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People who buy a flight ticket to Romania can visit one of the most beautiful countries of the European continent. Romania is a country visited by tourists all year round with its historical sites and fascinating natural wonders. People visiting Romania can explore the historical and natural beauties by traveling pleasantly in the country.

Information about Romania, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who reach the country by purchasing a Romania flight ticket can visit different provinces of Romania. The capital of Romania is Bucharest. The climate of the country is temperate and its vegetation consists of forests. However, it is known that the effect of the continental climate is seen in the high parts of Romania. Due to the influence of the continental climate, the higher parts of the country are quite cold during the winter months.

People who want to visit Romania can do their trip at any time of the year. If you visit the country in winter, skiing and winter sports can be done. People who want to visit Romania in the summer months can see the natural beauties in the country. To reach Romania, direct flights from Turkey can be preferred. It is possible to reach the capital of the country within 1.5 hours with direct flights from Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

The first place that people who buy Romania flight tickets should visit is the Bucharest Parliament Building. Bucharest Parliament Building is among the most magnificent parliament buildings in the world. The height of the building is over 80 meters and there are 3 museums inside the building. Inside the Bucharest Parliament Building are the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Communist Totalitarianism and the International Conference Hall. People who visit the Parliament building have the chance to visit both the museums and other rooms in the building. Located in the city center, this building is one of the indispensable places to visit Romania with its magnificent appearance.

Another important structure that should be seen after purchasing a flight ticket to Romania is the Bucharest National History Museum. Brussels National History Museum is located in Bucharest, Romania. The museum was built in 1894 and is influenced by the neoclassical style. Although the building where the museum is located served as a patisserie for many years, it was turned into a history museum by state authorities in 1970. Bucharest National History Museum attracts attention with its magnificent structure as well as the historical artifacts it contains. People who visit the museum can see the clothes and valuable items belonging to the royal family in the museum.

The National Museum of Art in Bucharest is one of the most remarkable museums in Romania. Artworks from different cultures are included in the Bucharest National Art Museum. People who visit the museum have the chance to examine modern works here. In addition, historical artifacts unearthed in Romania during the Middle Ages are also included in the museum. It is possible to examine various exhibitions during your visit to the Bucharest National Art Museum. In addition, since it is an art museum, there are also various workshops where children can have an enjoyable time. People who visit the museum with their children can ensure that their children have an enjoyable time in the art workshops.

Cişmigiu Gardens is one of the most beautiful spots in Romania. People visiting Bucharest may become tired of the constant activity of the country and need a space to relax. People visiting Bucharest can visit Cişmigiu Gardens if they want to relax. These gardens were built in the middle of the city. In this way, it has managed to become one of the favorite places of people who want to get fresh air and relax. This garden, which is open to public use, is located on an area of 16 hectares. Since the garden was built on a large area, there are also artificial ponds and various large and small sculptures. People who visit the garden, which is one of the most beautiful shades of green, can both get away from the noise of the country and have the chance to relax.

Lipscani is one of the important places to see during your trip to Romania. This means old city and is one of the rare places in the country that has managed to preserve its natural texture. Since Lipscani is located in the city center of Bucharest, people who want to mingle with the locals and taste local flavors can visit this square.

It is necessary to taste local delicacies during your trip to Romania. When Romanian cuisine is examined, it is seen that foods prepared using meat are at the forefront. Tochitura can be ranked first among the country's local flavors. Since this dish is prepared using potatoes and meat, it has a very delicious taste. It is recommended to try the soups and salads prepared using vegetables during your trip to Romania.

How to Get to the Airport?

People who want to travel from Turkey to Romania must take a flight. They can choose to buy the ticket. People who want to buy a flight ticket should first know that Romania is a challenging country when issuing visas. Therefore, the visa process must be carried out seriously before visiting Romania. People who want to reach Romania can buy tickets for flights between Istanbul and Bucharest. People who want to reach Bucharest from Istanbul should buy a flight ticket for Henri Coanda International Airport.

Henri Coanda International Airport is located in Bucharest and is located close to the city center. People who want to reach this airport, which stands out as the busiest airport in Romania, can choose trains and buses. People who want to reach the airport from different points of the country can choose the train line. Depending on the distance to be traveled by train, it takes between half an hour and 45 minutes. People who want to reach the airport can also choose buses and taxis in addition to trains. You can reach the airport in 20 to 25 minutes by using buses and taxis.

Transportation to Romania

People arriving in Romania encounter different alternatives than urban transportation. People who buy a flight ticket to visit the country see that transportation to the city center has diversified after landing at the airport. Buses and trains can be preferred to reach the city center from the airport. People who reach the city center should choose metro or buses if they want to travel to different provinces of Romania. Since metro and bus tickets are affordable, domestic transportation can be carried out in a cost-effective manner.

Airlines with Flights to Romania

• Pegasus Airlines

• Turkish Airlines


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How Many Hours Does It Take to Reach Romania from Istanbul?

To get from Istanbul to Romania by purchasing a flight ticket, you need to travel 1 hour and 20 minutes. Additionally, connecting flights to Romania can be made from different cities in Turkey.

What Language Is Spoken In Romania?

The official language of Romania is Romanian. In addition to Romanian, it is possible to come across many people who speak Hungarian and Serbian in the country.

What is the Capital of Romania?

The capital of Romania is Bucharest.

Which Currency is Used in Romania?

The currency used in the country is the Romanian Leu.

When Should You Travel to Romania?

Romania can be visited at any time of the year thanks to its climate diversity. People who visit the country in winter can ski, while people who visit in summer can enjoy the natural beauties.

How to Get to Romania?

People who want to travel from Turkey to Romania can choose air transportation. There is a distance of approximately 900 kilometers between Türkiye and Romania. In order to cover this distance quickly, you can buy a flight ticket from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

How to Provide Urban Transportation in Romania?

Public transportation can be used for urban transportation in Romania. Trains, metro and municipal buses are some of the public transportation vehicles used in the country.

What are the places to visit in Romania?

Bucharest Parliament Palace can be listed among the places to visit in Romania. Lipscani is another must-see spot in Romania.

Where to Stay in Romania?

Apart from hotels, apartments and hostels can also be preferred for accommodation in Romania.

What Can You Buy as a Gift from Romania?

Handmade products and rugs can be purchased as gifts from Romania. Additionally, the country's unique cheeses and drinks can be purchased as gifts.

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