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People who buy a flight ticket to Slovakia can visit one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe. Slovakia borders countries such as Austria and the Czech Republic. This country, which has made a name for itself with its natural beauties, consists of 8 regions. This country, which consists of 8 regions, has nearly 80 districts. The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava and it is the city that attracts the most tourists in the country.

Information about Slovakia, Places to Visit, What to Eat?

People who buy a flight ticket to Slovakia can make their trip fun by exploring the historical and natural beauties in the city. When Slovakia is mentioned, Bratislava comes to mind and this city hosts many places to visit and see. Although Bratislava is small, it has managed to make a name for itself with both its historical texture and natural beauties. People who want to visit Bratislava should first visit the Bratislava Castle in the city. The construction of the castle started in the 9th century, but in the 19th century the castle was seriously damaged after a fire. The castle, which was damaged until World War II, was restored to its former appearance after the end of the war. People who visit this castle, which attracts attention with its magnificent appearance, also witness an impressive view since the castle is located on the banks of the Danube River.

After completing the process of buying a flight ticket to Slovakia, the Michael Gate in the city should also be visited. The city of Bratislava has been surrounded by 4 gates for many years. These gates were built in the 14th century and only Michael's Gate has survived to this day. This gate has a height of over 50 meters and can be visited by people who want to enjoy the city view. After visiting this gate, you can also visit the weapons museum located just below the gate. Many weapons used from past to present are included in the Weapon Museum.

People who buy flight tickets to Slovakia can also visit the city of Kosice, one of the most important cities of the country. People visiting this city can start their tour with St. Elizabeth Cathedral. This cathedral has a gothic appearance and is notable for being one of the largest churches in Slovakia. People who visit this 56-meter-tall cathedral have the chance to watch the city when they climb the tower in the cathedral.

St. Michael's Chapel should also be visited during a trip to Slovakia. This chapel is home to the Gothic style and is quite small. St. Michael's Chapel, which draws attention with its impressive design even though it is a small church, is one of the most visited spots in the city. People who visit this chapel can also witness wedding ceremonies held in the city.

Eastern Slovak Museum will be the choice of people who want to visit a museum during their trip to Slovakia. People who visit this museum can examine works that reflect the influences of the gothic style. In addition, nearly 500,000 artifacts from the history of Slovakia are exhibited in the museum. People who visit the museum can witness the history of Slovakia and examine the works in the museum.

People who travel to Slovakia should definitely taste the country's local delicacies. Among the local flavors of Slovakia, there is a dish called Langos and called Slovak pizza. This pizza is very delicious and is one of the street foods of Slovakia. The dish called Goulash is a meat dish in Slovak culture. Since pork is used in the preparation of this dish, people who want to taste the dish before ordering should say that they do not want pork.

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How to Get to the Airport?

People who want to travel to Slovakia can choose direct flights from Turkey. Bratislava Airport is an airport where flights from Turkey operate. People who buy a flight ticket to this airport can easily reach the capital of Slovakia from Turkey. Bratislava Airport is an airport where international flights take place. Flights from Turkey to Slovakia are generally carried out via Antalya. People who want to travel between Antalya and Bratislava must take a 6-hour flight.

People arriving in Bratislava from Turkey may wonder how to travel from the airport to the city center. To reach Bratislava Airport, public transportation services operating within the city can be preferred. Since trams operate for most of the day, it is known that trams are generally preferred for transportation to the airport.

Transportation to Slovakia

People who want to reach Slovakia can choose air or road transportation. To reach Slovakia from Turkey, direct flights via Antalya may be preferred. Those who do not want to travel by plane can first travel by land via Edirne. They can reach Bulgaria, then Budapest and finally Bratislava. A visa is required from Turkish citizens to travel to Slovakia.

Airlines with Flights to Slovakia

• Pegasus Airlines

• Ryanair

When Should You Visit Slovakia?

The best time to visit Slovakia is spring. Starting from the end of April, the weather gets warmer in the country. For this reason, people who want to visit the country are recommended to plan their trips between spring and autumn.

Are There Direct Flights to Slovakia from Turkey?

There are direct and connecting flights to Slovakia from Turkey. For direct flights, you must buy a plane ticket from Antalya Airport and travel to the capital of the country. Additionally, you can reach Slovakia from other cities in Turkey via Antalya.

Does Slovakia Require a Visa?

One of the issues that Turkish citizens who want to visit Slovakia are most curious about is whether Slovakia requires a visa. Turkish citizens who want to visit Slovakia must obtain a visa if they have a regular passport. People who have a service passport or diplomatic passport do not need a visa to visit Slovakia.

How to Provide Domestic Transportation in Slovakia?

People who visit Slovakia wonder how they can travel within the country or within the cities. Bus, tram and trolleybus lines can be preferred to travel within the country. Public transport networks are developed in most parts of the country and you can travel by public transport networks even at night.

Where to Stay in Slovakia?

There are many places where people visiting Slovakia can stay. Hotels are the first choice preferred by people visiting the country to stay. In addition to hotels, it is also possible to stay in apartments and hostels.

What gifts can you buy from Slovakia?

People who want to buy gifts from Slovakia can buy traditional clothes specific to the country. In addition to traditional clothes, country-specific miniature toys or local delicacies of the country can also be purchased.

Is Slovakia Nightlife Lively?

People who visit Slovakia may notice that the majority of Slovak citizens have a calm nature. While the people of the country have a calmer appearance during the day, the nightlife in the country is quite energetic. There are many options to make nightlife fun, especially in the capital Bratislava. Among these options, nightclubs, bars and places where DJs perform can be listed.

What Festivals Are Held in Slovakia?

Festivals held in Slovakia include the international festival of ghosts and monsters. This festival, one of the best and most interesting festivals in the world, is held in April. Since different themes are used in the festival every year, entertaining images emerge. Another festival held in Bratislava is the Bratislava flower festival. This festival heralds the arrival of summer and is held in spring.

How Many Days Should You Stay to Visit Slovakia?

You need a minimum of 3-4 days to travel in Slovakia. Since the tourist spots in the country are distributed in different cities, trips should be planned accordingly. People visiting Slovakia can explore all the historical and natural beauties in the country with a 3-4 day trip.

What are the things to consider before going to Slovakia?

People visiting the country should be informed about the working hours of stores. In most of the country, stores close early and are open half day on Saturday. It is not possible to find an open shop or store in the country on Sunday. For this reason, people visiting the country should pay attention to this point during their trips. People who visit religious buildings during their trip to Slovakia must wear clothes appropriate for these buildings. Slovakia is a safe country, but it is recommended that people visiting the country do not carry too much cash with them during the festival period.​ 

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