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People who buy a flight ticket to Argentina have the chance to visit one of the most beautiful countries of South America. Argentina is one of the greenest countries in the world with its mountains and plains. This country, which has made a name for itself with its warm people, football and local delicacies, is one of the places that everyone should visit. People who want to travel to Argentina more comfortably can visit the country with direct or connecting flights.

Information about Argentina, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

It is possible to visit this country, which is influenced by Latin culture, by purchasing a flight ticket to Argentina. Argentina is located in the region called the Atlantic Ocean and the Andes Mountains. This country, which is famous for its forests, interesting wildlife and dance culture, is visited by millions of tourists every year. People who want to visit Argentina should plan a trip of at least one week. The reason for this is that there are many natural beauties to be seen in the country, as well as being able to see the Latin culture closely. People who want to travel to Argentina can choose between January and March if they want to visit most of the country. The months between January and March are called spring in the country and temperatures are high. Various carnivals are also held in the country during this period, where you can enjoy music and dance. People who want to participate in the colorful carnivals held in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, should purchase their flight tickets in advance.

People who reach the country after completing the "Buy Argentina flight ticket" process should first visit the capital. Buenos Aires is the most populous city in Argentina. This city, which is among the most visited destinations in South America, will be on the favorite list of people who want a romantic trip. The capital of Argentina is the city where tango, called the dance of love, originated. Therefore, during your trip to Buenos Aires, the Latin American Art Museum in the city must be visited. Additionally, Palermo Rose Garden and Parolo Palace should be added to the list of places to visit during your trip to the capital.

The second city to visit in the country with the purchase of flight tickets to Argentina is the city of Cordoba. Cordoba is one of the largest cities in Argentina. Especially people who want to spend time with young people during their trip to Argentina should definitely visit this city. The city, where many universities are located, attracts attention with its entertainment centers and colorful nightlife due to its young population. You should also taste the honey special to the region during your trip to Cordoba. Cordoba Cathedral and General Paz Cultural Center should also be on the list of places to visit during your Cordoba trip.

It is recommended to visit the city of La Plata during your trip to Argentina. Especially people interested in architecture and urban planning will love this place. Although it has a dense population, the city fascinates with its interesting design and has become a destination for millions of people every year. It is also recommended to visit the Municipal Museum of Fine Arts and La Plata Cathedral during your trip to La Plata.

When you think of a trip to Argentina, the delicious food of South America comes to mind. For this reason, people visiting Argentina are recommended to visit the most beautiful places in the country and taste local delicacies. Foods that visitors to Argentina should not leave without eating include grilled meat called Asado, cheese called provoleta, and a delicious sandwich called choripan. Since Argentina is a football country, this sandwich is frequently preferred, especially during matches.

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How to Get to the Airport?

Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini International Airport is the airport where people who want to travel to Argentina should buy a flight ticket. Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini International Airport is an airport where international flights are organized, and there are direct flights to this airport from Istanbul Airport. People who reach the capital can first visit the capital and then travel to other cities. The airport is located 35 kilometers from Buenos Aires city center. People who want to reach the airport can choose minibuses, shuttles and buses that provide service within the country. In this way, the airport can be easily reached from different points of the country after a 1-hour journey.

Transportation to Argentina

People who want to travel to Argentina can choose direct flights from Istanbul Airport. Direct flights between Istanbul Airport and the capital of Argentina take approximately 18 hours. Your trip to Argentina can be made more enjoyable from the very first moment by purchasing a flight ticket, which is the most comfortable way to reach Argentina. Istanbul Airport offers direct flights to Argentina as well as connecting flights for those who want to visit the country. He helps with the work.

Airlines with Flights to Argentina

• Turkish Airlines

• British Airways

• Sky Airline

How to Go to Argentina?

The fastest and safest way to travel from Turkey to Argentina is to buy a flight ticket. People living in Istanbul can buy tickets from a company that operates flights between Istanbul Airport and the capital of Argentina. People living in other cities of Turkey can fly to Argentina with a connection at Istanbul Airport.

Where to Find Argentina?

Argentina is located on the South American continent and borders countries such as Bolivia and Brazil.

Is a Visa Required to Travel to Argentina?

People who want to buy a flight ticket to Argentina may wonder whether a visa is required to enter the country. According to the rules announced by Argentina, people with ordinary passports can visit the country without a visa if their trip to Argentina does not exceed 90 days. Turkish citizens can travel to Argentina for 90 days with their passports. People whose 90-day trip ends must leave Argentina.

When to Go to Argentina?

Since Argentina has a large surface area, the most suitable time periods may vary depending on the regions you want to visit. People who want to visit Argentina can choose between January and March if they want to participate in colorful carnivals. If people visiting the country want to ski, they should plan their trip in the winter months between June and August. People who visit the country during the winter months can enjoy skiing in the Andes mountains.

What to Know About Argentinian Culture?

Before visiting Argentina, one should do some research on the Argentinian people and culture. Argentinian people are generally warm and friendly. When you meet local people during your trip to Argentina, you can quickly see that they become friendly with you and even ask you questions about your private life. Also, what you need to know about Argentine culture is that the country is all about football. For this reason, people who visit Argentina can see many people wearing clothes belonging to the Argentine national team and other football clubs of the country.

What Gift Can You Buy from Argentina?

When people who will visit Argentina want to buy gifts from the country, they can first turn to jerseys. Since Argentina is a football country, jerseys of the national team or other teams of the country can be found everywhere. Those who do not want to buy a jersey can choose the country's famous milk caramel or Argentinian wine.

Which Festivals Can You Attend in Argentina?

People who want to spice up their trip to Argentina can participate in festivals or carnivals held in the country. Especially people who plan to visit the country between January and March can participate in carnivals held in different parts of the country. During this period, it is possible to participate in colorful costumes, entertaining dances and entertaining activities at the festivals held in the country.

What is Argentina's climate like?

Argentina hosts different climates because it is covered with mountains. While there is a tropical climate in the northern parts of the country, a subpolar climate can be seen as you move to the southern parts.

What Languages Are Spoken in Argentina?

People who want to communicate better with the Argentinian people may prefer to speak English. While most of the young generation in the country speaks English, Spanish has been designated as the official language in the country. You can have a pleasant trip in the country by speaking both English and Spanish.

What is the Official Currency of Argentina?

People who want to shop in local shops in Argentina must buy Argentine pesos.

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