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Buy a flight ticket to Sweden and fly to Sweden, which reflects Scandinavian culture in every aspect. Sweden is a neighbor of the Scandinavian countries Norway and Finland. Neighboring Denmark and the Öresund Bridge in the south, it is the country with the third largest surface area among the countries of the European Union. Sweden, located close to the Arctic Circle, experiences freezing temperatures that can exceed -40°C during the winter months. Like its neighboring countries, Sweden has a nature and social life shaped around the cold climate. Sweden, which has an ocean coast, is thus shaped according to different climate types. It has areas covered in white as well as areas with stunning views where green and blue meet. Although the winter months are quieter compared to other seasons, the Kiruna Snow Festival, one of the biggest events in the country, is celebrated with great participation in every corner of the country between January 22 and January 25. Swedish people, who spend most of the year in snow-covered cities and towns, are calm, composed and have high social adaptation skills. The clean air of the pine forests that cover a large part of the country certainly nourishes this calm temperament. Important policies have a great impact to protect these clean and calm natural conditions. Sweden is a recycling country and waste is recycled into raw materials in many sectors such as the technology industry. In addition, as the use of gasoline-powered vehicles will be completely banned in the country by 2025, in line with the prepared law, the exhaust gas entering the air is almost gone. Sweden, the 7th country according to the Human Development Index, manages to impress its visitors with its nature on the one hand and modern structures on the other. At the same time, the country, which has a developed social structure, is one of the countries where cultural sympathy and immigration incentives are quite high. For those who want to have a travel experience beyond shopping and photographs taken in iconic landscapes, Sweden is the right travel address with its community life, clean air with high oxygen, Northern Lights, art events and festivals.

How to Get to Sweden Airport?

By purchasing a flight ticket to Sweden, you can fly non-stop to Arlanda Airport, the busiest airport in the country, located in the capital Stockholm. You can easily reach the airport, which is 40 km away from the city center, by using common transportation means such as trains, metro networks and public transportation buses. You can get to the airport in 45 minutes by using Express and Flygbussarna buses, which depart at any time of the day. You can also reach the city center in 20 minutes using the Arlanda Express train line. If you wish, you can also consider taxi or car rental options.

Transportation to Sweden

You can reach Sweden by road, sea and air. However, today the most preferred means of transportation is by air, which is the easiest and safest option.

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What are the places to visit in Sweden?

Sweden is an ancient northern country that has been inhabited since 1200 and was once under Viking influence. The fact that it has seen different administrations throughout its history has enriched the cultural heritage in the country. Colorful and warm structures surround the area, warming your heart in a cold snow country. It is possible to experience nature with its forests and small towns. You can feel like you are in a fairy-tale country with the interesting architecture in its cities. The first place you should visit in Sweden is the capital Stockholm, the country's largest and most vibrant city. Gamla Stan, also known as the Old Town, where the oldest settlement in Sweden was founded in the 1200s, is located in Stockholm. When you visit here, you can see the oldest buildings in the city. For those who do not want to return without seeing official buildings and important structures in the countries they visit, the Royal Palace and Stockholm Cathedral can be one of your stops in Stockholm. Some travelers like to visit the public libraries of the cities they visit. Whether you are one of these people or not, you should not miss the huge and fascinating Stockholm Public Library located in the capital. Apart from visiting buildings in the city, you can visit the lake-framed town of Jönköping in the nearby Småland region. Cities you should definitely see outside the capital: After the city of Kiruna, located at the northernmost point of the country, Uppsala, a lively university city, and Stockholm, the largest cities are Gothenburg and Malmö.

What is Sweden's Currency?

The currency of Sweden is the Swedish Krona, whose official abbreviation is SEK.

What are the famous dishes of Sweden?

When it comes to food in Sweden, the first thing that comes to everyone's mind is the world-famous Swedish Meatballs. Tasting the original gives you the taste of what you have eaten before. will make you forget. Of course, Swedish cuisine is much more than that. As in other Scandinavian countries, seafood is the main ingredient. However, meat dishes prepared with vegetables are also very delicious. Swedish cuisine is centered around fish, meat, potatoes and milk. Traditional dishes include Raggmunk, a type of pancake, Husmanskost, a traditional dish cooked in villages, and Knackebröd, a crispy bread and wild cranberry jam. In addition, Surströmming, a fish dish commonly eaten in Northern Sweden, is also famous. Aquavit, the national drink of the Swedes, distilled from potatoes and flavored with herbs, can also be tasted by those interested.

Does Sweden Require a Visa?

Sweden is a Schengen country. A Schengen visa must be applied for visiting Sweden and for touristic travel.

What are Sweden's climate conditions like?

As a northern country bordering the ocean, Sweden has several different climate types. While the oceanic climate prevails in the south, there is a subarctic climate towards the north. In the winter months of the country, the temperature drops to -40°C. For this reason, it may be a good idea for travelers who do not have much tolerance for cold to avoid the winter season.

Is there a high number of people who speak English in Sweden?

Although the official language of the country is Swedish, almost all the people speak English. For this reason, it is a country with high ease of communication for tourists.

In Which Months Should You Visit to See the Northern Lights in Sweden?

Sweden, where winters are quite difficult, can be quite challenging for people who do not live in the northern country. For this reason, Sweden should be visited in March and October, when the weather conditions are more normal and it is possible to watch the Northern Lights with the naked eye.

What are the most visited regions in Sweden?

The city that receives the most visitors in Sweden is the capital Stockholm. Being the center of events such as the Sweden World Rally and Stockholm Fashion Week; The Vasa Museum, where a huge ship that mysteriously sank 400 years ago is exhibited, also affects the visitor density in the city. Diurgarden Island is also an area frequently visited by both locals and tourists. Various events such as yacht exhibitions, art galleries, fashion shows and opera attract the attention of visitors on the island, which is almost an open art gallery.

Are transportation facilities wide?

Transportation facilities are quite developed in Sweden. Visitors can get there using many means such as trains, metro networks and public transport buses. You can easily use the Access card, which is a public transportation card, by purchasing it for single use, daily or monthly.

What is Sweden's Government Style?

Today, Sweden, like some European countries, is governed by a constitutional monarchy based on the parliamentary system.

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