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People who buy a Georgia flight ticket can visit the country, which stands out for its proximity to Turkey. Georgia is a country located on the Black Sea coast and has attracted the attention of the whole world with its natural beauties. Turkish citizens also frequently visit Georgia because it borders Turkey. Especially the cities of Tbilisi and Batumi are indispensable points of Georgia travel.

Information about Georgia, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who buy a flight ticket to Georgia can visit the country, which is located in the South Caucasus region and borders the Black Sea. The official currency of the country, whose capital is Tbilisi, is the Georgian lira. The country, where Georgian is spoken as the official language, also has many people who speak Russian, as it remained under Soviet rule for many years. People visiting Georgia can communicate by speaking Russian, English and, in some regions, Turkish. It is possible to come across people who speak Turkish, especially in cities close to the Black Sea region.

People who want to buy a flight ticket to Georgia can choose spring or summer months to visit the country. This country, located on the coast of the Black Sea, generally has warm weather. As you move away from the coast, the continental climate begins to appear in the country, and therefore the winter months are difficult in the country. People who want to make their trip to Georgia more comfortable can travel to the country between March and August.

People who will travel to the country by purchasing a flight ticket to Georgia can closely witness the historical texture of the country with proper planning. Georgia has managed to attract the attention of Europeans as well as Turkish citizens with its interesting nature and cultural richness. Most people who visit Georgia start their trip from the capital Tbilisi. The capital is located on the Silk Road and therefore hosts many historical buildings. The old Tbilisi region in the country will be a frequent destination for people who want to see the baths of the past and seek healing in these baths.

People who want to see the view of Tbilisi from a bird's eye view can visit Narikala Castle. This castle attracts attention with its magnificent structure and is the best spot to watch the view of Tbilisi, especially in the evenings. During your trip to Georgia, it is recommended to visit the Freedom Square in the country and the Sameba Church, which is the favorite religious structure of tourists. The reason why the church attracts so much attention is that its dome is gold-plated and there are works of art inside.

After Tbilisi, the favorite region of Georgia travel is Batumi. Batumi is a city located on the Black Sea coast and called a port city. People who visit Batumi should definitely see the Medea Statue located here. This statue is located on a square called Europe Square, and this square is another colorful point of your Batumi trip. Piazza Square is a square that will make visitors suddenly forget that they are in Georgia. In this square with Italian influences, there are many architectural structures reminiscent of Italy. Therefore, people who visit this square should enjoy local flavors in various cafes and restaurants.

People who want to draw an interesting route during their trip to Georgia should first visit the astronomical clock and then the Alphabet Tower. The astronomical clock is located in the old bank building and is one of the favorite spots of visiting Batumi with its magnificent structure. Alphabet Tower is the place that should be added to the list of people who are looking for a tower that they cannot see everywhere. This tower was actually built to highlight the official language of the country.

14 different alphabets were used in Georgia and the alphabet used today is the Georgian alphabet. In order for the Georgian alphabet to attract more attention, 33 letters of the alphabet were placed on this castle. People who want to visit the tower can climb this tower, which is approximately 130 meters high, by elevator. One of the must-see places during your Batumi trip is the Ali and Nino Statue. This statue, which is one of the places where people who visit Batumi take the most photos, symbolizes lovers who cannot be reunited.

People who will travel to Georgia can taste local delicacies if they are hungry. The local flavors of the country are compatible with the taste of the Turks. For this reason, it is very difficult for Turkish citizens to face a situation such as going hungry during their trip to Georgia. Among the country's favorite dishes are haro soup, khachapuri and hinkal. Additionally, people who visit Georgia can see that walnuts, corn and cheese are used extensively in dishes. People visiting the country should definitely taste Georgian cheeses.

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How to Get to the Airport?

Tbilisi International Airport will be the choice of people who want to reach Georgia by air. Located in the capital of Georgia, this airport attracts attention with its modern appearance. Tbilisi International The airport is only 17 kilometers from Tbilisi city center. For this reason, people who want to reach the airport can choose buses and trains. There is a train station 80 meters away from the airport. People who visit this railway station can travel from Tbilisi to other cities of Georgia. In addition, people living in different parts of the country can reach the airport thanks to train services. Another option for transportation to the airport is buses. Since buses provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they are frequently preferred by people visiting the country to access the airport. By choosing buses, you can reach the airport from the city center after a half-hour journey.

Transportation to Georgia

People who want to travel to Georgia wonder whether there are direct flights to the country from Turkey. There are flights from Istanbul to the capital of Georgia at all times of the year. People who buy a flight ticket make a 3.5-hour journey between Istanbul and Tbilisi. People who want to reach Georgia can enter the country by land from the Black Sea Region. When entering the country, Turkish citizens are asked only for their IDs and a certain fee is paid to enter the country. Turkish citizens who pay this small fee can pass to Georgia without a visa.

Airlines with Flights to Georgia

• Pegasus Airlines

• AnadoluJet

• Turkish Airlines

• Azerbaijan Airlines

How to Provide Urban Transportation in Georgia?

People visiting Georgia have to travel to different cities when they want to visit tourist attractions. In Georgia, intercity and urban transportation is usually provided by buses. People who prefer public buses can travel within the country in a cost-effective manner. Additionally, during your visit to Georgia, you can also see that public taxis are available in some parts of the country. For public taxis, you must first have a taxi. Once the taxi is full, you can have a more comfortable and faster journey.

How to get from the airport to the city?

People landing at Tbilisi International Airport should plan their journey to Tbilisi city center. Train lines and bus services have been organized by the Georgian government so that passengers can reach the city center more safely.

What are the places to visit in Georgia?

During your trip to Georgia, the capital Tbilisi and Batumi, the country's most tourist-attracting city, should be visited. During the trip, it is useful to see the Ali and Nino statue, the Neptune fountain and the upside down house.

Where to Stay in Georgia?

People who want to visit Georgia can choose hotels to stay comfortably if they plan a few-day trip. In addition to hotels, you can also choose boutique hotels, which are both more charming and more affordable.

What to Eat in Georgia?

During your trip to Georgia, you should definitely try the country's unique cheeses and the local soup called Harço soup.

What Gift to Buy from Georgia?

People visiting Georgia can choose magnets or handmade knives if they want to buy country-specific souvenirs. Woolen hats and statues symbolizing the country's historical buildings can also be purchased.

What Should You Know Before Going to Georgia?

The first information that people who want to visit Georgia should know is that the Turkish population is dense in the country. For this reason, communication can be established in many regions by speaking Turkish. People who want to travel by taxi in the country must bargain before getting into the taxi. Because there is no taximeter in the country, an agreement must be made in advance to avoid high taxi fares.

What is Georgia's Famous Drink?

When Georgia is mentioned, the first drink that comes to mind is the country's famous soda, show. People who prefer Georgian soda can choose lemon flavored or tarragon flavored sodas.

Which Cities in Georgia Have Colorful Nightlife?

To make your trip to Georgia more colorful and fun, cities with lively nightlife should be visited. The cities where nightlife beats in Georgia are Tbilisi and Batumi. These two cities have entertainment centers where parties and entertainment last until the morning.

Does Georgia Require a Visa from Turkey?

As a result of the agreement made between Georgia and Turkey, Turkish citizens can stay in the country without a visa for 1 year. Turkish citizens who want to visit Georgia can enter the city only with their identity cards.​ 

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