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People who buy a flight ticket to Latvia can visit one of the most beautiful countries in Northern Europe. Due to its location, Latvia has many natural beauties that should be visited and seen. People who visit the country may fall in love with the natural beauties of the country, but will also not be able to hide their admiration for its architectural structures.

Information about Latvia, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who buy Latvia flight tickets can visit Latvia, which is located in the Baltic region. This country, called Latvia, is surrounded by countries such as Estonia, Lithuania and the Russian Federation. Due to its location, the country is suitable to be visited at any time of the year. People who want to visit Latvia can make their trip more enjoyable by choosing the summer months. The country transitions to the summer season between June and August. During the summer season, the number of people visiting the country increases due to both the increase in air temperature and the sale of local delicacies. For this reason, people who want to visit Latvia can enjoy traveling more comfortably if they travel in the summer months.

Users visiting Latvia should first of all know that the country's citizens are distant. People visiting the country for the first time may have some difficulty communicating because the local people are distant. Since Latvia is one of the countries with the lowest crime rates, it is a country that people who like to travel alone can visit with peace of mind.

People visiting Latvia should first taste the country's cuisine. When Latvian cuisine is mentioned, foods prepared with fish and seafood come to mind. The country is very rich in fish species due to its location close to the Baltic Sea. Therefore, if you visit the country, it is recommended to taste cooked fish products or raw fish products. In addition, since the bread culture has developed in the country, black bread should definitely be eaten when visiting the country. Desserts called Karum and Baltais are also must-eat products for people visiting the country.

People who buy Latvia flight tickets may want to explore the historical and natural beauties in the city. People who want to visit Latvia can make their trip fun by exploring the historical and natural beauties in the country. Riga Cathedral is the first place to see during a visit to Latvia. This cathedral is also known as the Dome Cathedral. The cathedral, whose foundation was laid in 1211, has undergone various restorations until it reaches the present day. Since the cathedral has undergone restorations, it has not managed to preserve its originality.

Although it cannot preserve its originality, the cathedral manages to attract attention with its current appearance. This building, which attracts attention with its architectural structure and witnessing history, deserves to be one of the first stops of your Latvia trip. There is also the Navigation History Museum within the cathedral. Visitors to the cathedral can also visit the Navigation History Museum and have the chance to closely examine one of the largest collections in the world. Many collections in both science and art are exhibited in the museum.

Another important structure to see during your trip to Latvia is the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty is among the symbols of Latvia and was erected in memory of those who lost their lives during Latvia's struggle for independence. Erected in 1935, this Statue of Liberty has been the focal point of official ceremonies in the city. All official ceremonies and events in the city must be held in the square where the monument is located. People who visit the Statue of Liberty can both remember those who lost their lives in the struggle for independence and have the chance to see this interesting structure up close.

The Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum should also be seen during your trip to Latvia. Located in the city of Riga, this open-air museum is approximately 8 kilometers from the city center. People who want to spend pleasant time outdoors can visit this museum. It is possible to be in touch with nature and witness the history of Latvia closely in the open-air museum. People who visit the museum can see the houses and farms symbolizing people who lived in ancient times. In this way, a lot of historical information can be obtained, from the pottery used in Latvian history to the interior of the houses.

St. Peter's Church should be another tourist attraction during your trip to Latvia. Located in the city of Riga, this cathedral was built in the early 1200s. St. Peter's Church is a church where different architectures can be seen together. So much so that many architectural styles, from the gothic style to the baroque style, were used together in the architecture of the church. St. Peter's Church has managed to become one of the symbols of Latvia with its magnificent structure today. who visits the church Visitors can both witness the architecture of the church closely and examine the city view closely by climbing the church tower.

How to Get to the Airport?

People who buy Latvia flight tickets can choose international airports such as Riga Airport to reach the country. Riga Airport is an airport with direct flights from Turkey. People who buy a flight ticket to this airport must make a 3-hour journey between Istanbul and the capital of Latvia. People landing at the airport can choose different means of transportation for their journey between the airport and the city center. Since the airport is located close to the city center, it can be easily reached by buses and trains. Passengers who want to reach the airport can also choose taxis or private transfer vehicles if they want to travel faster. Since the airport is located 10 kilometers away from the city center, a maximum of 15 minutes of travel is sufficient to reach the airport from the city center.

Transportation to Latvia

People who want to reach Latvia can visit the country in a short time with the flight tickets they purchased from Turkey. Thanks to direct flights from Istanbul, you can reach the capital of Latvia in approximately 3 hours. In addition to the flights from Istanbul, it is possible to reach the capital of Latvia in 4 hours with direct flights from Ankara. It is possible to choose the land route to reach Latvia from Turkey. For this reason, people who want to reach the country by buses or personal vehicles can choose to reach the country via Bulgaria.

Airlines with Flights to Latvia

• Turkish Airlines

• British Airways

•Air France

• Lufthansa


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How to Reach Latvia from Turkey?

To reach Latvia from Turkey, air or road transportation can be preferred.

From which provinces of Turkey are there direct flights to Latvia?

You can travel to the capital of Latvia with direct flights from Ankara and Istanbul.

How can intercity travel be carried out in Latvia?

People visiting Latvia can choose trains and buses to travel within the city. You can reach many points of the country by buses and trains. You can also easily travel between cities with taxis and private transfer vehicles.

What Languages Are Spoken in Latvia?

The official language of the country is Latvian. However, you can easily communicate with the local people in the country by speaking Russian and English.

How Many Days Are Needed to Visit Latvia?

People who want to visit the country must have a stay of at least 3 days. The reason for this is that there are many touristic places to visit and see in the country.

When should you visit Latvia?

The best time to visit Latvia is the summer months. As the air temperatures in the city increase in June, July and August, the number of people visiting the city also increases.

What Souvenirs Can Be Purchased from Latvia?

Amber stone can be listed among the souvenirs that can be bought from Latvia. In addition, country-specific clothes and ornaments can be purchased as souvenirs.

What Foods Should Be Eaten in Latvia?

Black bread, Karum and Baltais are delicacies that people who want to visit the city should taste. Additionally, fish and dishes prepared using fish may be the favorites of people visiting the city.

Is a Visa Required for Latvia?

People who want to travel from Turkey to Latvia must obtain a visa.

Is There a Turkish Representation in Latvia?

There are foreign representative offices of Turkey in different cities of Latvia.

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