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You can get the chance to visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world by buying a flight ticket to the Netherlands. The Netherlands, which draws attention with its canals, museums and historical cities, can be one of the most beautiful holiday routes. You can have a pleasant time in the Netherlands with a trip alone or with your friends. This country, where you can taste different flavors of cheese, enjoy the nightlife and ride a bike along the canals, will also fascinate you with its natural beauties. This country, which is famous for its tulips, has also managed to enchant tourists with its large mills.

You can also have the chance to visit countries close to the Netherlands, such as Belgium and Luxembourg, after visiting the Netherlands. You can have the chance to visit the Netherlands, which is among the Schengen member countries, and other Schengen member countries.

About Netherlands

The vast majority of the Netherlands' territory lies below sea level. Therefore, the English meaning of country is low country. The Netherlands, which began to be called a state on January 30, 1648, determined Amsterdam as its capital. Dutch is accepted as the official language in the country. In addition to Dutch, English is among the languages used in most of the country. The Netherlands, which has 3 islands in the Caribbean, has a population of 17 million. Amsterdam, the capital of the country, also draws attention as the most populous city in the country. Amsterdam, which is the most populated city in terms of population, is also the city that attracts the most tourists. Home to many museums and parks, Amsterdam is one of the must-see places in the world.

Located in Western Europe, the Netherlands is a country that borders Germany and Belgium. The Euro is used as the currency in the Netherlands. The Netherlands, which is a member of the European Union, is also a Schengen member country. In addition to Amsterdam, its major cities such as Rotterdam and The Hague are among the must-see cities of the Netherlands. Due to Rotterdam being a port city and The Hague being the administrative capital, it is among the cities frequently visited by tourists. After visiting The Hague, it can be visited and seen in the nearby villages. Large farms and cheese factories are located in these villages.

Dutch Food Culture

Amsterdam Schiphol airport is located very close to the city center. After getting off the plane, you can reach the city center in a short time and have the opportunity to taste the delicious foods of the Netherlands. The Netherlands is not a country with a very large cuisine. However, some unique flavors are preferred by tourists. Cheese is a large part of the Dutch food culture. In this country, which is known for its dairy farms and large cheese factories, you can have the opportunity to taste different kinds of cheese.

Gouda is one of the most preferred cheeses in the Netherlands. This cheese, which has many varieties, is also frequently preferred by tourists. Like Gouda, the cheese named Edam is among the famous cheeses of the Netherlands. There are many varieties of this cheese, especially with cumin. You can choose the one that best suits your taste from these cheeses flavored with different spices.

Erwtensoep is the most famous soup in the Netherlands. This soup made of peas and sausage has become a favorite of both tourists and locals. Pompoensoep can be shown as the most famous other soup of the Netherlands. This soup is a pumpkin home made soup. Dropjes are the famous candies of the Netherlands. Dropjes candies containing anise have become a favorite of tourists. Although the Netherlands does not have a wide range of food culture, it has managed to conquer the hearts of tourists with its delicious cheeses and soups.

Places To Visit In The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country with many places to visit and see. The first place among the places to visit in the Netherlands is Amsterdam, the capital. The magical atmosphere of the city, which attracts attention with its cultural elements, will impress you from the very first moment. Surrounded by canals, the city is as colorful at night as it is during the day. You can visit many museums in the city, where you can cycle around during the day. Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank Museum are among the must-see museums in Amsterdam.

Eindhoven is one of the smallest cities in the Netherlands. However, you may need to spare a day to visit this small city. This city, where you can find the most beautiful shades of green, is among the must-see places in the Netherlands with the Philips Stadium and the Evoluon Building.

Gouda is a city that can be the first stop for those who want to taste different cheeses. This city, where you can have a pleasant time with the cheese festival, is a city where you can taste the most famous cheeses of the Netherlands.

Leiden is a city where you can take a boat trip, and it succeeds in being a favorite of tourists. is gone. After a boat ride in this city surrounded by canals, you can stroll through the historical streets of the city.

Maastrich is a Dutch city that has gained popularity as a tourist attraction. This city, which draws attention with its historical atmosphere, is also a vibrant city with its university. This city, which you can choose for shopping, has more affordable prices than other Dutch cities.

Netherlands Transportation

You can use different means of transport for transportation in the Netherlands. Tramway and municipal buses are the most preferred public transportation vehicles in urban transportation. You can also use the metro to travel within the city. Trains are used for intercity transportation in the Netherlands. You can easily travel with disposable tickets in the country where there are many places to buy tickets.

You should definitely choose bicycles to see the natural beauties of the Netherlands and to wander along its canals. You can catch that peaceful view along the canals only while cycling. Your bike ride, where you will stop to take photos from time to time, will open the door to various beauties.

Airlines with Flights to the Netherlands

There are many airlines with direct flights to the Netherlands. These airlines include Turkish Airlines, Pegasus airlines, MIAT Mongolian airlines, Corendon Dutch airlines and PIA many airlines. By choosing one of these airlines with direct flights to the Netherlands, you can fly to the Netherlands directly. In order to benefit from advantageous packages, you can pay less for a flight ticket to the Netherlands.

What languages are spoken in the Netherlands?

The official language of the Netherlands is Dutch. However, if you speak English, you can easily get along with many people in the country.

What is the currency of the Netherlands?

The Netherlands uses the euro as its currency.

Is the Netherlands a member of Schengen?

The Netherlands is a Schengen member country.

What is the Dutch form of government?

The Netherlands is governed by a monarchy.

What is the vegetation like in the Netherlands?

The part of the Netherlands consists of meadows. In addition, oak trees are among the tree species used in the country.

Who are the neighbors of the Netherlands?

The Netherlands borders Germany and Belgium.

Where is the Netherlands located?

The Netherlands is a country located in the west of the European continent.

What is the best season to go to the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a cool country. Therefore, the best seasons to visit the country are spring and autumn.

What festivals is the Netherlands famous for?

The Netherlands is famous for its Rotterdam Summer festival and Gouda cheese festival.

What are the touristic cities of the Netherlands?

Among the tourist attractions of the Netherlands are cities such as Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam.

Netherlands Flight Information

The Netherlands hosts tourists from many cities of the world with Amsterdam Schiphol airport. There are flights from Turkey to the Netherlands every day of the week. You can fly from Istanbul to Amsterdam in 2 hours and 45 minutes. It takes about 4 hours to fly from Ankara to Amsterdam. You can travel directly from Turkey to Amsterdam with Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines.

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