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By purchasing a flight ticket to New Zealand, you can visit a country that stands out with its wide valleys and impressive ponds. New Zealand is one of the countries that especially people who read The Lord of the Rings want to see before they die. It is said that the author of The Lord of the Rings was influenced by New Zealand and the geography of this country while writing the book. The country will be on the travel list of people who want to see a different culture, with its impressive history as well as its geographical beauties.

Information about New Zealand, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who buy a flight ticket to New Zealand can visit the remarkable country located in the south of the Pacific Ocean. New Zealand is located in the Southern Hemisphere and consists of two large islands. In addition to the two large islands, there are hundreds of small islands in the country.

The main reason for buying New Zealand flight tickets is that the ideal mode of transportation to the country is air. It is not possible to fly non-stop from Turkey to New Zealand. For this reason, people who want to reach New Zealand can travel to countries such as Bangkok or Seoul and then transfer to New Zealand. Another way to reach New Zealand from Turkey is to choose cruise ships. However, since cruise ships do not operate very frequently, people who will choose this route must make a reservation in advance.

People who are going to buy New Zealand flight tickets may wonder when the country should be visited. New Zealand is a country where four seasons are experienced on the same day due to its climate. Therefore, the best time to visit New Zealand is spring and autumn.

People who want to taste local flavors during their visit to New Zealand will encounter the influence of British cuisine. It is recommended that ocean fish such as red snapper are among the delicacies that should be tasted during a trip to New Zealand. It is also recommended to try the country's unique sweet potato, called kumara, during your trip to New Zealand. Since food cultures differ in different parts of the country, those who will visit the country for the first time are recommended to eat in regions that suit their taste.

If you visit New Zealand, it can be seen that there are many cities and historical buildings to visit. The city called Auckland should be visited to see the natural beauties during your New Zealand trip. Auckland attracts attention with its beaches, harbors and fun parks. In addition, since the entertainment life in the city is also visible, clubs and entertainment centers can be visited. People visiting the city should also visit the Auckland Museum and the Eden Garden, also known as the garden of paradise. Additionally, people visiting the city should also see the botanical gardens and underwater world in the country.

Another city that should be visited during your New Zealand trip is Wellington. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and one of the cities that attracts the most tourists. People who want to visit this city can choose to visit the New Zealand Te Papa Museum. Additionally, Wellington Parliament Building and Wellington Museum are among the must-see structures for people visiting the city. Since Wellington Zoo hosts animals of different species, it can be preferred by people visiting the city. There are nearly a thousand exotic animals in the zoo, and the most striking among these animals are red pandas.

Matiu Island will also be a favorite of those who want to witness impressive views during their New Zealand trip. This island is an area where foreign nationals have been imprisoned for many years. This island was used for detention for a century, especially during and after World War II.

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How to Get to the Airport?

Auckland Airport is the airport where you must purchase a flight ticket when visiting New Zealand. Auckland Airport serves internationally and is located just 21 kilometers from the city centre. There are no direct flights from Turkey to this airport, but you can reach this airport with connecting flights. People arriving at the airport may wonder how they can travel from the airport to the city center. People who want to travel to the airport can choose transfer vehicles, buses and taxis.

Transportation to New Zealand

People who want to reach New Zealand from Turkey should know that there are no direct flights from Turkey to New Zealand. People who want to reach New Zealand by air should first travel to cities such as Seoul, Sydney or Bangkok with flights organized from Istanbul or Ankara. People flying to one of these cities can make a transfer to reach New Zealand.

Another way to reach New Zealand from Turkey is by sea. path is preferred. New Zealand can be reached thanks to the ship types operating from Izmir ports. People who want to reach New Zealand can also try to reach New Zealand by sea after going to Australia.

Airlines with Flights to New Zealand

• AirChina

• United Airlines

• China Eastern Airlines

• American Airlines

Are There Direct Flights to New Zealand from Turkey?

It is not possible to fly directly from any city in Turkey to the cities of New Zealand. People who want to reach the country by air can buy plane tickets to countries located close to New Zealand.

When to Go to New Zealand?

New Zealand is located in the Southern Hemisphere and the best time to travel is spring or autumn. The reason for this is that the air temperatures in the country are more suitable for traveling in these months. During the summer months, temperatures in the country are quite severe and it will not be the right time to travel.

What is New Zealand Culture like?

People who encounter local people during their trip to New Zealand may find that the people are extremely friendly. In addition, since the people living in the country are polite people, this politeness should be maintained when communicating with the local people. Especially when communicating in the country, addresses such as thank you and please should be included.

What are the items that can be bought as gifts from New Zealand?

People visiting New Zealand encounter many alternatives to buy as souvenirs. The reason for this is that a lot of handmade products are sold in the country. People who want to buy souvenirs from New Zealand can choose handmade jewelry or objects. Additionally, there is a stone called diorite in the country, and carved products made from this stone can also be purchased as gifts. People who want to taste a local taste can choose from options such as wine and avocado oil on their return from a trip to New Zealand.

What Festivals Are Held in New Zealand?

The largest festival held in New Zealand is the Artsplash festival. This festival has been held in the country for over 40 years. It is possible to find music, dance and theater together at the festival. Another interesting festival held in New Zealand is the New Zealand international jazz and blues festival.

What is New Zealand's Currency?

The currency of New Zealand is the New Zealand dollar.

What Languages Are Spoken in New Zealand?

It is possible for people visiting New Zealand to see that local people speak English even among themselves. The most spoken language in the country is English, followed by Maori. The reason why the Maori language is spoken so much is that 15% of the country is Maori.

How Many Days Are Needed for a New Zealand Trip?

It is recommended to plan a minimum 4-day trip for a New Zealand trip. It would be a good choice for people who want to attend festivals in the country to extend their trip up to 7 days.

Is there a Turkish Foreign Representation in New Zealand?

The embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Wellington is located in the capital of New Zealand.

What Does New Zealand's Economy Do?

New Zealand has a developed economy. The most important pillar of the development of the country's economy is maritime. In addition to maritime, business branches such as fishing and whaling also enabled the development of the country. Wool export can also be cited as one of the important criteria for the development of the country's economy.

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