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People who buy a flight ticket to Slovenia can travel to one of the most beautiful countries in Central Europe. Slovenia is surrounded by countries such as Austria, Croatia and Hungary. The first point that attracts the attention of people who visit Slovenia is the impressive architecture in the country. Many works of Roman architecture, especially the baroque style, can be found in Slovenia.

Information about Slovenia, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who arrive in the country by purchasing a flight ticket to Slovenia can see the historical and natural beauties as well as have the chance to go mountain climbing. Since there are many mountains in Slovenia, people who visit this country can do many sports, especially hiking. It is especially possible to participate in activities such as mountain biking, mountain hiking or skiing in Slovenia.

People who reach the city by purchasing a flight ticket to Slovenia can be amazed by the rich architecture. People who visit Slovenia should definitely see the various castles and palaces located here. The best place to start your Slovenia trip is Ljubljana Castle. Since architectural structures attract attention in the country, this castle is one of the most important historical structures that everyone who visits Slovenia should see. With a height of over 350 meters, this castle is built on a green hill. People who reach the castle can get detailed information about the history and architecture of the castle. In addition, since the castle is built on a green hill, it is frequently visited by people who want to see the city view.

After purchasing a flight ticket to Slovenia, another important structure that should be seen in the country is the Dragon Bridge. Dragon Bridge is called the symbol of power. The reason why the bridge got this name is that green dragons are placed on both sides of the bridge. The bridge was built in the 20th century and has survived to this day. Since there are many legends about this bridge, which draws attention with its dragon motifs, this bridge is one of the frequent destinations of people visiting the country.

The former wine estate is located in Maribor, Slovenia. This historical winery has witnessed many wars. This house, which was located within the walls surrounding the city for many years, has now been transformed into a wine house to provide information about the history of wine. Thanks to the visit to the old wine house, it is possible to learn about the wine tradition and taste some wines.

Maribor Cathedral is another important building to see during your trip to Slovenia. Built on one of the most crowded squares in Slovenia, this cathedral was built in the 13th century. People who visit this cathedral can see traces of Roman architecture and modern architecture together.

Tito Square is one of the most famous places to see during your trip to Slovenia. Tito Square is located in Koper, Slovenia. Tito Square, one of the city's most crowded and tourist-attracting squares, hosts many historical buildings. People who visit this square will have the chance to meet the Slovenian people as well as see the structures in the square. The Praetorian Palace located in the square is one of the points that attract the most visitors. This palace was used by the administration for many years. The palace, which shows the effects of the Gothic style, was built in the 15th century. The palace underwent restoration work in the 20th century and gained its current appearance. It is recommended for people visiting Slovenia to see this square and the historical buildings in the square.

People visiting Slovenia should also taste the flavors of Slovenian cuisine. The country's local delicacies are generally prepared using meat. Therefore, it is possible for people visiting Slovenia to taste soups prepared using beef. Potica, a dessert made with walnuts, is a cake unique to Slovenia. It is recommended that people visiting the country definitely taste these delicacies.

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How to Get to the Airport?

Joze Pucnik Airport is the airport where you need to buy a flight ticket during your trip to Slovenia. This airport is an airport with direct flights from Turkey and is located in the capital of Slovenia. Joze Pucnik Airport is frequently preferred because it is close to the city center. People arriving at this airport may wonder how they can reach the city center from the airport. Public transportation can be preferred for journeys between the airport and the city center. In particular, buses come to the aid of people who have night flights, as they provide service for long hours. Rental cars and taxis are also frequently preferred for journeys between the airport and the city center.

Transportation to Slovenia

The question of how to get to Slovenia is asked by people who want to visit the country. Direct flights may be preferred for journeys from Turkey to Slovenia. Directly from Turkey to Slovenia It is possible to fly in Ashkent. People who want to visit Slovenia can also choose to travel by road. Since road trips take longer than air travels, air travel is more preferred for trips to Slovenia.

Airlines with Flights to Slovenia

• Turkish Airlines

• Lufthansa


When should you visit Slovenia?

People planning a trip to Slovenia must first choose the right time period to visit the country. When the trips to Slovenia are examined, it is seen that the number of people visiting the country generally increases in the summer months. Since most of the country has a Mediterranean climate, the weather gets warmer in the summer months and tourists visit the country more.

What Souvenirs Can Be Purchased from Slovenia?

People visiting Slovenia may want to buy souvenirs on their return. Since the first figure that comes to mind when Slovenia is mentioned is a dragon, dragon statues or figurines are the most common souvenirs bought from the city.

Which Festivals Are Held in Slovenia?

People visiting Slovenia may want to plan their trip during the festival period. It is recommended that people who want to visit the country during the festivals plan their trip in the summer months. Festivals held in Slovenia include various festivals such as the film festival, the Maribor festival and the climbing festival.

What Languages Are Spoken in Slovenia?

The official language of Slovenia is Slovenian. It is possible for people visiting the country to encounter many people who speak Italian and Hungarian. Since the young population is fluent in English, people visiting the country can also communicate in English.

How Many Days of Trip Should be Planned to Slovenia?

People who want to travel to Slovenia must make a minimum 3-day plan. People who want to visit the country during the winter months and participate in activities such as skiing or mountain climbing are recommended to extend their trip up to a week.

Which Currency is Used in Slovenia?

People who visit Slovenia wonder which currency is used in the country to buy foreign currency. The official currency used in Slovenia is the Euro.

Where is Slovenia located?

Slovenia is located on the European Continent and is located in South Central Europe. Surrounded by countries such as Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy, Slovenia also has a coastline on the Adriatic Sea.

How to Provide Urban Transportation in Slovenia?

It is possible to choose different alternatives for intercity and urban transportation in Slovenia. Buses are generally preferred for intercity transportation. In addition, buses are the primary means of urban transportation. People visiting Slovenia can make their trips more comfortable with private transfer vehicles and rental cars.

Is there a Turkish Foreign Representation in Slovenia?

Turkish citizens who want to visit Slovenia wonder whether there is any foreign representative in the country. There is an embassy of the Republic of Turkey in the capital of the country.

Which Flavors Stand Out in Slovenian Cuisine?

When Slovenian cuisine is mentioned, dishes prepared using meat come to mind. In the country, beef or chicken is even added to soups. It is known that salads and pastries, especially meat, are frequently preferred from the country.

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