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If you buy a Lithuania flight ticket, you can visit the country, which stands out with its hills and plains. It is possible to see green and blue at the same time in the country. People who want to visit Lithuania can explore the natural beauties of the city with a travel plan.

Information about Lithuania, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

Lithuania is located in the Baltic States and has a very crowded population. People who visit the country have the chance to see the magnificent views of both blue and green up close. People who buy Lithuania flight tickets can visit many cities, especially Vilnius, the capital of the country. The first place to visit during a trip to Lithuania is the Lithuanian National Museum located in the capital. The Lithuanian National Museum was opened to visitors in 1855. This museum, one of the oldest buildings in Lithuania, hosts many works that closely witness the history of the country. The Lithuanian National Museum houses archaeological artifacts unearthed from the country. In addition to archaeological works, it is possible to examine many works about the country's traditions and heritage in the museum.

The Church of All Saints is among the important structures that people who buy Lithuania flight tickets should visit. The Church of All Saints attracts attention with its orange color and has become one of the symbols of the country. This church, built in the 17th century, is one of the most beautiful works of Baroque architecture. People who visit the Church of All Saints can closely examine the architecture of the church and take beautiful photographs.

Uzupis Republic is one of the most interesting places in Lithuania. Founded by artists in the capital of the country and called an autonomous region, this republic has become a place frequently visited by tourists. The neighborhood declared its independence in 1997 and has its own constitution. Uzupis Republic is a neighborhood that celebrates its own independence day and hosts many fun events. Since it is a neighborhood belonging to artists, open-air exhibitions are frequently held in the neighborhood. People visiting the neighborhood can participate in the events here and examine the works in the open-air exhibition.

People who want to enjoy natural beauties during their trip to Lithuania can visit Trakai Town. The town is located approximately 45 minutes from the nation's capital. The town emerged with the settlement of Crimean Turks who moved here in the 14th century. Visitors to the town can closely witness the harmony of green and blue if they time their trips to the summer months. If you visit the town in spring and summer, it is also possible to take beautiful nature photographs. Especially people who visit Lithuania to find peace or spend time with nature may not even want to leave this town.

The Genocide Victims Museum is one of the saddest places in both Lithuania and the world. This museum has managed to attract attention from people who are interested in Lithuanian history. The newly acquired building of the museum served as a gym before the Nazi invasion. After the Nazis entered the country in the 1940s, the place used as a museum was designated as a meeting place for Jews. Although the Nazis left the country, Lithuania's intellectuals were imprisoned by the Soviets in this museum for many years. The building was turned into a museum so that the horror inflicted by the Nazis and the Soviets would not be forgotten. The museum remained as it was when Soviet soldiers left the country, and no changes were made inside the museum. People who visit the museum can both remember the people who lost their lives as a result of various genocides and see what kind of area those people were imprisoned in.

The city of Palanga should also be visited during your trip to Lithuania. Palanga is one of the cities in the country that attracts the most visitors and has tourist attractions. People visiting the city should definitely visit the Botanical Garden here. Botanical Garden is built on a large area and is the place preferred by people who want to spend time alone with nature. There are small gardens within the garden, covering an area of 100 hectares. The design of the garden is very interesting and it is possible to examine many plants in the gardens. There are different places in the Botanical Garden, from rose gardens to artificial ponds. This means that people who want to spend a peaceful time during their trip to Lithuania can make their trip more enjoyable in these gardens.

It is also recommended for people visiting Lithuania to taste the country's local delicacies. Lithuanian cuisine generally includes pastries such as donuts. In addition, since the country is a Baltic country, fish and its derivatives are frequently consumed. It is in a preferred geography. People visiting the country can also taste the country's popular cucumber soup or zucchini soup.

How to Get to the Airport?

To reach Lithuania, there are direct or indirect flights from Turkey. Thanks to flights from Istanbul, it is possible to reach the capital of Lithuania or other cities. Thanks to direct flights from Istanbul, passengers can land in the capital of Lithuania after a 2.5-hour flight. The airport that hosts the most passengers in the country can be shown as Vilnius International Airport. Vilnius International Airport is located in the capital and is an airport with direct flights from Turkey. Located approximately 10 kilometers away from the city center, the airport meets the majority of the country's passenger traffic. People who want to reach this airport, located in the capital, can reach the airport by rail or road from different cities of Lithuania. Since the train network has expanded within the country, transportation to this airport in the capital can be achieved in a short time even from one end of the country.

Transportation to Lithuania

People planning a trip to Lithuania should research how they can get to the country. To travel from Turkey to Lithuania, you must purchase a Lithuania flight ticket. People who buy a flight ticket can reach the capital of Lithuania with flights from Istanbul. In addition to the capital, there are direct flights to major cities of the country from Istanbul. It is also possible to choose the road route to reach Lithuania. Since reaching the country by road takes a long time and is costly, people who want to visit the country generally prefer air travel. Since many companies from Turkey organize direct flights to Lithuania, it is possible to reach the country at affordable prices.

Airlines with Flights to Lithuania

• Turkish Airlines

• Lufthansa

• Aegean Airlines

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When Should You Visit Lithuania?

The best time to visit the country can be shown as summer months. Summer months are the times when the country becomes green and regains its natural beauty. For this reason, it would be better to choose the summer months in order to travel around the country more easily and spend time more comfortably.

What are Lithuanian people like?

People visiting Lithuania may wonder whether the society is friendly. The majority of the country's citizens attract attention with their tolerance towards tourists. In this way, people visiting the country can be more comfortable when talking to local people.

What to Eat During a Trip to Lithuania?

People visiting the country should definitely taste the seafood. It is also recommended to try local delicacies such as donuts and pancakes for breakfast.

What Can You Buy as a Gift from Lithuania?

People visiting the country can buy souvenirs from local markets or shopping malls. Country-specific symbols or statues can be listed among the souvenirs that can be purchased.

Which Festivals Are Held in Lithuania?

Lithuanian people are people who love to have fun and are interested in dancing. For this reason, entertaining festivals such as music festivals and jazz festivals are organized in the country. People who attend these festivals can enjoy both music and dance.

What is the weather like in Lithuania?

The weather in Lithuania starts to see minus degrees as of January. The hottest time in the country is the summer months.

What Languages Are Spoken in Lithuania?

Lithuania is a country where many languages are spoken due to its location. Although Lithuanian is determined as the official language in the country, it is known that Russian and Polish are spoken in a large part of the country. In addition, it is easy to communicate with locals in Lithuania by speaking English and German.

How Many Days Should Lithuania Trip Be?

People who do not have much time to visit the country need a 3-day period if they plan their trip logically. The historical and natural beauties of the country can be discovered in 3 days.

What Activities Can Be Held in Lithuania?

Visiting museums is the first among the activities that can be done in the country. Since Lithuania is a country devoted to its culture, it hosts many museums about both its culture and history. Therefore, people visiting the country are recommended to visit these museums. It is also recommended for people visiting the country to visit the Botanical Garden and taste the local delicacies.

Which Currency is Used in Lithuania?

The official currency used in the country is announced as Euro.

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