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People who buy a flight ticket to Luxembourg can visit a small but warm country. The country called Luxembourg attracts attention with its capital city of the same name. This country, which looks like it came out of a fairy tale as it is located in the middle of the rivers, has managed to become one of the popular destinations for tourists.

Information about Luxembourg, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who buy a flight ticket to Luxembourg can visit the country located in Western Europe. Belgium, Germany and France can be shown as the country's border neighbors. People who want to travel to Luxembourg should consider the oceanic climate seen in the country. Due to the effect of the oceanic climate, the country is rainy most of the year. For this reason, people who want to travel to Luxembourg should take their umbrellas with them. Since there is less rainfall in the summer months, Luxembourg is visited more by tourists during the summer months. In particular, June 23 has been designated as a national day in the country. On the national day, fun events are held all over the country. For this reason, people visiting the country will plan their trips according to the national day, which will allow them to witness colorful images.

People who travel to Luxembourg encounter many places to visit and see. Adolphe Bridge is the first place that people who visit the city should see. People who want to witness the impressive view of Luxembourg can visit this bridge, which was built in the 1900s. Since the bridge has a width of 17 meters, it is an area where vehicles and pedestrians can easily travel. It is among the places frequented by tourists as it is the symbol of Luxembourg and was built on the Peter River. Since there are walking areas on the bridge, tourists can take a pleasant journey on the bridge and take beautiful photographs.

The Grand Ducal Palace is among the symbols of Luxembourg. For more than 200 years, the Grand Duke's Palace served as the town hall. After serving as a town hall for many years, the building began to serve as a palace. After serving as a palace, its first visitor was Prince Henry. The Grand Duke's Palace attracts attention with its impressive architecture. People who visit the palace have the chance to tour the areas where the dukes and duchesses stayed for many years. Since state affairs are still being carried out in the palace, it is necessary to participate in guided tours to visit the palace. People who participate in guided tours can tour the palace and closely witness how the rulers of the country lived in the past.

Luxembourg Notre Dame Cathedral is another important place that can be visited by purchasing a flight ticket to Luxembourg. The cathedral was built in the 17th century and has become one of the symbols of the country, reflecting the Renaissance style. Visitors to the cathedral can closely witness the impressive architecture inside the cathedral and also visit the graves of important figures. Inside the Notre Dame Cathedral are the historical graves of people who governed the country. Since important statesmen are included in these historical tombs, people who want to know who is in the government of the country can visit these tombs. In addition to the historical tombs, the statues in the cathedral will be one of the favorite structures of people interested in architecture.

You can visit the National Museum of History and Art by purchasing a flight ticket to Luxembourg. The Luxembourg National Museum of History and Art was opened for visitors in 1854. Since it is located in the center of the country and witnesses the history of the country, the museum hosts millions of people every year. Many artifacts from the Roman period are exhibited in the museum, which was built as a 5-storey building. In addition, sculptures made by artists of the country are also included in the museum. People who want to witness Luxembourg's art style closely can examine the paintings of Luxembourg artists in the museum. Guided tours are also organized to make visiting the museum easier. Thanks to guided tours, it is possible to visit the museum and get more detailed information about the works.

People visiting Luxembourg should taste local delicacies. When it comes to Luxembourgish cuisine, the influence of France comes to mind. For this reason, foods prepared with sausages and smoked meats from the country's cuisine attract attention. Additionally, Luxembourg has made a name for itself with its delicious chocolates and wines. For this reason, people visiting the country are recommended to taste handmade wines and chocolates.

How to Get to the Airport?

People who want to travel to Luxembourg wonder how they can reach the country. Luxembourg Findel International Airport is the airport with direct flights from Turkey. Luxembourg Findel International Airport Thanks to the flights between Istanbul and Istanbul, you can reach the country in a short time. People arriving at the airport land 6 kilometers away from the city center. Bus services can be preferred to reach the city center from the airport.

You can comfortably reach different points of the country from the airport with bus services. Train services can also be preferred to travel between the airport and city centers. Thanks to train services organized from different points of the country, you can reach the airport in about 10 minutes. Since both bus tickets and train tickets are affordable, they are frequently preferred for domestic transportation. In this way, people traveling within the country can reach the airport in a cost-effective manner with these means of transportation.

Transportation to Luxembourg

It is possible to reach Luxembourg from Turkey with direct and connecting flights. People who want to visit the country can land at an international airport if they buy a flight ticket. In addition to direct flights from Turkey, you can also reach Luxembourg in a short time thanks to connecting flights. People who do not want to travel by air can easily reach Luxembourg from different countries in Europe. People who want to reach Luxembourg from different cities in Europe can choose organized train journeys. You can travel to Luxembourg by train from different European cities, especially Paris and Brussels. Since train travel is a cost-effective journey, it can be preferred for transportation to Luxembourg.

Airlines with Flights to Luxembourg

• Turkish Airlines

• Lufthansa


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How Long Does It Take to Reach Luxembourg from Turkey?

You can reach Luxembourg in 3.5 hours with direct flights from Istanbul. While a 3.5-hour journey is made with direct flights, a 6 or 7-hour journey is required to reach the country in case of connecting flights.

How to Reach Luxembourg?

The most preferred method to reach Luxembourg is by air. In addition to air transportation, you can also reach the country by road and train from different cities in Europe.

Where to Shop in Luxembourg?

People who want to shop in Luxembourg can visit the streets with luxury stores. In addition to luxury stores, antique markets where antique products are offered for sale are held twice a week. People who want to buy food and beverages can shop at the market held on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

What Can You Buy as a Gift from Luxembourg?

There are not many products that can be bought as souvenirs from Luxembourg. For this reason, people who want to visit the country are recommended to buy wine as a gift. Those who do not want to buy wine can buy country-specific chocolates as gifts.

Is Luxembourg Nightlife Lively?

Luxembourg's nightlife is very lively with its nightclubs and bars. People who visit these clubs and bars can enjoy the music.

Which Festivals Can You Attend in Luxembourg?

People visiting the country can visit the Luxembourg film festival held in February. In addition to the film festival, the duck race held in April and the night marathon held in May are among the most interesting events in the country.

Which Currency is Used in Luxembourg?

The official currency used in the country is Euro.

What Languages Are Spoken in Luxembourg?

Luxembourgish has been designated as the official language of Luxembourg. Due to its location, the country establishes close relations with France and Germany. For this reason, you can easily communicate in the country by speaking French and German.

How Many Hours Difference Is There Between Türkiye and Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is approximately 2 hours behind Turkey.

Which climate is Luxembourg affected by?

Luxembourg is under the influence of the oceanic climate.

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