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When you buy a flight ticket to the United Kingdom, you will need to be prepared for the difficult and exciting feelings of choosing among the countless beauties you will encounter and all of them. For some of us, the excitement of seeing the magnificent castles, mansions and green fields stretching across the English novels we read with great pleasure, for Harry Potter fans, the magic of going on a fictional journey, for some of us, an uninterrupted historical curiosity that will be felt in the most important state of the modern world history, will surround you from the moment you complete your flight. will start.

Although the United Kingdom is remembered with England, it is a unitary state consisting of four regions: Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Thus, with the visa you will receive, you will have the right to pass to all four regions of this Kingdom, which has one of the longest coastlines in the world. You may not be on the largest piece of land in the world, but you will be in what was once the most sprawling Kingdom on Earth . The original castles, palaces and huge mansions you will encounter on your visit route will easily take you through this passage of time. You will be able to experience the descriptions in a novel written a century ago, thanks to the pristine landscapes.

Information about the United Kingdom, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

Buy a Flight Ticket to the United Kingdom and prepare an investigative travel plan where you can understand the economy of a period and the social structure shaped around it in a mechanical city like Manchester, the center of the Industrial Revolution, or if you are a Shakespeare enthusiast, go on a cultural journey to visit the stages where he once performed his plays. Of course, as long as you have time, it may be possible to experience these one after another, after all, it is possible to visit the regions of an entire kingdom with a single visa. Once the largest Kingdom in the world, the United Kingdom has a long and eventful history. When traveling to such countries, it is important to find things that have not been lost despite all the change. In the United Kingdom , it is possible to find traces of the past vividly in cities such as Oxford, Edinburgh and Bath . Not only the cities, but also the atmosphere created by a constitutional monarchy with its Princes and Princesses will allow you to have a different experience. On the other hand, it can make you experience transitions in time with modern cities such as London and Manchester.

One of the most iconic buildings in London At the Eye, you can watch the entire city from a height of 135 meters as it slowly rotates on a huge Ferris wheel. Or the National Museum , one of the largest museums in the world. You can visit the Gallery for free. Of course, the list of things you can do is much longer. Buckingham Palace , which is still a living palace, is mostly open to visitors. If you are lucky, it coincides with the military changeover and you can see this ceremony, which is as impressive as the palace. The Jurassic Coast, which fascinates you with its green nature and the view of the waves crashing on the rocks , or Stonehenge , which still preserves its mystery , can be one of your destinations. If you want to feel the future, you can visit the Eden Project, where you can examine many plant species that it is not normally possible to see together in large greenhouses that look like bubble wrap sticking out of the ground in a mountainous area.

United Kingdom Airport?

You can land at many airports by purchasing a UK Flight Ticket. The decisive factor here will be deciding which city will be your first travel destination. This way, you can land directly in the city where you will start your trip or choose the nearest airport. London is among the airports with the highest passenger mobility Heathrow Airport, London It is possible to reach Great Britain directly from many airline points such as Gatwick Airport, London Stansted Airport, Manchester Airport, Edinburgh Airport, Birmingham Airport and Glasgow Airport.

Transportation to the United Kingdom

It is possible to reach the United Kingdom countries from outside the island by air, road and sea. You can travel between the countries of the United Kingdom by train. However, when entering the Kingdom for the first time, you can choose the most common method, namely the airline, due to the advantage it provides in terms of time for passengers coming from different continents and the number of airports available in almost every region.

Airlines with Flights to the United Kingdom

  • Qantas .
  • air Transat .
  • United Airlines .
  • Pegasus
  • Avian .
  • LATAM Airlines .
  • Turkish Airlines .
  • Iberia Airlines .
  • WestJet
  • SunExpress

Which cities to visit in the United Kingdom?

Since the United Kingdom encompasses four important and well-established countries, there are many cities to visit. However, among these, there are a few prominent cities that even those of us who have never been there know their names or famous places. Oxford, which we know with its famous University, is also one of the most impressive cities with its calmness and green nature . Another city worth visiting is Edinburgh , the capital of Scotland . While it impresses visitors with its architecture from the Middle Ages and Georgian periods, which still maintains its splendor , it can also be a more interesting destination for those interested with the world's largest book festival, the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Another city worth visiting is London, which is the capital of both the United Kingdom and England.

What are the tourist attractions in the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom promises a safe travel for tourists, offering the opportunity to reach the past with modern means, as it maintains its historical texture and traditions, and has one of the best economies in the world. The first tourist attraction we can list among these is Dark Hedges . This region, which became even more famous with Game of Thrones , creates a shower of natural pleasure and is a good destination for both series fans and other visitors. Another tourist attraction is Stonehenge, with its giant stones weighing 30-40 kilograms, which preserves the mystery of its history dating back to 5000 BC and how it was moved . Tower Bridge, one of the most iconic structures in the world, and Big Ben are other tourist attractions that should be seen and taken for a souvenir photo.

What to eat in the UK?

As we know from movies and novels, we integrate UK cuisine with the tea, jam/bread duo. While this is valid to a certain extent, there is of course much more to it. Fish&Chips can be considered the most famous of these. Breakfast plates accompanied by beans, toast, sausage and bacon may not appeal to every palate, but they can be given as an experience. And the scone that accompanies tea time , Eton Trifle , Fat Manchester pie Rascal , Yorkshire Pudding …

What are the Famous Events in the UK?

London Marathon is one of the most famous marathons in the world, held in London every year at the end of April with a distance of over 40 km. Marathon is one of the most famous events. Pancake Festival was held in February with the participation of visitors from many different countries. Day is one of the other famous events. The last day of Lent , in which animal foods are not consumed during the 40-day fast, is celebrated with pancakes , continuing an old tradition . Over time, this religious ceremony turned into a cultural event. Another famous event is the Chelsea Flower Show, an ancient spring festival held in May that will attract a lot of attention from botanical lovers . The flower types, garden designs and bouquets you will see here may enchant you.

What is Required to Go to the UK?

In order to travel to the United Kingdom, you must apply for a General Visitor Visa to the United Kingdom with your Ordinary Passport, Service Passport or Special Passport. If your visa application is approved, you will be able to visit four regions of the United Kingdom.

What Is The United Kingdom Governed By?

The United Kingdom is governed by parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. This means that the country's politics are carried out with the cooperation of a parliament and the Crown.

What Language Does the United Kingdom Speak?

in all UK countries, although they have their own dialects. The official language of the state is also English .

What Currency Does the United Kingdom Use?

Pound, is used as the currency in the United Kingdom .

What is the Capital of the United Kingdom?

The capital of the United Kingdom is London, which is also the capital of England.

Why Use the Term United Kingdom?

The term "United Kingdom" came into use in 1801, when the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, which included Wales, Scotland and England, were united by the Act of Union.

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