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You can travel from Turkey to one of the most beautiful countries in the world by purchasing a flight ticket to Hungary. Even though Hungary is not a landlocked country, it has managed to become one of the favorite routes of tourists with its natural beauties. This country, which hosts millions of tourists every year, is also frequently visited by Turkish citizens. People who visit the country can enjoy historical and natural beauties.

Information about Hungary, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who buy a flight ticket to Hungary can visit this country located in Central Europe. Hungary is a country with a surface area of 93,000 square kilometers. Hungary is a landlocked country due to its location. Even if it does not have a seashore, it is possible to witness many natural beauties within the country. People who want to visit Hungary can plan their trips accordingly by having information about the country's climate. It is recommended to bring your Hungary trip to the summer months. The reason for this is that the winters in the country are very cold and harsh. People who want to explore the historical and natural beauties of the country are recommended to plan their trips between June and August.

People who want to travel to Hungary can start their trip by exploring the historical and natural beauties of the country. The first destination of your Hungary trip should be Budapest, the capital of the country. People visiting Budapest can visit the Parliament Building in the city. The Parliament Building is one of the buildings that attract attention with its architecture in the country. It is known that more than 40 kilos of gold were used during the construction of the building. The Parliament Building will be one of the favorite places of people visiting the country, with its architecture using gold and its magnificent structure. It draws attention not only with its building style, but also with the sculptures inside it. There are more than 200 large and small statues inside the Parliament Building. People who examine these sculptures also have the chance to take beautiful photographs.

Chain Bridge is an area that can be preferred by people who want to have a pleasant journey during their trip to Hungary. The bridge was designed by a British architect and attracts attention by connecting the two sides of Budapest. While the Chain Bridge was being built, both an area where vehicles could pass and areas where walking could take place were included. The reason why the bridge attracts so much attention is the huge lion statues placed on both sides of the bridge. People who have the chance to see the statues closely during their visit to the Chain Bridge also have the chance to watch the impressive view of Budapest.

People who buy Hungary flight tickets can visit Buda Castle. Buda Castle is the castle whose construction started in 1265. Buda Castle is a castle bearing traces of gothic architecture. The castle was used by the royal family for many years and also served as a palace. The castle is located in a historical area where museums are located today. People who visit the castle can visit the museums here as well as have the chance to see churches from the past.

After purchasing a flight ticket to Hungary, people visiting the country can visit the area called the Grand Market. Büyük Market serves as the country's local bazaar. People who visit this bazaar can buy country-specific delicacies as well as souvenirs. The Big Market is built on 3 floors and different products are offered for sale on each floor. While meat and dairy products are offered for sale on the first floor of the building called the Big Market, people visiting the 2nd floor have the chance to examine handmade products. There is also an area within the building where Asian delicacies are sold. People who visit this area can both taste Asian delicacies and buy fish products.

People who visit Hungary should definitely taste the local flavors in the country. The first dish that people traveling to Hungary should try is the local delicacy called goulash. In addition to this delicacy, foods prepared using steak and paprika peppers are among the local flavors of the country.

How to Get to the Airport?

Budapest Airport is the airport where people who want to travel to Hungary should buy a flight ticket. Budapest Airport is the country's international airport and is located in the capital. There are different alternatives to reach the airport, which is 16 kilometers from Budapest city center. People who want to reach the airport from different cities of the country can choose buses and taxis. You can comfortably reach the airport in a short time by buses and taxis. Rental vehicles for people who want to reach the airport or they can also choose private services. Your journey to the airport can be made more comfortable with rental cars and private shuttles.

Transportation to Hungary

Different transportation options can be preferred to reach Hungary. People who want to reach Hungary from Turkey can reach the country with direct or connecting flights from Istanbul. Since Hungary is located close to Turkey, you can land in the country's capital after a one-hour flight from Istanbul. While it is possible to reach the country with direct flights, it is also possible to choose connecting flights.

People arriving in Hungary can choose from different transportation options to travel within the country. In Hungary, developed metro and tram networks are preferred for transportation between cities. With the metro network, you can travel to different parts of the country, as well as to tourist areas safely. The most preferred transportation network in Hungary is the railway. Thanks to the railway that connects different cities of the country, people can travel comfortably within the country.

Airlines with Flights to Hungary

• Pegasus Airlines

• Lufthansa

• Wizz Air

• AnadoluJet

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What Can You Buy as a Gift from Hungary?

People visiting Hungary may want to buy souvenirs from the country. Among the souvenirs to be bought from Hungary, toys made of wood are frequently preferred. In addition to these toys, handmade porcelains and dolls offered for sale are among the preferred options for souvenirs. Local delicacies such as sausages or salami from Hungary can also be purchased as gifts.

Where to Shop in Hungary?

People who want to shop in Hungary can visit the Chinese market in Budapest. People who visit the Chinese market can buy antique items. In addition, the large market in Budapest is a place that people who want to buy local delicacies or fish products can visit.

What are the Food Prices in Hungary?

Food prices in Hungary are quite affordable compared to other European cities.

What Should You Know Before a Trip to Hungary?

The first point that people visiting the country should know is that they must have their passports with them during their visit to the country. In accordance with Hungarian laws, tourists in the country must carry their passports with them throughout the entire trip and show them to the authorities when necessary. It is recommended that people who visit restaurants to eat in Hungary do not leave the restaurant without leaving a tip.

Is Nightlife Lively in Hungary?

Nightlife in Hungary is especially active during the summer months when tourists visit more frequently. People visiting Hungary can have a pleasant time in the bars and nightclubs in the major cities of the country, especially the capital.

How Does the Visa Process for Hungary Work?

Hungary is a country located in the Schengen area. Therefore, the person who wants to visit the country must have a Schengen visa.

Is Hungary a Member of the European Union?

Hungary was admitted to the European Union 20 years ago.

Which Festivals Are Held in Hungary?

Titanic International Film Festival is held in Hungary. The film festival is held in Budapest in March. The spring festival is held in April, while the Budapest International Circus Festival is held in January. People who attend these festivals can witness colorful images and participate in fun activities.

What to Eat in Hungary?

It is recommended for people visiting the country to taste goulash, the national dish of Hungary. In addition to goulash, you can also taste paprika and various meat dishes available in the country.

Where to Stay During a Trip to Hungary?

People visiting Hungary can choose different options for accommodation. People visiting the country can stay in hotels or hostels. In addition, since the culture of renting a house has developed in the country, rental houses can also be preferred for accommodation.

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