breakfast is the most important meal, it is served with toast and various jams with butter.

Places to Visit in England

This country, which you will have the chance to see with Heathrow Airport, is a highly developed country in terms of tourism.

• London: The first city that comes to mind when England is mentioned, London is a must-see place in the country. Resembling a country on its own, London is the subject of movies with its own black taxis and red buses. London, which fascinates those who see it with its architecture, often has a gloomy and closed atmosphere, but its fun nightlife causes life in the city to never end.

• Oxford: Education life and quality Standing out with its city, Oxford is known as one of the must-see cities in England. This city, which draws attention with its own characteristics and the height of its student population, is known as one of the most attractive touristic spots of England.

• Warwick Castle: This castle, which should be visited by those who want to learn more about Medieval England, impresses those who see it with its architecture. Visited 4 seasons of the year, the castle has a view that is the subject of postcards.

• Manchester: Known as the place where the Industrial Revolution took place, and for this reason you should definitely include it during your visit to England, Manchester is also popular with its factory museums. You can learn more about the history of England by visiting the museums in the region.

UK Transport

It is known that tourists who want to reach England from Turkey generally prefer the airline. It can be reached by connecting or non-stop flights from England, Turkey, where travel is possible with a visa. It is known that the flight time from Istanbul to London takes approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes. Although there are many different airports used for transportation, Heathrow Airport is the most preferred.

Airlines with Flights to the UK

• Air Canada,

• Avianca,

• Flynas,

• Jet2,

• EasyJet,

• SunExpress,

• Pia,

• United,

• Pegasus,

• It is known that many airlines such as British Airways can be preferred for travel to England.

How is the Economy in the UK?

Having a highly developed economy, England has the ninth most developed economy in the world in terms of PPP.

Is England Expensive?

Since England has a strong economy, there is a big difference if the currency is converted to Turkish currency. Therefore, England is a country that can be considered expensive for Turkish tourists.

How Many Days Do You Need To Visit England?

It is recommended to spend at least 5 days to tour the UK.

Is the UK a Safe Country?

It is known that England is a very reliable country.

Is a Visa Required for the UK?

A visa is required to enter the UK.

Which Visa Does the UK Require?

You can travel to the country by applying for a General Visitor Visa for the UK.

How Many Days Does a UK Visa Take?

The visa is finalized in an average of 15 working days.

In Which Season to Go to England?

It is known that the months of May, September and December are the most suitable months for touristic visits to England.

What Currency Is Used in the UK?

British Pound is used in England.

What Is England Famous For?

England is a city famous for its history and culture.

UK Flight Information

With a flight ticket to England, your trip to this country can be done with or without a direct link. The non-stop journey takes approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes, but takes longer if there is a transfer. The duration of connecting journeys varies according to the characteristics of the transfer.

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