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Purchasing a flight ticket to Australia will fly you to a travel destination where you can experience countless experiences. Located in the Southern Hemisphere, between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, Australia covers a large part of the Oceania Continent. Australia, which has such a large surface area, is on the one hand the largest island with no land borders with other countries, and on the other hand, it is the 6th largest country in the world with the largest economy, and you will encounter a diversity where you can experience nature, culture, history and modern city experiences together during your trip here. will provide. If you want, you can visit one of the cities along the coast every day, enjoy more than 10 thousand beaches that you can complete in 27 years, or research the history of Aborigines, one of the important ancient communities of anthropological studies. Of course, much more than these options will be waiting for you.

Information about Australia, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

Buy Flight Tickets to Australia and experience many different types of animal life, from kangaroos to camels; Enjoy many exciting experiences, from mountains to beaches, from tennis tournaments to festivals.

Since the Australian continent is located between two large oceans in the Southern Hemisphere, air currents have caused various climates and landforms to occur over its large surface area. In addition to the beaches along the coasts, there are tropical rainforests, arid lands in the central plains of the continent, and the Australian Alps, which receive more snowfall than even the Swiss Alps. This climate diversity of the continent greatly increases your travel options. For this reason, it will be important to do detailed research and prepare a travel plan for Australia in advance. You can plan your travel destination either with ocean cruises or ski trips where you can see Coral Reefs, sharks or many other sea creatures. While you will have to choose between these options, it is also possible to experience them all together if you extend your travel time. Because they are located in different hemispheres, it will be summer in Turkey and winter in Australia. Considering this climate difference and the richness of seasonal diversity of activities, you can choose spring for the best travel time.

Australia is one of the most developed and reliable countries in the world, as it has the 13th largest economy in the world, 9th in per capita national income, and 2nd in the Human Development Index after Norway. It has received many immigrants throughout its history, so today it has a mixed ethnic structure consisting of people from many different parts of the world. Therefore, although many languages are spoken, the most common and official language is English.

How to Get to Australia Airport?

There are many airports in Australia because it has a very large area. You can plan your flight according to the city or nearest region you want to go to. By purchasing a flight ticket to Australia, you can fly to Sydney Airport, Melbourne Airport, Canberra Airport, Brisbane Airport or Perth Airport. To reach the airports, you can benefit from the services you prefer by considering options such as bus, taxi, car rental or hotel shuttles.

Transportation to Australia

Although it is possible to travel to Australia by sea along the country's coasts, it is necessary to reach the country by air since there is no land border. Since it will be a very long journey, sea transportation is not preferred. To reach Australia from Turkey by air, you need to be ready for a long journey. In addition, there are no non-stop flights between the two countries. For these reasons, the airline you choose and your flight quality are very important.

Airlines with Flights to Australia

• Turkish Airlines

• Pegasus Airlines

• Lufthansa


• Aegean Airlines

• Emirates

• British Airways

•Air France

• Qatar Airways

• Singapore Airlines


What is the coldest temperature in Australia?

Due to its large surface area, weather conditions in the country may vary from city to city. However, it should be said that a warm and temperate climate is common. Since it receives more than 3 thousand hours of sun on average in a year, severe continental weather conditions are not encountered. Depending on the region, temperatures vary between 6°C and 22°C from inland areas to the seashores.

What kind of country is Australia?

Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world with the lowest crime rates. Cultural diversity is very rich due to the large number of immigrants. In this way, it offers a country experience that is safe and easy to adapt to. Due to its large surface area, it can accommodate many different climates. In this way, there are many different activities you can do. You can find k options.

What are the challenges of living in Australia?

When most of us think of Australia, one of the first things that comes to our mind is kangaroos. The number of kangaroos living in Australia is greater than the number of people. They wander freely on the streets, just like cats and dogs in our country. Although it does not pose any danger, it may pose an adaptation challenge for those who encounter it for the first time. Along with kangaroos, crocodiles and snakes are also very common on the streets of some cities. In Australia, which hosts approximately 750 species of reptiles, sometimes walking on the streets can make you feel like you are on safari, and this can be challenging for some of us.

What is the capital of Australia?

The capital of Australia is Canberra. However, its largest and most popular city, Sydney, is better known.

What is the official language of Australia and what are the most common languages?

Because Australia has received many immigrants throughout its history, different languages are still in use. While Aborigines, the natives of the country, use their native languages; Italian, Arabic, Greek and Vietnamese languages are also spoken. However, the majority of the country speaks English, which is also the official language.

What are the cultural characteristics of Australia?

When Australia was recognized by European countries during the Geographical Discoveries, the indigenous people of this place, Aborigines, lived on the continent. Many anthropologists have participated in their studies with indigenous people and studied their culture for many years. These studies say that Aborigines are a kind of nature people. They are an ancient community that approaches nature with respect, believing that they have established a spiritual bond with nature, and has a mythology shaped around the belief in dream time. The cultural contribution of Aborigines has also shaped today's Australian culture.

What is the currency of Australia?

Australian currency since 1966; It is Australian Dollar. Abbreviated version; It is in the form of AUD.

What to eat in Australia?

Australia is known for being a country that has brought famous chefs to the world in the field of gastronomy, and its cuisine is very diverse in terms of ingredients. Local delicacies include barbecue made in the open air, which is the favorite dish of the people. Special sauces and marinade methods for meat consumed with a culture shaped around barbecue culture are naturally very developed. Climate diversity has of course also been a determining factor in cuisine. In addition to a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, it is also possible to taste many different seafood. Australia, which is also a very assertive country in biscuit and cream desserts, is also an important gastronomy stop for wine lovers. There are more than 60 wine producing regions in the country.

What are Australia's famous events?

Australia hosts important tournaments and festivals every year. Among these, the tennis tournament is held every year in January and is the second most attended tennis tournament after the United States; Glad Slam Tennis Tournament. Another famous cultural event that will attract the attention of movie lovers is the Adelaide Film Festival. You can organize your travel calendar to coincide with these events.

What is Australia famous for?

Australia has famous natural wonders that are protected as natural heritage by UNESCO. The most famous of these is the Island of Tasmania. What makes the island so important is that it has the cleanest air in the world, thanks to its untouched rainforests. Another famous natural wonder, the world's largest living organism, the Great Barrier Reef, is the only living thing that can be seen from space. Lake Hillier, which is very impressive with its pink color, and Stromatolites, known to be the oldest living fossils, can be counted among Australia's other famous natural wonders.

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