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People who buy a flight ticket to Portugal can visit one of the most beautiful countries of the European continent. Since Portugal is located in the westernmost part of the European continent, it is shown as the homeland of natural beauties. Portugal, which has beautiful countryside, should be one of the important routes of the world tour.

Information about Portugal, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who buy a Portugal flight ticket can visit the country consisting of 18 regions. Portugal is home to important cities such as Porto, mBraga and Lisbon. The capital of the country is Lisbon and it is one of the cities that attracts the most visitors. People who arrive in Lisbon can start their trip from the Lisbon Cathedral. Lisbon Cathedral is also known as St. Mary's Cathedral. It is not known when the cathedral was built, but it attracts attention as one of the oldest religious buildings in Portugal. Although the cathedral has undergone various restorations, it has managed to preserve its originality until today. This building, which is under the influence of Gothic, baroque and neoclassical movements, is among the places that people who are interested in architecture should visit.

Belem Tower can also be visited after purchasing a flight ticket to Portugal. Belem Tower is one of the symbols of Portugal and was built in the 1500s. The building is of great importance for the history of Portugal and draws attention with the fact that it was built in the period when geographical discoveries were made. Belem Tower was built in the port of Lisbon and fascinates those who see it with its impressive view. People who want to visit this tower, which is only 2.5 kilometers away from the city center, can have the chance to reach the tower by walking within Lisbon. The tower, which can be visited free of charge by children under the age of 14, can also be visited by adults by purchasing a ticket. People who have the chance to enter the tower can visit the tower and then climb to the top to examine the city view.

The Museum of Ancient Art is one of the most important museums in Europe. Located in Lisbon, Portugal, this building attracts attention with the exhibition of works built between the 14th century and the 20th century. The Museum of Ancient Art also houses the collections of the Portuguese royal family. Especially people who are interested in oil paintings have the chance to see beautiful works when they visit the museum. One of the most striking works in the museum is the painting representing the Portuguese landing in Japan. In this table, the Portuguese are discussed from the Japanese perspective. Additionally, beautiful porcelain sets await visitors in the museum.

After purchasing your flight ticket to Portugal, you should definitely visit the city of Porto. Porto is one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal and is visited by tourists at all times of the year. People visiting Porto can start their trip with the Porto Wine Museum located here. When the history of Portugal is examined, it is seen that Port wine has an important place. For this reason, the Porto Wine Museum was opened in the city of Porto. This museum, which was opened to visitors in 2004, exhibits many works, from books to videos explaining how wine is made. People who visit the museum can taste different wines and also get clearer information about winemaking.

It is recommended to see the San Francisco Church during your trip to Portugal. This church started to be built in 1223 and was opened 22 years later. San Francisco Church is a Catholic church and was built on a very small area when it was first opened. Over time, the church was enlarged and reached its current magnificent structure. San Francisco Church has become the symbol of the country, with its magnificent appearance and traces of gothic architecture. Today, weddings and various baptismal ceremonies are held in the San Francisco Church. In addition, if people who visit the church are lucky, they will have the chance to attend classical music concerts held in the church.

During your trip to Portugal, you should also taste the local flavors of the country. When Portuguese cuisine is mentioned, dishes prepared using fish come to mind. In addition, soup culture is quite developed in Portugal. For this reason, people visiting the country are recommended to taste seafood and soups. People who want to visit Portugal can plan a pleasant trip no matter what season they visit. The reason for this is that the country hosts colorful and lively events at all times of the year. If you plan your trip to Portugal in the summer months, necessary precautions must be taken against high temperatures.

How to Get to the Airport?

Porto Airport is the preferred international airport to reach Portugal. Porto Airport is located in Porto, Portugal. You can reach the airport, which is 11 kilometers from the city center, by different means of transportation. It is possible to travel in a short time. People who want to reach the airport can travel from the city center by bus, metro and taxi. Since buses operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, people who reach the airport by purchasing a flight ticket can travel to the city center safely. If you prefer buses to reach the airport, you can reach the city center from the airport in a half-hour journey.

Transportation to Portugal

People who want to reach Portugal can choose direct flights from Turkey. Thanks to direct flights from Istanbul, you can reach Portugal in a short time. In addition to direct flights, people who want to travel to Portugal in a more cost-effective way can also choose connecting flights. People who do not want to choose flights to reach Portugal can also reach the country by cruise ships. Portugal can be reached in a short time thanks to connecting cruises organized from Istanbul and Izmir.

People who arrive in Portugal can choose public transportation for urban transportation. Buses, metro, taxis and transfer vehicles can be preferred for urban transportation in Portugal. While it is possible to travel across the country by buses, you can also travel quickly by metro.

Airlines with Flights to Portugal

• Wizz Air

• Lufthansa

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How to Get to Portugal?

To reach Portugal from Turkey, air or sea transportation can be preferred. It is possible to reach Portugal with direct flights from Istanbul. People who want to reach the country by sea can choose cruises with connections in Italy.

How many hours does it take between Portugal and Türkiye by plane?

Direct flights from Turkey to Portugal take approximately 5 hours. People who want to reach the country via transfer must take a 9 or 10 hour journey.

What Languages Are Spoken in Portugal?

The official language used in Portugal is declared as Portuguese. In addition to Portuguese, English is also widely used in the country. Due to its geography, Portugal is also home to many people who speak Spanish, Italian and German.

Which Currency is Used in Portugal?

The official currency used in Portugal is the Euro.

How many hours difference is there between Portugal and Türkiye?

There is a 2 hour difference between the time of Portugal and Turkey. Portugal is 2 hours behind Turkey. For this reason, trips should be planned taking into account the time difference.

Which Cities Should Be Visited in Portugal?

Porto and Lisbon can be listed first among the cities to visit in Portugal.

What is Portugal famous for?

The answer to the question of what Portugal is famous for can be fish. Portugal is a country where fish and various seafood are abundant due to its location. In addition, Belem dessert has been determined as a local flavor in the country. Since the city of Porto is famous for its wines, it is recommended that people visiting the country taste its wines.

What Can You Buy as a Gift from Portugal?

A Christ statue, magnets and Port wine can be bought as souvenirs from Portugal.

How Many Days Are Needed to Visit Portugal?

Since Portugal is a big country, travel planning should be done correctly. It is recommended that people who want to visit the country plan a trip of at least 4 to 5 days.

Is the Portuguese Economy Developed?

The Portuguese economy can be shown among the developed economies. Most of the country's economy comes from tourism and wine.

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